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High End Candle Review – Seda France Japanese Quince Candle

Posted by on Mar 29 2016 | candles - news and reviews, seda france candles

Seda France Japanese Quince CandleDespite its relatively recent appearance in the world of luxury candles, high-end manufacturer Seda France Japanese Quince Candles has captivated everybody who decided to buy its products. Since the first day, the company based in Austin, Texas has decided to use the most recent developments in the world of candle making. Even though these techniques are modern, they are based on the rich heritage of traditional French knowledge of creating the luxury products (hence the name), thus creating a perfect blend of old know-how and present day methods.

The “Perfect Gift”

This sort of approach proved to be quite successful, especially in the combination with the brand’s never-ending desire to learn about the needs and wishes of its clients, in order to produce a sophisticated product that will be in accordance with the customers’ demands as much as it is possible. During the course of one decade (Seda France was established in 2001), the Texan company earned much praise for its classy candles. Its fabulous ones are recommended by the leading lifestyle and fashion magazines, as well as by the leading authorities on these issues. Numerous times, they have been described as the “perfect gifts”, and the magnificent candles by Seda France were even featured in one of the episodes of the Oprah Show, hosted by the world renowned TV presenter, Oprah Winfrey.

Tradition & Modernity

Japanese Quince Candle by the manufacturer is the perfect example of the combination of tradition and modernity, which leads to the ultimate luxury. As its name suggests, the powerful scented candle exudes fresh fruity aromas, dominated by the captivating scent of the Japanese quince. The pleasant smell is further enhanced with touches of other refined scents. The piquant candle has a hint of rhubarb, a fine smelling plant that is for its exceptional qualities used in cooking and in traditional Chinese medicine. Furthermore, the mixture of Japanese quince candle incorporates a slight doze of passion fruit which gives an additional exotic texture. The overall fruity fragrance is underlined with the touch of white fleshed peach. The mesmerizing mixture of intoxicating scents is rounded up with the addition of jasmine petals.

Luxurious Japan

The exclusive and luxurious fragrance of Japanese quince, designed by Seda France is available in various sizes, travel tins, diffusers, hand lotion, room mist, hand soap and even in the form of a bar soap. The biggest of the candles is a 3-wick candle that offers over 70 hours of seductive delight and costs $37. The bigger price in the assortment is reserved for a 2-wick ceramic candle that lasts for amazing 100 hours, a gift set that comprises of a large candle (burn time of over 60 hours) and three travel tins (the set costs $50), and diffuser (also $50). If you, on the other hand, want to acquire the wonderful and luxurious fragrance at the lower price, you can opt for a mini candle that lasts over 15 hours ($14) or the travel tin that enables you to enjoy it for a half of a day (just $8).

Hand Poured

Magnificent Japanese Quince Candle is hand-poured. The lovely white candle comes in a decorative pagoda box packaging which is the trademark feature of products by Seda France. Considering its universal appeal and the fine selection of the aromas, it is not surprising that this type of candle is among the most sought after products by the brand, as well as among the best-selling luxury candles that are available through Candle Delirium.

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Seda France Candles – Ten Years of Excellence

Posted by on Mar 22 2011 | seda france candles

Seda France are one of the hottest newer luxury candles out there, featured in O magazines as well as other popular media. First established in 2001, Seda France candles use the latest techniques in candle-making and design but are in fact are based on traditions that date back more than 200 years. As well, the candle manufacturers have painstakingly perfectly their techniques and methods after ten years of customer feedback. France has been a home to artisan candle makers for hundreds of years and Seda France candle manufacturers have looked to this illustrious past for inspiration for their current line of scented candles.

Seda France candles also look to the past for inspiration for their design. Seda France come in highly-prized and absolutely gorgeous pagoda boxes, which have received a great deal of attention and acclaim. The boxes are square with a unique triangular pagoda top, topped with a beautiful tassel and decorated in fresh, rich colors. The wrapping for Seda France candles is so beautiful that no gift wrap is needed when these candles are given as gifts. In fact, the wrapping and packaging for Seda France candles is much more beautiful than most gift-wrapping. The inspiration for the stunning design comes from the French cotton pattern known as Toile. Also known as Toile de Jouy, this was a printing process invented in 1759 for cotton prints. Toile often includes beautiful depictions of county life. Seda France candles feature beautiful Toile designs on their packaging, which is one reason why the candles look so stunning.

Seda France candles also adhere to the strictest standards of quality that French candle makers are renowned for. Each Seda France candle is made from candle-grade fragrances and natural fragrance oils, which ensures a true and rich scent from the moment a light approaches the candle to the very last drop of wax. Each Seda France candle is hand-poured into a beautiful and reusable glass. Each 14 oz. Seda France candle boasts over 60 hours of burning time, with minimum soot and with pure, clean burn.

Seda France candles are made with luscious and stunning scents which will fill your entire home with a wonderful fragrance. You’ll want to try the Seda France Anniversaire Candle, the Seda France Asian Lychee Candle, the Seda France Autumn Spice Candle, the Seda France China Musk Candle, the Seda France Citron du Sud Candle, the Seda France Clementine Candle, the Seda France Elegant Gardenia Candle, the Seda France French Tulip Candle, the Seda France Hyacinth Candle, the Seda France Japanese Quince Candle, the Seda France Lavande Provencale Candle,  the Seda France Malaysian Bamboo Candle, the Seda France Rhubarb Pear Candle, and the Seda France Vanille a la Francaise Candle. Each candle comes with a unique and memorable blend of scents. For example, the Seda France Citron du Sud Candle combines notes of pineapple, coconut, cilantro, apricot, musk, and vanilla for a warm, spicy, and exotic fragrance. The Seda France Elegant Gardenia Candle combines notes of Gardenia with violet and freesia. You’ll want to explore each luscious scent for your home. Individually or by combining fragrances from the collection, you can create a unique scent print for your home.

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About Seda France

Posted by on Feb 04 2008 | seda france candles

Seda FranceTM Candles was launched in 2001, but our inspiration springs from the classic French design element that is over 200 years old. Toile de Jouy, commonly called Toile, is a process for printing on cotton that was invented by a young French fabric manufacturer in 1759. Traditional motifs are inspired by the French countryside and typically include scenes of pastoral life and village festivals. Seda France offers a new interpretation of this established classic with the visually arresting colors featured in our Toile line. Our hand-poured candles are presented in a variety of fresh colors that make elegantly presented gifts so beautiful that they don’t need to be wrapped. We use only the finest candle grade fragrance oils in each of our offerings that are especially notable for their long-lasting strength. Take a peek at our best selling items which include the Edition Limitee, votive sets, and room mists which complete a collection that brings the romance of France into your home. Our newest additions include Bougie a la Senteur de The, our tea inspired candle line filled with our signature soy blend wax fragranced with the rich aromas of first-harvest tea leaves and savory spices.

In that same Seda France tradition, the l’Occasion candle line was introduced in 2002. Handsomely packaged in a signature yellow gift box with double-faced satin ribbons adorned with messages printed in both French and English, these hand-poured candles feature carefully selected fragrances that enhance your surroundings for a truly unique sensory experience. Special occasion candles in elegant red boxes are available for Valentine’s Day and the Christmas Holidays.

The success of Seda France continues to fuel our product expansion and the Seda France brand have enjoyed widespread recognition in the national media. Our extra attention to detail and hand craftsmanship set us apart, and today our products are available throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia in select gift stores and major shopping centers. More exciting products and expansions are coming soon from Seda France!

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Seda France Candles-how to get most of them

Posted by on Jan 17 2008 | seda france candles

Each Seda France candle is hand-poured and carefully crafted to provide you many special moments. Any eventual irregularity in it is simply a confirmation of its authenticity. We want you to enjoy the long-life of each candle and suggest the following simple guidelines to ensure that enjoyment.

The first burn of your new candle is the most important and should be long enough to create a melt pool that goes to the glass edge. Our candles are designed to burn for 2-3 hours at a time which should be adequate for achieving this desired melt pool. Our smaller occasion candles should burn across in less time than the larger candles which may require at least 3 hours for a complete burn pool. Any less time than this may cause the candles to “tunnel” or burn down the center with too much wax unused. And burning for periods longer than 2-3 hours will increase the intensity of the flame creating excess carbon that may smoke. Our candles should not smoke if proper care is taken of the wicks. We suggest trimming the wick to 1/4 inch before each use, keeping the candle out of drafts, and again, limiting burning time to 2-3 hours. If at any time your candle wick starts to smoke, please review the previous precautions; it may be necessary to extinguish the candle and trim the wick again. Taking these simple steps will prolong the life of your candle and allow you to enjoy it as intended.

If your candle is not allowed to burn long enough to melt the wax to the glass edge and starts to tunnel, you can correct this by burning the candle longer on the subsequent use. However, do not trim the wick when attempting this type of correction and allow the candle to burn long enough to melt the entire surface which may exceed the aforementioned 3 hours. Once the correction is made you must always continue to follow the initial instructions regarding burn times, wick length, etc.

All of our wicks are lead-free, and each of our fragrances is matched with the best size wick that will insure the desired melt pool. You may notice a shiny center in some of our wicks which is zinc oxide that creates stability in the wick and allows it to stay centered as the wax melts. Not all of our wicks have this, and as your candle burns, it may be necessary to re-center your wick to maintain an optimum burn. Also, if you notice the flame throws too much in one direction, it might be necessary to re-center your wick and/or adjust toward the unmelted wax.

Finally, always place your candles on heat resistant level surfaces and out of the reach of children. Keep your candles free of foreign objects and never leave a lit candle unattended or in a draft.

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