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Baroness von Neumann Candles

Posted by on Feb 22 2016 | baroness von neumann candles

Baroness von Neumann CandleThe amazing richness of scents, long-lasting burning time, the exceptional quality, a clean, gentle glow…These are common qualities that characterize most of high end scented candles. What distinguishes Baroness von Neumann candles from the concurrence is the fact that the excellence of these products comes from the personal experience of their creator. And not any kind of experience. We are talking about the personal experience of a baroness. Her sophisticated taste, divine inspiration and a thrilling life story worth sharing are quite a good guaranty that these luxury candles will fill up your living space with extraordinary fragrances.

Home Decor Brand for Luxury

Baroness Monica von Neumann is a businesswoman, a lifestyle expert and a former Dior and Yves St. Laurent model who developed Baroness von Neumann home décor brand with the goal to enrich her clients with the experience of luxury. When it comes to scented candles, Baroness’ intention is to lead you on a journey around the globe, by providing you a wonderful opportunity to sensate atmosphere of the most magical places on Earth.

Monica has taken the most of her fascinating journeys, including two round-the-globe trips, accumulating essences of traditions and customs from the most interesting world’s cultures. The most authentic flavors from these journeys are carefully divided into four luxury collections: the Legend Collection, the Era Collection, the Memoir Collection and the Cosmopolitan Collection.

Soy Based Wax

By using all-natural soy-based wax and a cotton wick that burns cleanly without making a grime, each Baroness Monica von Neumann candle has superb 70+ hour burning time and the weight of 12.5 oz. Candles come either in black, orange or frosted glasses that are nicely decorated with the von Neumann family crest. They are packed either in elegant silver or gold-embossed boxes, costing $45 each.

The Baroness von Neumann Legend Candle Collection is dedicated to standout people and places. Including high-end candles, such as Czar and Marrakech, this distinctive line provides the amazing blends of wood, spice, distilled spirits and leather scents.

Powerful Earthy Candle Flavors

Inspired by Baroness von Neumann’s jetsetting life, the Memoir Candle collection celebrates life and inspires us to enjoy life completely. It awakes us with powerful earthy flavors and scents of fruits and spices, including patchouli, Italian lemon, jasmine, amber orange blossom and rosewood. Just try to imagine the warm and sophisticated ambiance that comes with the Atlas high-end candle and its unique scent of mahogany timbers, spicy Ceylon cinnamon and Zanzibar clove layer over smoky peat, sandalwood, and close with notes of orange flowers, rosewood and red amber!

Finally, for those who seek to experience the vibrant essences of the elite, the fragrance of perfection and the divinity of the world’s greatest destinations, Baroness von Neumann created the Era candle line that combines aromas of sweet and dried fruits with refreshing tea, citrus, herbs and other accents.

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High-End Candle Review – Baroness von Neumann Marrakech Candle

Posted by on Jan 26 2016 | baroness von neumann candles, candles - news and reviews

Baroness von Neumann Marrakech Candle

The Spirit of Marrakech

Marrakech takes the high position on my top ten list, but it seems that Baroness von Neumann shares this passion for the legendary Moroccan city whose rich tradition, art and music, as well as the unique atmosphere from streets and city squares inspired her to create an adorable product. What distinguishes Baroness von Neumann Marrakech Candle from some other high-end candles is the fact that it truly manages to convey that extraordinary spirit of Marrakech by its seductive blend of fruity, floral and herbal fragrances. An example of such a fruity flavor is this grapefruit candle.

Experiencing the Fragrance

In order to understand their true meaning, some things firstly need to be experienced. However, sometimes we can clearly feel the essence of things even we have never been close to them. That happens while we are reading a good book, watching a movie masterpiece; while we are listening to music from the most unknown place in the world or even while eating a fabulous dish from a faraway country. This is what I call art. The work of art can also be received by the sense of smell. In that case, simply by inhaling beautiful blend of fragrances, you can find yourself in another place or another time.

Regular vs High End Candles

This is the main difference between regular candles that just smell nice and high-end candles that use breathtaking scents to tell you a magical story. Among manufacturers that pay special attention to this artistic aspect of candlemaking, we can find stylish and creative Baroness von Neumann that uses thrilling personal experiences to make a noticeable distinction.

Her highly popular Legend Candle Collection is dedicated to standout people and places. It includes high-quality Czar, Garbo and Johan candles, but the one that I particularly like is the Marrakech Scented Candle. Maybe it is a little bit subjective, but I am sure that most of you who like exotic flavors will love it, whether or not you have ever been in Morocco.

Refreshing Aromas

Baroness von Neumann Marrakech Scented Candle brings the refreshing aroma of wild berries and blooms, combined with rich notes of rose and jasmine, as well as a dry down of the most rare and coveted oils, masterfully distilled from the velvety pedals of the rose. Like every brand’s candle, it comprises all-natural soy-based wax and a cotton wick that burns cleanly without making a grime. Weighting 12.5 oz., the Marrakech candle ensures at least 70 hours of burning. This scented candle comes in a black frosted glass, nicely decorated with the von Neumann family crest. Its stylish design will give a subtle touch of elegance and luxury to any space.

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