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High-End Candle Review – Baroness von Neumann Marrakech Candle

Posted by on Jan 26 2016 | baroness von neumann candles, candles - news and reviews

Baroness von Neumann Marrakech Candle

The Spirit of Marrakech

Marrakech takes the high position on my top ten list, but it seems that Baroness von Neumann shares this passion for the legendary Moroccan city whose rich tradition, art and music, as well as the unique atmosphere from streets and city squares inspired her to create an adorable product. What distinguishes Baroness von Neumann Marrakech Candle from some other high-end candles is the fact that it truly manages to convey that extraordinary spirit of Marrakech by its seductive blend of fruity, floral and herbal fragrances. An example of such a fruity flavor is this grapefruit candle.

Experiencing the Fragrance

In order to understand their true meaning, some things firstly need to be experienced. However, sometimes we can clearly feel the essence of things even we have never been close to them. That happens while we are reading a good book, watching a movie masterpiece; while we are listening to music from the most unknown place in the world or even while eating a fabulous dish from a faraway country. This is what I call art. The work of art can also be received by the sense of smell. In that case, simply by inhaling beautiful blend of fragrances, you can find yourself in another place or another time.

Regular vs High End Candles

This is the main difference between regular candles that just smell nice and high-end candles that use breathtaking scents to tell you a magical story. Among manufacturers that pay special attention to this artistic aspect of candlemaking, we can find stylish and creative Baroness von Neumann that uses thrilling personal experiences to make a noticeable distinction.

Her highly popular Legend Candle Collection is dedicated to standout people and places. It includes high-quality Czar, Garbo and Johan candles, but the one that I particularly like is the Marrakech Scented Candle. Maybe it is a little bit subjective, but I am sure that most of you who like exotic flavors will love it, whether or not you have ever been in Morocco.

Refreshing Aromas

Baroness von Neumann Marrakech Scented Candle brings the refreshing aroma of wild berries and blooms, combined with rich notes of rose and jasmine, as well as a dry down of the most rare and coveted oils, masterfully distilled from the velvety pedals of the rose. Like every brand’s candle, it comprises all-natural soy-based wax and a cotton wick that burns cleanly without making a grime. Weighting 12.5 oz., the Marrakech candle ensures at least 70 hours of burning. This scented candle comes in a black frosted glass, nicely decorated with the von Neumann family crest. Its stylish design will give a subtle touch of elegance and luxury to any space.

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Divine Fragrance of Sandalwood in the World of High-End Scented Candles

Posted by on Jan 26 2016 | candles - news and reviews, scented candles

Nest Mahogany Classic CandleThanks to its powerful healing effect and distinctive woody aroma, sandalwood has been highly valued for thousands of years. Extracted from sandalwood, essential oils are extensively used for making excuisite perfumes and scented candles, in skin care industry and aromatherapy. This fragrant wood has been a part of religious and spiritual traditions of India, China, Tibet and Japan, as well as an important medicament for these ancient civilizations. And this is not all. According to the scientific evidence, its sensual fragrance has a strong erotic effect on our senses. 

Rich Sandalwood

Unlike some other aromatic woods, sandalwood (a class of fragrant woods from trees in the genus Santalum) keeps its rich, sweet and warm scent for decades. Blended with other fragrances that tend to evenish quickly, a sandalwood oil serves as the base note that both enhances them and helps them last longer. As a harmonizing agent, it brings together other aromas, without overpowering them. All these qualities make sandalwood oil one of the most valuable ingredients of the high-end natural fragrance products.

A Refined Fragrance

Speaking about luxury scented candles, sandalwood appears as one of the most refined fragrances, capable to make a divine atmosphere in your personal space. According to the spiritual traditions of the East, its sensual flavor calms and focuses the mind and relieves anxiety, which makes it perfect for meditation and other spiritual practices or simply for the quick recovery from a hard day. Besides, it is a strong aphrodisiac that can nicely complement a romantic evening, by relieving tension and mental blocks. Scientists discovered that the chemical effects of the sandalwood fragrance are very similar to those of androsterones (human pheromones), produced by male and female metabolic hormones. Thus, by using the scent of sandalwood, you will emit pretty effective erotic signal to the opposite sex.

Sandalwood-Inspired Scented Candles

There are plenty of high-quality scented candles, based on sandalwood aroma. Nest comes with a Mahogany Classic Candle that mixes sandalwood with star anise and patchouli, underlighed with the sweetness of vanilla and caramel praline. Bringing the spirit od the Far East, Voluspa Baltic Amber 3 Wick Tin Candle offers a very interesting blend of amber resin, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla orchid. I also highly recommend Diptyque Santal (Sandalwood) Candle, as well as Trapp Patchouli Sandalwood candle. Finally, there is a remarkable Delirium Samurai Woods candle, presenting a mystical blend of incense, bergamot, nutmeg, sandalwood, patchouli and blondewoods.

Due to the deficient resource of these precious woods, the price of sandalwood oil goes up dramatically, which leads to the emergence of fake products on the market. If you are a fan of scented products based on sandalwood aroma, you should be aware of this fact. Be careful when buying them and if you do not want to risk, choose brands with high reputation.

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High End Candle Review – D.L. & Co. Lady Rhubarb Scallop Candle

Posted by on Aug 23 2012 | candles - news and reviews, D.L. & Co candles

D.L. & Co. - Lady Rhubarb Large Scallop CandleThis enchanting luxury candle has the ability to recall beautiful sunny afternoons, capturing senses with freshest scents of summer and its impeccable design. The harmonious and intriguing blend of blood orange, red mandarin, grapefruit, sandalwood, and perilla has a task to calm your mind and balance your energies. At the same time, D.L. & Co. Lady Rhubarb Scallop Candle will adorn your personal space with a subtle dose of classic elegance.

Lady Rhubarb Scallop Candle is a part of the brand’s Signature Candle Collection that nicely evokes European turn-of-the-century fashions with finely crafted scalloped glassware and black silk hat boxes with red silk ribbons. Each D.L. & Co. Candle is made from a special, patented blend of soy, palm, and maple waxes that burn cleanly and long, with minimal soot. This is a precondition for an authentic, richly scented atmosphere to be created by high-end perfumes from the brand’s versatile range.

For the Lady Rhubarb Scallop Candle, the renowned candlemaker picked refreshing fragrances that will bring the spirit of the exotic places into your home. A wonderful fruity blend of summer aromas is underlined with a striking, wood base note of sandalwood which is scientifically proved as a great aphrodisiac that can easily open and clear the emotional centers in one’s body. Finally, there is a note of perilla (also known as rare Japanese shiso), a herb that boosts the immune system.

D.L. & Co. Lady Rhubarb Scallop Candle is equally impressive visually. It comes in a deep red scallop glass vessel which is packed in a beautiful black silk box. This luxury box from France is adorned with a stylish red silk ribbon. It looks so nice that you will probably find it another purpose in your house, after unpacking a candle.

This high-end candle is available in three sizes. A small pack weights 2 oz. and provides 15 hours of burning-time. D.L.’s Lady Rhubarb Medium Scallop Candle has the weight of 10 oz., providing 40 hours of unique delight. Finally, there is 15 oz. Large Scalope Candle that can burn up to 90 hours.

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High End Candle Review – A Scent of Scandal One Night Stand Candle

Posted by on May 22 2012 | candles - news and reviews

A Scent of Scandal CandlesIt is an ideal time to start dreaming about the upcoming summer, dreaming about getting away from everyday problems and turning them into lazy days spent at the beach, surrounded with beautiful people that smoothly move their bodies matching the easy rhythms of summer hits. For the perfect picture, there is your favorite cocktail drink at the table. And perhaps, an intriguing adventure that follows.

Scents of Summer

Sometimes, a single scent of summer is powerful enough to put you in this wonderful state of dreaming, to inspire you and give you a strong motif to plan a new summer adventure. This is exactly what the Los Angeles based company, A Scent of Scandal, intended to do with its fruity One Night Stand candles. These margarita scented soy high-end candles with their provocative names and juicy aromas evoke the sweet secrets, recall dreamless nights and wait to be the witnesses of new ones.

Simply mouthwatering, the scent of the One Night Stand candle brings the beautiful blend of lime, lemon zests, and agave. This is the scent of margarita, the famous cocktail that goes perfectly with an easy-going day (or night) on a beach. Probably the most frequent cocktail of Hollywood movies, margarita has a number of variations, but typically, it is a blend of tequila, orange-flavored liqueur, lime juice and a sweetener. It can either be served neat, on the rocks or blended, usually with salt or sugar on the glass rim.

Seductive Scents

It could make every story more interesting, while breaking down boundaries between two people just met. These unique moments are etched in our memories forever and it is nice to be awakened from time to time. With the high-end scented candles? Why not? Whether combined with margarita or some other drink, its seductive scent will definitely help your partner and you to enjoy the intimate moment with all senses.

A Scent of Scandal’s One Night Stand candles have the weight of 8 oz and they are hand-poured from 100% soy wax. Coming with metal-free, all-cotton wicks, margarita scented candles insure the cleanest burn possible (the burn time is between 30 and 35 hours), while filling your personal space with a pretty cool fragrance. There are certain moments when pleasure does not have a price. Sometimes, the price for pleasure is more than affordable.

With the price of just below $15, One Night Stand candles are certainly these kinds of products that beach boys (and girls) simply should not miss.

(Please note that we are currently out of stock but we will update this post when we re-stock. In the meantime, check out our Valentine’s Day Candles). 

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Elton John Woodside Garden Candle by Nest Candles

Posted by on May 16 2012 | candles - news and reviews

In order to benefit the life-saving work of the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF), the British rock icon and Laura Slatkin of Nest Fragrances developed the exclusive Elton John Candle Line. The new high-end scented candle in the collection is Elton John Woodside Garden Candle that brings the wonderful blend of hyacinth, freesia, rose and jasmine fragrances.

Elton John Woodside Garden CandleInspired by Elton John’s favorite flowers from his gardens at Woodside in Old Windsor, England, the Woodside Garden Candle has brought together two important aspects in the artist’s life – his passion for scented candles which are, as he noted, “a key ingredient in home décor” and a dedicated battle against the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Highly exited about the debut of the new line of candles, Sir Elton John pointed out the symbolic value of delicate floral scents and vibrant colors that bring us hope, inspiration and renewal. These are qualities that are particularly needed in the lives of people affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Like every other product of the Nest Fragrances, Elton John Woodside Garden Candles are designed to bring a nice sense of elegance and luxury in your living space, providing long burning time (50+ hours), clean burning (they are made of soft, soy-blended, wax) and the ideal release of aromas that will make you enjoy them every day. Not only that these scented candles will satisfy your smell perception, but they will also charm you visually. The striking design for their packaging and glasses is taken from the etching of a coat of arms crest, belonging to a noble family that lived in Luxembourg during the 1800s. And this bright green that rests my eyes is the color of spring. This truly beautiful color perfectly follows the irresistible mix of flourish fragrances.

Laura Slatkin, the founder and the CEO of NEST Fragrances is also very proud on this partnership with the brilliant musician. “I am confident our beautiful new candle will be yet another successful collaboration which will bring joy to many people who can also feel good that they are helping to support a critically important cause”, said Miss Slatkin.

The Nest Sir Elton John Woodside Garden Candle (weight: 8.1 oz.) is available for $38. Like I have already mentioned, a portion of the proceeds will help the noble cause of the EJAF Foundation that has already collected more than $225 million for worthy programs in 55 countries worldwide which implement innovative HIV preventions, support efforts to eliminate stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS, as well as direct care and support services for people living with AIDS.

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High End Candle Review – Volsupa Truffle White Cocoa Candle

Posted by on Mar 20 2012 | candles - news and reviews

Voluspa Truffle White Cocoa CandleThere comes a time for each of us, when we feel the need to treat ourselves with something extraordinary and luxurious, and to increase the enjoyment and quality of our life. Yet, there are many things that are unreachable and overly expensive. However, other things provide a great sense of pleasure at a very reasonable price. One type of products that can certainly be categorized in the latter kind are high-end scented candles which can give an additional amount of charm and pleasure into your living spaces. If you search for that kind of scented candle, there is one that is especially linked to the luxury and ultimate indulgence and it can be seen immediately, even by its name. The candle in question is Voluspa Truffle White Cocoa Candle.

It is a lovely product that combines various symbols of refinement and high-class. The first of them are truffles. This delicacy has been popular and sought-after for a very long time and the first record about this type of mushrooms comes in the 20th century BC in the records of neo-Sumerians. There are quite a few more mentioning of truffle in the antiquity. In Rome, there were many recipes that contained it and all present high regard for these mushrooms can be clearly seen from the words of the great Cicero who called them “children of the earth”.

However, the list of symbols of luxury that Voluspa Candles included in this product is not yet finalized. To make it even more distinguished, they mixed truffles with chocolate, in a very fine high-end combination. These chocolate truffles are mixed with decadent butter and white cocoa for even more pleasure. At the end, there is one more ingredient that completes the glamorous mixture created by Voluspa. It is the drink that is tightly associated with luxury and celebration, none other than fine Champagne. All in all, it can be said that it is a very nicely picked selection of notes that create a truly magnificent final product.

This scent is available in various candle sizes, as well as in a travel tin and as a diffuser, in order to please a broader range of demands and desires. Depending on the choice of size, they provide the burn time of between 25 and 100 hours, at the prices that span from just $6.5 to $55. The product comes in the distinctive Voluspa packaging, designed in art nouveau style.

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High End Candle Review – Vie Luxe Istanbul Candle

Posted by on Mar 12 2012 | candles - news and reviews

Vie Luxe Istanbul CandleIf you are the person who enjoys exotic places and the same kind of scents, Istanbul Candle is the perfect product for you. Just like the city it is named after (which is the only capital in the world that spreads on two continents), this luxury candle exudes mystical and mysterious fragrance by combining the best ingredients from two worlds, and transports you in the heart of vibrant and alluring Orient.

This striking candle is made by the famous Vie Luxe brand whose founder is a charismatic designer named Marjorie Gubelmann, well known in high-class and designer circles. She is very popular and successful, which can be backed up with the fact that her life and career were featured in the leading fashion and life style magazines, such as Elle Décor, Vogue, W and Harpers Bazaar. The latter of these magazines even claims that Ms. Gubelmann is “the most celebrated hostess” in the whole New York, where she currently resides.

Istanbul Candle is a part of the Voyage Collection by Vie Luxe which intends to recreate the smells and atmosphere of Marjorie Gubelmann’s favorite vacation destinations. It comes as no surprise that she decided to include Istanbul, the real jewel-city with impressive history, in the line of products and to recreate its enchanting setting. A nice thing that each buyer of this product gets is the fascinating feeling, triggered by lovely smells which can bring an exotic sense straight into your home.

To recreate the unparalleled atmosphere of the only metropolis that is located at two different continents, Ms. Gubelmann made a careful selection of ingredients, in order to include the most recognizable and distinctive fragrances which are the symbols of the largest city in Turkey. For this reason, it is quite obvious why she included a relaxing scent of exotic Turkish tea in the combination. Turkish tea is further enriched with the inclusion of warm, resinous and complex aroma of amber. The magnificent mix of exotic is rounded up with the careful addition of floral scents of blue iris and ultimately alluring black orchid.

In the creation of this candle, Vie Luxe used completely natural beeswax that was mixed with special botanical waxes and then combined with the most exclusive fragrance oils that can be found. Istanbul Candle weighs exactly 8 oz, which ensures no less than magnificent 60 hours of burn time. It comes in a stylish nickel-finish glass which is packed in an ornate gift box. The product that transfers the smell of Orient into your home costs $48.

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High End Candle Review – D.L. & Co. Thorn Apple Candle

Posted by on Feb 27 2012 | candles - news and reviews

D.L. & Co. Thorn Apple CandleBlack as the darkest night and ultimately seductive, Thorn Apple Candle by D.L. & Co. Candles is a luxurious candle wrapped in mystery, excellence and abundance of delicate aromas that provoke passion and excitement. It is clear symbol of fine taste and refined style. It has a strong fruity aroma with grassy hints that overwhelms and causes surrender to its irresistible charm. This lovely scented candle is bound to provide lots of enjoyment for the sense of smell. However, the visual aspect of the product is also much expressed, since this high end candle comes in a stylish and beautiful packaging and with breathtakingly glorious vessel that clearly state its boldness and dominant presence.

This particular product by renowned manufacturer D.L. & Co. is part of its Signature collection, dominated by strong floral and spicy fragrances. As it name suggest, the most pronounced aroma in its mix is the one of applewood (despite its name, it is not made out of hallucinogenic and toxic thorn apple, also known as Jimson weed), one of the scents that has an intangible quality to activate the avalanche of associations from the carefree past and to inspire for future adventures. Since that it includes such amazing traits, this smell was widely celebrated in past, and one of the examples is the significance that ancient Celts attributed to apple. In their belief, it was a symbol of fertility, abundance and all of wonderful that make a life so important and beautiful. Besides, they saw it as a means to transport oneself into paradise-like scenery, and as a metaphor of long-lasting love.

The crisp smell of the apple tree dominates the mixture and seemingly hides other delicate smells that are revealed once the candle is lit. This can be felt especially when it core starts burning and exuding scents bountiful and verdant notes. The lung-filling sensation is enabled due to the inclusion of vetiver, known for its extraordinary opulent scent. Apart from vetiver, fresh grassy smell comes from another one of the ingredients that form the luxurious olfactory combination which is present in Thorn Apple Candle. It is oakmoss whose magnificent qualities are recognized all over the world. That is why this charming aroma is used in perfume industry so often.

The final herbal touch in the combination of fragrances is patchouli. This tropical bush from the mint family originated in Asia, and is also widely recognized for its extraordinary and pleasant scent. Its pleasant aroma is the cause of the fact that this plant is also utilized for making perfumes for hundreds of years.

D.L & Co. Thorn Apple Candle comes in a slick black glass vessel in the shape of a shell, and packed in hat box of the same color that includes a decorative silk ribbon on its top. There are three available sizes of this high end product. The cheapest option, which can be bought for $35 is small candle that weighs 2 oz. and burns for at least 15 hours. Medium candle exudes its smell for more than 40 hours. This type of candle weighs five times more than the small one, and has the price tag of $75. The most lasting option is large candle that can spread its scent for minimally 60 hours. This size weighs 15 oz. and costs $125.

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High End Candle Review – Tobi Tobin Signature Candle

Posted by on Feb 23 2012 | candles - news and reviews

Tobi Tobin Signature CandleA professional trait of interior designers is to seek to achieve the harmonic climate and surroundings. Well versed in creating the most comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to their customers, designers tend to transfer this philosophy into all affiliated endeavors. This is especially visible when they take a shot in designing scented candles. Not only do they try to make an entirely irresistible and voluptuous blend of sophisticated scents that are combined in seductive dance of fire, the designers also try to incorporate their views and opinions of a proper way to live and how to make your home more refined and pleasant. Very good example of such tendencies is luxury Tobi Tobin Signature Candle.

Tobi Tobin is an illustrious interior designer whose main goal is to create a sensual environment that has a distinct organic feeling and that tends to be in harmony with the surroundings. The basic idea is to create the enchanting environment that can enflame the passion, and evoke feelings of serenity and excitement at the same time. This signature approach is clearly visible in all of the candles created by Tobi Tobin. This is especially visible and noticeable in the very special product that bears the name Signature Candle.

This sophisticated luxury candle is a fascinating mix of scents that are each very pleasurable when taken separately. Mixed together, these fine ingredients reach another, even higher level of enchantment. It approaches that intangible quality that enables it to be even more than a high-end scented candle, and it becomes an awesome tool to transform your home into a balanced and pleasurable space that allows you to feel rested and invigorated.

The provocative blend of smells is initiated with the crisp aroma of aldehydes, refreshing synthetic smell used so much in the perfume industry due to their refreshing capabilities. Next ingredient in this noble combination is nose-tingling and exotic smell of black pepper. Another fragrance that tickles your olfactory sense is seductively fresh scent of cedar leaf. The blend is further enriched with hyacinth and eucalyptus blossom in order to achieve depth and to provoke a sense of intrigue. The entire luxurious combination is finished with subtle dashes of birch wood, cashmere wood, patchouli and incense. In this way, Signature Candle by Tobi Tobin reaches extraordinary opulence of pleasant aromas that are able to transform any space into a luxurious and serene retreat.

As it is customary for the brand, the candle is created using a combination of soy, palm and coconut waxes. The sophisticated blend of natural waxes is then hand-poured in a glossy black container made of glass. To maximize the spread of aromas that is unleashed once the candle is lit, Tobi Tobin candles are provided with three wick burning system. The luxury product weighs 16 oz, costs $85 and burns for at least 60 hours.

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High End Candle Review – Baroness von Neumann Czar Candle

Posted by on Feb 17 2012 | candles - news and reviews

Baroness von Neumann Czar CandleReal luxurious scented candles have a special quality and enable the people who use them to reach a special sentiment of high class. Its powerful and bewitching aromas have the ability to transfer you to mysterious and exotic parts of the world, and to make you feel as if you were a member of royalty. Undoubtedly, Baroness von Neumann Czar Candle is exactly that kind of product. It offers a profusion of exciting high end scents, and a real sense of class and olfactory excellence.

The story about the founder of this brand is somewhat filled with mystique and resembles a fairy tale. Born as Monica Ford in the bleak surroundings of Detroit, at very young age, the founder of this company moved to the West Cost and the seductive City of Angels where dreams come true. She started a career as a dancer, which allowed her to tour with great stars, such as Nina Simone. Somewhere on the way, Monica Ford met Austrian Baron John Von Neumann, and the couple fell in love. After that, she spent years in Swiss schools, studied with private tutors and learnt her husband’s native language. All of this enabled Monica who at that point held the title of Baroness Von Neumann to fulfill her long lasting desire and become a successful designer and a creator of magnificent interiors, as well as supreme fragrances.

Czar Candle is a great reflection of this dream-like journey to the elite and it is a fascinating and ravishing blend of pleasant smells. It has a notable and confident presence and an unusual mixture of Middle Eastern hint expressed with the aroma of black fig, underlined and enriched with strong and refreshing notes of currant and licorice. The amazing combination is accented with strong and luxurious notes of fine distilled brandy, a true trademark of success and refined taste. The whole enchanting cocktail of delicate aromas is rounded with the hint of far away mountains, expressed with a scent of Great Himalayan woods.

This fine scented candle is a part of the Legend Candle Collection by Baroness von Neumann. All of the products from the exclusive series are distinguished with dominant presence and impressive endurance and are brave mashes of energizing aromas usually with the inclusion of precious woods, exotic spices and spirits that make it evocative of distant and colorful destinations. It is truly a great means to reach pure luxury.

Baroness von Neumann Czar Candle is placed in a stylish black glass decorated with a silver emblem and packed in a distinguished black box with silver embossing. The high end product has a burn time of more than 70 hours and weighs 12.5 oz. Like most of the candles by the brand, it costs $45.

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