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Aromatherapy in Everyday Life

Posted by on May 25 2016 | aromatherapy

If you want to bring aromatherapy into your life every day, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for expensive sessions or consultants. Candles are a wonderful way to bring aromatherapy into your life. Quality scented candles are especially good for this, as manufacturers of these candles often use natural fragrances and scents – just like your favorite aromatherapy oils.

Aromatherapy Desires

There are many advantages to using candles for your aromatherapy needs:

1) It’s less messy. Toying with small vials of aromatherapy oils often leads to spills and frustrations. With luxury scented candles, there’s no problem with mess. You can just light a candle and start breathing in the rich scent as your worries melt away.

2) It’s easy. Lighting a candle is much easier than trying to combine different aromatherapy oils. If you need more than one scent, you can simply light a few candles. It literally only takes seconds.

3) There are so many candles to try. Candle manufacturers make an endless array of luxurious scents, including wonderful scent combinations that can help soothe you and entrance you. For example, if you want to invigorate yourself with a citrus scent, the Baroness von Neumann Fete Candle combines scents of navel orange, Seychelles cinnamon, Zanzibar clove, Norwegian pine, Indonesian patchouli, and amberwood for an incredible scent sensation.

4) Candles are portable. You can easily pack your candles into your luggage when traveling and can bring them with you to your lake house, home, or anywhere else you may need to unwind.

5) Candles engage all your senses. Aromatherapy oils work by scent, but luxury candles deliver a dose of beauty, fragrance, and light. You can light them by a bath for a complete experience in de-stressing and pampering. You can even meditate with luxury scented candles to enjoy even more powerful benefits. For example, light the beautiful Agraria Balsam Crystal Petite Candle to create a beautiful soft light and to surround yourself with notes of balsam, Californian redwood, French sage, and white flowers. The American Society of Perfumers selected this candle as the Best Home Fragrance of the Year in 2005, and the beautiful glow of the candle, the stunning glass jar, and the scent will pamper your every sense.

6) The makers of luxury candles now offer an array of products to help you surround yourself with the fragrances of your choice. Diptyque room sprays, for example, can be used on any type of fabric, including pillows and curtains. A few squirts are all it takes to transform any room into a wonderful haven of scent. Diptyque room sprays are also very portable, so they are perfect for your trips to the cottage or for traveling (when you might need to freshen up that hotel room).

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Reed Diffusers and Why I Love Them

Posted by on Nov 17 2009 | aromatherapy, diffusers

Adding scent to my home is one of the best affordable luxuries I know. Nothing makes a home seem more romantic, cozy, or sophisticated than the right scent. Scenting my surroundings makes me feel completely pampered but really doesn’t cost very much. There are many ways to scent my home, including scented candles, sprays, plug-in refreshers, and diffusers. Reed diffusers are one of my absolute favorite products to scent my home, and there are many reasons why:

1) Reed diffusers offer value. Reed diffusers are very simple products. They consist of a decorative jar, reeds, and scented oil. Each diffuser lasts weeks or months and once all the oil has evaporated, you only need to replace the reeds and the scented oil. This makes diffusers far more cost-effective than many types of products, which last far less time and need to be replaced entirely.

2) Reed diffusers have aromatherapy value. In order for aromatherapy to work, you need to use essential oils, not synthetic scented products. Unfortunately, most home décor scent products use synthetic fragrances, making them an imperfect match for aromatherapy use. Reed diffusers, on the other hand, can use essential oils, and therefore allow you to easily add some aromatherapy benefits to your environment.

3) Reed diffusers are safer and healthier than many types of scented products. Reed diffusers, quite simply, do not make use of flame. This is not only safer, as it means that reed diffusers do not pose a fire risk, but it is also healthier. Unlike products involving open flame, diffusers do not produce soot and other toxins. Reed diffusers that use essential oils may also be less harmful than products which use some synthetic scents.

4) Reed diffusers can be used in many places, including areas where other home scent products can’t be used. Many public places – including hotel rooms and offices – ban the use of candles because of the risk of fire. In addition, many scented sprays should not be used around children or pets. Reed diffusers can be used in many places where other products simply cannot be used.

5) Reed diffusers offer many scents. Reed diffusers come in an array of scents. One is sure to fit your mood. I adore the Altru Artistry (Masala Chai) diffuser. It’s rich, spicy scent feels cozy and sophisticated and always reminds me of an exotic adventure overseas. I’m also a big fan of the Archipelago Lemon Eucalyptus Diffuser, which makes me feel alert and peppy. It is also very soothing when I am under the weather. It’s crisp scent is perfect for work.

6) Reed diffusers are very simple to use. There is no spraying or trimming of wicks. In fact, once you place the reeds in the diffuser, you can forget about it. Every once in a  while you can refresh the scent by turning the reeds over, but essentially diffusers work on their own, filling your home with a wonderful scent.

7) Reed diffusers aren’t overwhelming. Have you ever walked into a room and been overwhelmed by a fragrance product? I know I have and it’s not very pleasant. With sprays and other types of scent products, it can be easy to overdo, but with reed diffusers this is unlikely to happen. Reed diffusers emit the prefect amount of subtle fragrance into your environment, without overwhelming you with scent.

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Essential Oils and Candle Fragrances

Posted by on Oct 11 2009 | aromatherapy, diffusers, scented candles

There are many ways that you can scent your home and add a delicious whiff of fragrance to your life, but high-quality candle fragrances and essential oils are among the best two ways to safely add wonderful, rich fragrance to your life. Scented candles have been used for a long time and have recently enjoyed a huge resurgence of popularity. Diffusers are also popular, since they use natural oils and no heat to create a wonderful fragrance.

The popularity of diffusers and scented candles may stem from the fact that more customers are becoming cautious about their indoor air quality. A number of high-profile news media stories have investigated and discovered that indoor air quality in many homes is poor and may contribute to bad health. In many cases, it is not a matter of simply opening a window – the chemicals we bring into our homes may be affecting the air we breathe. At the same time, many of us want indoor fragrance of some type to improve our moods, to help us unwind, and to make our homes smell wonderful. It is possible to have it all. Quality scented candles and diffusers are the answer.

Quality scented candles release a wonderful aroma into your home, work environment, or hotel room – wherever you light your candles. Candles also add a natural beauty and a lovely lighting option to most types of home décor. With their warm light and delicious scents, it’s no wonder that candles have become so popular. Quality candles made by recognized manufacturers are the safe option, as these companies ensure that their candles are wick-free and safe for the home. Some quality manufacturers even scent their candles with essential oils to ensure your complete safety from chemicals.

Diffusers are another option, especially for those who worry about bringing any chemicals into the home. Diffusers consist of a small glass container, long diffuser reeds, and essential oils. You simply pour the oils into the container and dip the diffuser reeds into the oil, occasionally turning the reeds over (or upside down) so that the oil-soaked part of the reed is exposed to the air, which allows the essential oils and their scent to infuse your home.

Diffusers are wonderful because they can be used for aromatherapy very effectively, since they make use of only essential oils. Aromatherapy diffusers are available in a wide range of scents for a wide variety of purposes. Diffusers are also perfect for places where candles are not permitted, due to restrictions or building codes. Diffusers tend to be quite a bit safer than candles since they do not have an open flame which must be tended. They can last for months of use and therefore provide a good value. As well, the glass containers for many diffusers are very attractive and add to home décor.

You can add scent to your home and life safely with quality scented candles and diffusers. To determine which one is right for you, consider your lifestyle and needs. If you want to add light, color, and décor as well as scent, candles might be right for you. If you want less of an impact on indoor air quality and want a scent that does not require much maintenance, diffusers are a good option. Of course, you can use both diffusers and scented candles around your home to add layers of scent safely. You can also opt to use diffusers in the work place and candles at home – the choice is yours.

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Aromatherapy Benefits

Posted by on Sep 14 2009 | aromatherapy

Aromatherapy was first used by the ancient Egyptians, who realized that certain essential oils could help heal certain conditions or could help induce certain moods – such as tranquility. Ancient Egyptians used oils and massage as part of their aromatherapy practices. When aromatherapy became popular again the 1930s, essential oils were again used.

Aromatherapy is beneficial because it is a safe way to heal your body and mind. For example, we all know that stress is a major cause of disease and other problems today. Aromatherapy helps us ease away stress with natural essential oils that have been in use for thousands of years and have been proven safe. Obviously, this is much better than simply taking another pill. Aromatherapy affects our mind, since the properties of essential oils have different effects on different areas of our brain. Simply by selecting the essential oils to the benefits we want, we can enjoy a safe and effective way of enjoying better energy, less stress, or even fewer headaches. There are aromatherapy solutions that can help with many common conditions, from chronic pain to PMS to panic attacks and more.

One major obstacle to aromatherapy is time. With full-time jobs and active social lives, few of us have the time to head out to get professional aromatherapy massages each day. Home therapy oils can be messy in baths or as massage oils and also tend to take up a great deal of time.

A better solution might be diffusers. Diffusers allow you to enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy essential oils while you work or go about your daily tasks. Simply light a diffuser and allow the natural scents to provide you with the health benefits you seek. Diffusers are dipped into essential oils and are allowed to sit on your desk, where they slowly and constantly produce a rich fragrance. There is no heat or flame involved, so diffusers are very safe to use, even if you have pets or small children. There is simply no risk of fire. Diffusers also work constantly. If you want to be alert at work, for example, just set up a diffuser with the right essential oil on your desk and the fragrances will gently help you feel most revitalized. If you have trouble sleeping, lavender or other essential oils in a diffuser on your night stand will work all night, soothing away stress, anxiety, and tension.

Another option for effective aromatherapy that does not require lots of time involves quality scented candles. Aromatherapy candles release the right essential fragrances and oils into the air to bring you the mood or health benefits you want. You have total control of your aromatherapy experience – you can light your candles when and where you wish, every time you need a little extra help. With no mess and no extra time needed, candles allow you to enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy. Plus, some candle manufactures, such as Aromatherapy Interventions Candles, are especially designed for aromatherapy. They are tested and designed to offer you maximum benefits and also take all the guesswork out of aromatherapy. Just select the health benefits you want and select the candle that matches the benefits and you can begin to enjoy the advantages of aromatherapy right away.

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Aromatherapy Diffusers

Posted by on Jun 25 2009 | aromatherapy

Scented candles are a great way to bring wonderful fragrance to a room, but they are not always the ideal choice. Candles cannot be left burning unattended, can pose a danger to pets and children, and can pose a fire hazard. Many office buildings, hotels, and nursing homes do not allow them. If you want to add scent to a room, you can only use candles for a limited time. When you leave the room, you need to extinguish your candle. This means that when you return to the room, your favorite fragrance will not be there to greet you. You will need to relight the scented candle to enjoy the fragrance again.

In situations where candles are just not possible, aromatherapy diffusers are a wonderful alternative. Aromatherapy reed diffusers include oil, diffuser reeds, and a decorative jar or glass. These diffusers are simple to use. Simply place the diffuser reeds in the oil and once the reeds are coated well with the oil, simply turn them upside down in the glass or jar, so that the coated part of the reed is exposed to the air. The reeds will diffuse scent through an entire room for months. You can periodically re-coat the reeds for a more prominent fragrance. Once the oil evaporates, you can replace the oil and reeds.

There are many advantages to aromatherapy reed diffusers:

  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers use no heat and can therefore be used where candles are prohibited.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers pose no fire hazard because they use no heat.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers last much longer than candles, and therefore offer amazing value.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers take less time than candles – they require no lighting and relighting, no maintenance, no wick trimming.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers do not produce any soot.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers are very attractive and decorative, due to the beautiful jars or glasses they have.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers can scent a room around the clock, even when you are not there.
  • Since they work around the clock, reed diffusers greet you with your favorite fragrance as soon as you walk in through the door.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers are perfect for getting rid of odors or bringing your favorite fragrances into a room.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers are perfect for aromatherapy or meditation.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers make a great gift for a special occasion or just yourself.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers are very eco-friendly – the glass jars are recyclable and reusable.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers do not need to be completely replaced each time – you can simply replace the oil and the diffuser reeds every few months, as the oil evaporates out.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers come in an array of scents to suit every mood.
  • Aromatherapy reed diffusers come in a variety of styles, to match every décor.
  • Some of the finest scented candle manufacturers make reed diffusers, so it’s possible to find some very high-quality, luxury diffusers.
  • You can use diffusers alone or with a candle.
  • Quality diffusers are made from high-qulaity natural oils, which are much safer to use in your home than air fresheners – and are far more effective as well.

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Exploring Aromatherapy Scents

Posted by on Jan 19 2008 | aromatherapy

The practice of aromatherapy is believed to be over 6000 years old. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used aromatherapy in their baths, massage and even in the embalming process. Studies have proved that scents made from essential oils, have an effect on the brain and body.

Majority of people have their own personal experiences related to incidence that a specific smell evokes a sensory memory. Be it the lavender perfume mother used to wear or the warm tempting smell of baking cookies. Aromatherapy utilizes this same effect to address many health issues. Certain aromatherapy scents can induce reactions within the body, helping the person become relaxed, alert, and free of pain.

Aromatherapy Scents – Use

Essential oils can be used on their own or in mixture to create specific scents that can be used for a variety of conditions. Some studies have been conducted by using aromatherapy scents on mice in attempt to evaluate the incidence of response. The outcome was that certain scents like, sandalwood and lavender helped calm agitation in mice.

Aromatherapy scents are also beneficial since they cover a wide range of conditions. For instance, Clary Sage – that is characterized a warm, soothing smell, can be used in addressing conditions like muscular pain, asthma, throat and colic infections among others. Geranium is one of the scents which have a soothing and relaxing scent. Eucalyptus is used in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, flu, colds, and skin conditions.

Both of the mentioned scents can help with skin problems including acne, broken capillaries, and bruises. Lavender is one of the scents with the widest range of application, and can be used in nervous disorders, depression, skin problems, shock, sprains, asthma, sunburns, flu and many others. Other useful scents, usually administered in form of scented candles, include Jasmine, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang – to name just a few.

From the historical perspective, aromatherapy scents have been successfully used for curing ailments, inducing relaxation, and supporting patients in becoming healthier in body and spirit. Nowadays, certain aromatherapy agents are used in commercial application. Studies indicate that when a Lavender scent is gently used with senior patients, they begin having less difficulty falling asleep, and many stop needing sleeping pills. The conclusion of Japanese research was that when certain scents, Lavender, Jasmine or Lemon, were administered, the mistakes in keyboard typing were dramatically reduced. The Lemon scent induced the biggest decrease in mistakes, they fell down for 54%. A Discovery of this mind-body-scent connection may lead towards a new path to health wellness.

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Aromatherapy – A Brief History

Posted by on Jan 15 2008 | aromatherapy

The history of aromatherapy is nearly as long as our civilization. Although the term was first introduced in 20th century, the practice of using plants and plant oils for treating physical and mental ailments has been with us for thousands of years. Various cultures all over the globe are known to have studied and used aromatherapy methods for health benefit.

The Chinese people were among the first cultures that practiced the methods of aromatherapy. The famous Chinese Yellow Book of Internal Medicine is an old manuscript (dating back to 2500BC) that discusses a number of plants and their application in medical treatments. It is also known that the Chinese always used aromatic plants oils and incense in order to maintain a natural life balance. Even today, in China and related cultures, there is equally wide use of scents in creating a peaceful and healthy balance both at homes and at work places.

History of Aromatherapy – Egypt

There is a well documented usage of aromatherapy methods is ancient Egypt. Many papyruses dating back to 1st century BC, describe the uses and methods of application of various plants. Some of the mentioned plants are still used and applied in the same way as was the case in ancient times. Ancient Egyptians, being advanced in a wide range of scientific areas, are proven to have used the plants in the procedures related to embalming for their dead. Egyptian culture was also advanced in sense that they kept a record of the body of knowledge for future generations.

History of Aromatherapy – Greece and Rome

Both civilizations have a long history in aromatherapy. Hippocrates, the famous philosopher and physician, was an advocate of aromatherapy use for both the fragrance benefits and the medicinal benefits. Many Greek people used certain plant oils for treating wounds and soothing inflammation.

In Rome, massage oils were used for treating the skin and other tissues following the baths. Romans also utilized aromatherapy for distilling and makeup techniques. There is the evidence that the history of aromatherapy in Rome comprised the use of aromatic fragrances.

History of Aromatherapy –Other Cultures

There is a number of other cultures that have the history of using aromatherapy over the centuries. In spite of the fact that this history of usage and records are scattered and not entirely conclusive, it is evident that aromatherapy had an important place in many cultures: European, Asian, African and Indian. Along with the exploration of the world, the cultures shared information from the world of aromatherapy – to our global benefit.

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