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High-End Scented Candles – Gifts for Him

Posted by on Feb 10 2016 | Candle Gifts

Woodsy, spicy, earthy or fruity, there are various fragrances with powerful effects particularly on men’s senses. Having this in mind, high-end candlemakers created a great selection of fabulous scented candles that can satisfy even the most demanding man on planet. If you are planning to surprise your man for the upcoming holiday, weather he is your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother or son, this gift list could be pretty helpful.

Cire Trudon Ernesto CandleThe best thing about buying him a scented candle is the fact that you can also enjoy that gift when it fills up his personal space with a complex blend of refined flavors. Some of these luxury candles are created to calm a mind and uplift energy after the rough day, some will bring seductive and sensual aromas perfect for romantic evenings, while certain flavors serve as the perfect addition to a sophisticated home décor. Finally, some scented candles are specially produced for the upcoming holidays in order to warm up the festive atmosphere in his home. Knowing that, you can easily find out which one would be perfect for him.

A Man’s Winter

Ideal for the winter season, there are Archipelago’s Black Forest Boxed Jar and Frosted Cedar Jar Candles, offering sophisticated, woody scents that can nicely complement a Christmas tree. Poured into a special black matte-finish vessel, the first one mixes refreshing aromas of Douglas fir and ebony wood with a note of black currant. Other Archipelago Holiday candle offers a blend of a winter frost and fresh cedar for an idyllic home atmosphere.

Great for restoring a mental harmony, Belle Fleur Bergamot Cedar candle provides a sensual mix of cedar, sandalwood and bergamot, underlined with frangipani and an amber vanilla. Along with its healing effect, sandalwood is well known for its seductive aroma that awakens senses and warms up body.

Spicy Blends

Another exquisite woodsy and spicy blend comes with Delirium Royal Amber candle which nicely combines amber, pine needles, black pepper, eucalyptus, sandalwood, musk and myrrh.

Nest’s After Midnight Collection presents a sexy and alluring Italian Leather Classic Candle with the complex mixture of cedarwood flavor, sophisticated note of soft suede, exotic bergamot and spicy blend of cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon bark. It seems like the perfect combination for casual, romantic, after midnight moments. Another seductive and powerful high-end fragrance comes with Trapp Black Pepper candle that combines black peppercorn, anise and balsam wood.

Fill His Room

Both exotic and sophisticated, Cire Trudon Ernesto (Leather & Tobacco) Candle will fill up his room with the authentic spirit of Havana. Starting with the aromatic bled of rum, grapefruit and bergamot, the scented adventure continues with the powerful aromas of clove, oakwood, patchouli and labdanum to be finished with the masculine flavors of tobacco, moss, leather and amber. Malin & Goetz was also inspired by the tempting Caribbean spirit, creating a stunning Dark Rum Candle with the top notes of bergamot and plum, the middle notes of rum and leather and the base notes of amber-patchouli and vanilla.

There is a bunch of other great scented candles that could be ideal gifts for men. If you have several choices, you should consider prices, but also a burning time, design and materials (most high-end candlemakers use natural waxes).

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Christmas Gifts – Scented Candles Under 25 Dollars

Posted by on Feb 10 2016 | Candle Gifts

Thymes Wildwood - Bitter Orange & Cedar Votive CandleIn order to share the message of love and care, Christmas gifts do not need to be expensive. If they are presented from heart and if they bring joy to your beloved ones, the price will become irrelevant. Besides, the high price is not always a guarantee of quality, while on the other side, some low-budget products, made with passion and know-how, can satisfy all your demands.

Those who consider buying a scented candle as a gift for the upcoming holidays should know that they can be pretty affordable luxury, even those that come from the world’s very best candlemakers, such as Nest, Archipelago, Thymes, Voluspa, Trapp and others. In order to make it easier to you, I will present the very best fragrances that you can get for a great price under $25.

Beside this, one more thing makes them perfect for the upcoming holidays – their delicate blends of powerful fragrances are carefully selected to evoke magical winter moments, to revive the spirit of the snowy nature and to bring warm, festive atmosphere into your homes.

Holidays in Your Home

The Queen of home fragrance, Laura Slatkin and her team from Nest Fragrances provide us to enjoy the brand’s bestseller candle for just $14. Nest Holiday Votive Candle features the refined blend of fruity, woodsy and spicy notes, with pomegranate, Mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon, highlighted by vanilla and amber. Another reminiscent of snowy winter nights, Archipelago’s Birch Travel Tin Candle brings the refreshing aroma of a freshly cut pine tree, mixed with a hint of sage. For just $12, the brand’s high-quality soy wax will provide a long burning-time up to 55 hours. Another Archipelago’s signature holiday scent, called Hope Silver Jar Candle will adorn your inner space with a fresh blend of pine, bayberry and clove.

High End

Very stylish, Thymes Wildwood Bitter Orange & Cedar Votive Candle is a surprise just when it comes to its price ($12). All other segments – material quality, design and beauty of a scent are exactly what we expect from a high-end candlemaker. Thymes also created Wildwood Blue Spruce & Elderberry Tin Candle that brings us a thrilling woodsy fragrance, complemented with warm herbs and exotic spices.

Voluspa has several highly affordable products. I recommend a stunning Branch Vermeil Candle that besides its strong flavor of winter spruce, snapped with the hints of citron, balsam and sugar, offers 60 hours of burning time, as well as the exquisite design that makes it look like a true luxury gift. Finally, among several Trapp’s high-end candles that you can get for just $22, a bestselling White Fir Candle stands out with its delicate fragrance that recalls a walk in the forest on a crisp winter’s afternoon.

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Affordable Scented Candles as a Perfect Christmas Present

Posted by on Dec 20 2011 | Candle Gifts, holiday candles

Frasier Fir Votive CandleThe biggest season of giving and receiving presents is approaching fast, but many people are still considering which presents to buy. If you are like us, and if just the thought about the flames from scented candles can invigorate you soul, it is a certainty that you considered these products as your gift of choice. Alas, many of the luxury candles have high prices that match their sophistication. Plus, if you have a large family or a substantial circle of close friends, the cost only increases. So, one can find himself or herself in a position to have to choose between getting a great gift and going for cheaper alternatives instead. However, fear not, candle devotees, because this dilemma can be avoided with a little help of Candle Delirium. We have made an exciting selection of lovely candle gifts that cost less than $25. Apart from scented candles, the list also includes other products in our offer, such as scented hand lotions or bar soaps.

The first of the products that catches the attention is Archipelago Botanicals – Hope (Spirit) Jar Candle. It is one of the iconic products that was made in an effort to capture the relaxing and rejuvenating aromas that are closely tied to winter holidays. It is the most satisfying mix of noble fir and balsam, topped with the flirtatious smell of juniper oils. With the decent price of $17.50, it provides an estimated burn time of 60 hours. The voluptuous blend of evergreen tree fragrances can therefore spread its ravishing aroma for two and a half days!

The next amazing product on the list of cheaper scented candles that would make a terrific Christmas gift is the fruity combination found in Seda France Cameo – Venitian Quince Candle. The redolent mixture is comprised of refreshing apple and a nose tingling fragrance of grapefruit zest, topped with the divine and relishing smell of peach nectar. Three fresh fruit aromas are supplemented with the hints of few more natural and agreeable odors:  the scent of white lily spreading through fresh air, and the romantic and lung-filling tones of dew-drenched grass and crushed leaves. This lovely product that is poured in a milky white glass weighs 8.7 oz. and features the burn time of about 50 hours. Because of its exotic qualities, Seda France Cameo – Venitian Quince Candle has the price of $25, just on the border of the list of affordable gifts.

The third product that we recommend is quite opposite of the previous one and costs only $11. It is Thymes – Frasier Fir Votive Candle, another classy scent that is based on the immense freshness of evergreen trees. The candle is made of the savory scents of cedarwood and the needles of Siberian fir, topped with a unique and bright fragrance of sandalwood. This scented candle is votive-sized and weighs 2.25 oz. Frasier Fir Votive Candle is set in an artistically decorated glass and burns around 15 hours.

Though shopping for Christmas gifts is somewhat hard and potentially stressful, we hope that we have made it at least a bit easier with our list of great and affordable scented candles.

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Candle Gift Ideas for 2011

Posted by on Dec 09 2011 | Candle Gifts

Tocca - Cortina (Spiced Elemi Wood) Holiday CandleEach candle aficionado has a double reason to be happy while Christmas and New Year’s Eve approach. Apart from the usual content feeling that every single person gets during the winter holidays, real candle enthusiasts are also merry because this is the season of giving and receiving gifts. It is sometimes hard to decide how to treat yourself and your loved ones, but luxury scented candles are always a great pick. However, the choice is often hard because of the vast multitude of available options.

In order to assist you as much as possible in finding that perfect scented product which would be a great present, Candle Delirium has created a list of appropriate Christmas candle gifts. The selection is comprised of luxury scents that can live up even to the highest of demands. One of the amazing products which we would like to recommend is Tocca – Cortina (Spiced Elemi Wood) Holiday Candle. It is the high-quality scented candle whose scent is designed to make you feel as if you are immediately transferred to the renowned mountain resort of Cortina, the place of many adventures and a perfect setting for romance. Therefore, Tocca – Cortina Holiday Candle is a great present to that special person you find nearest and dearest. It features a sharp and overwhelmingly fresh aroma of elemi wood whisks, very intoxicating and profoundly seductive. The hand-poured candle weighing 9.5 oz. has the potential to inflame the senses for no less than 60 hours. Its exclusive hand-blown navy blue glass, set on the fabulous brass stand with filigree decorations, gives this candle a special touch of class and additionally recommends it as a wonderful gift.

Some people tend to use the experiences of others while choosing a Christmas present. If you want a product of great appeal that was widely successful, then we would recommend Agraria – Balsam Crystal Petite Candle. The fact that this candle received the universal acclaim can be underlined with the information that the American Society of Perfumers chose it as the Best Home Fragrance of the Year back in 2005. Even nowadays, the delicate mixture of balsam and Californian redwood, supplemented with a touch of French sage and with the aroma of white flowers, remains equally innovative and sought-after. All of the products by the brand are of extraordinary quality which can be detected by the clean burning that provides a fantastic smell, as well as illumination, and this candle is not any different. Made of an especially manufactured vegetable-based wax, the product by Agraria weighs 3.4 oz. and is expected to produce its luscious smell for more than entire day.  The candle is placed in a charming crystal glass which is closed by a silver-plated lid with the crest of the manufacturers.

Hopefully, two recommended products will make a great gift for you and the people you want to make happy. If you still have a dilemma and need more time to select the scented candle that you prefer, previously mentioned holiday gift guide for Christmas includes 37 more products made by renowned brands.

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Christmas Candle Gifts

Posted by on Dec 16 2010 | Candle Gifts, christmas

If you’re still running around trying to cross people off your gift list, there’s one secret you should know: scented candles make great gifts for just about everyone on your list. In fact, they can really save you time and work this year. Holiday gifts are wonderfully flexible and can help out at this time of year in many ways:

1) Scented candles make great emergency gifts. You know that it happens every year: someone you weren’t expecting a gift from show up at your door with a gift. With scented candles, you don’t have to worry. Just wrap a few Christmas scented candles or gift sets and set them aside. If anyone surprises you with a gift, you have something lovely to give in return. If you’re not surprised this year, those extra scented candles are a great way to treat yourself after the holidays.

2) Scented candles are great for decorating your home. If you want to make your home light up, smell great, and look great, beautiful scented candles are a wonderful option. You can group them together as a centerpiece for your holiday meal or light them all over your home for a wonderful scented decoration.

3) Scented candles are great for hard-to-shop for people on your list. You know the ones: you can’t think of a thing to get them. Christmas candle gifts are wonderful because everyone loves them: teens love scented candles, men love them, women love them, and couples love them. When you don’t know what to get, buy scented candles. They’re always sure to please.

4) Scented candles are a great gift for you. It’s not just your gift list you need to worry about. At this time of year, life can really get hectic and it can be hard to rest. Scented candles are an ideal way to let your hair down. Just sitting in a darkened room with some scented lit candles lets you relax and truly consider the real meaning of Christmas. Taking a bath by candlelight or romancing a loved one by candlelight are two more great ways to relax with candles.

5) Christmas candle gift sets are a great way to explore a new candle fragrance. Many candle manufacturers produce candle sets at this time of year, and these make a great present for yourself. If you love candles, these can be a great way to explore some new candle scents inexpensively, as sets usually include several candles in one beautifully decorated box. For example, check out the Archipelago Black Forest 4 Piece Candle Votive Set, the Belle Fleur Petite Trio Exotic Wood Candle Gift Set, the Burn Votive Candle Gift Set of 3, the D.L. & Co. Miniature Scallop Candle Gift Set, the Diptyque White Mini Candle Gift Set, the Jonathan Adler Muse Votive Set of 2 Candles, the Modern Alchemy D.L. & Co. History Candle Gift Set (Vol. 1 or 2), the Tocca Candle Gift Set, the Voluspa Maison Blanc 8 Candle Gift Set, or others. All are a wonderful affordable luxury.

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Christmas Candle Gift Ideas

Posted by on Nov 09 2009 | Candle Gifts, holiday candles

It’s that time of year again: It’s time to shop for holiday gifts and exchange presents with those we love. If the thought of your holiday list makes you want to hyperventilate, relax. You can make things simple with beautiful candles as gifts. Candles are not only affordable and always appropriate, but they can help you in a wide array of gift-giving debacles:

1) Stocking stuffers. Scented candles are a great thing to tuck into Christmas stockings. Everyone appreciates a nice candle in their stocking and the candle will make all your small gifts smell spectacular.

2) Donations. If you want to give this gift season, consider giving more than just those unused cans of food in your pantry. Consider creating gift baskets and including some beautiful candles and donating them to a shelter. Those living in shelters and trying to rebuild their lives often feel their situation very keenly at this time of year. While all donations and gifts are much appreciated, a little pampering gift really reaches out and lets someone know that you care.

3) Last-minute gifts. There is nothing more dreaded than the unexpected or last-minute gift. You may not have someone on your holiday list, but if someone shows up at your door with a present, what will you do? Don’t fret. Wrap a few beautiful candles under the tree and leave off the tags. You’ll have the perfect gift at all times, with no worries and no hassle.

4) Those hard-to-shop for recipients. What do you get the person who has everything? How about a little “me” time? A beautiful scented candle by a quality brand like Altru candles can make everyone feel special. Even for hard to shop for gift recipients, candles are the perfect choice since everyone loves lovely scented candles.

5) Corporate gifts. Corporate gifts are often tricky. You want to make a great impression on coworkers, your boss, clients, and customers, but what gift is thoughtful without being inappropriate, and classy without being impersonal? The answer is obvious: candles. Beautiful candles are a great way to show you care while also remaining professional. You can even invest in candle gift sets for everyone on your corporate holiday list.

6) Gift giving details. Sometimes it’s the little details that make gift giving special. Here’s an idea for the holidays: Before the holidays start, tuck a few unwrapped scented holiday candles among your holiday cards, wrapping paper, and ribbons. By the time it’s time to wrap your gifts and send your cards, your holiday papers will be beautifully scented. You can light one of the unwrapped candles as you wrap gifts and write cards.

7) Gift wrapping. Wrapping odd-shaped gifts can be a nightmare, but you want your gifts to look beautiful. Quality candles are the perfect choice. These candles come in square boxes which are easy to wrap. Plus, many are already packaged so beautifully that you don’t need to add another layer of wrapping paper – a beautiful bow or ribbon may be all you need.

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Candle Gifts

Posted by on Jul 08 2009 | Candle Gifts

Buying gifts can be extremely challenging. If you don’t know the gift recipient that well, you might be wary of choosing a gift that is too impersonal or too awkwardly familiar. If you are giving a gift to a colleague or employer, you want to make a great impression. Of course, no matter what the occasion, you want to give a gift that someone will love.

There are stores filled with frou frou gifts, but if you want to make an impact and give a gift that will be truly appreciated, candle gifts are your best option. Some manufacturers and retailers create unique and gorgeous gift sets made with luxury scented candles. The exciting thing about these candle gift sets is that they have so many advantages:

  • They are already gorgeously wrapped and ready to go.
  • They are the perfect balance between personal and appropriate – you’ll virtually never offend a gift recipient with gift candle sets.
  • They are a thoughtful gift. Everyone could use a little “me” time in their lives and gift candle sets provide this time. Recipients can light your candles and start enjoying the fragrance and light right away.
  • They are never the wrong size or style. Everyone appreciates luxury candles.
  • They allow your gift recipient to try out several types of candles that he or she may not have tried before.
  • They are perfect for just about every occasion. From birthdays to corporate gift giving, it pays to keep a few candle gift sets on hand.
  • They provide many, many hours of burn time.
  • Some are priced competitively, so that you can give an extravagant gift to yourself or someone else for less than the cost of several individual candles.
  • They often include a special “extra” – such as a decorative reusable box or a set of matches.

It is truly amazing how far candle gift sets have come in recent years. Today’s luxury candle sets are nothing like the cheap baskets of paraffin candles of days gone by. Just consider the Tocca Candle Gift Set. The gorgeous pale blue gift box is filled with four Tocca candles, in scents such as Kyoto, Cleopatra, Havana, and Grace. It’s the perfect way to sample each of the scents that Tocca is known for. Each candle burns for 10 hours and comes with a reusable decorative glass jar. A special Tocca matchbox is included in the gift box, making it perfect for someone who travels and needs everything in one spot.

Candle gift sets are always a thoughtful gift. Accompanied by a well-written card, these gifts really show that you care and allow your recipient to really pamper themselves. Today’s luxury scented candles come in gorgeous gift sets that are appropriate for weddings and corporate giving as well. Whether you are heading to a birthday or an anniversary party, bring a beautiful candle gift set. And, of course, don’t forget to pick up a second candle gift set as a gift to yourself.

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