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The Wonderful World of Home Fragrances by Aquiesse

Posted by on May 25 2016 | aquiesse candles

Aquiesse for the Home

Aquiesse candles are created by a Santa Barbara designer, working with some of the best perfumers in the world. These luxury candles are designed to be inspired by nature, but at the same time are created to be innovative and unique. Originally, Aquiesse candles were fragranced with perfumes inspired by the scents of Central California. Citrus, ocean, mountains, and florals from the region went into every Aquiesse candle. Each candle is made using candle making technique that has been around for hundreds of years and eah candle is made from a carefully-guarded soy wax blend.

Wax Blend Techniques

The technique and wax blend used in Aquiesse candles have taken years to perfect but this attention to detail has created an exceptional burn quality and a rich true-to-life fragrance for every Aquiesse candle made today. All Aquiesse candles are made with lead-free wicks and organic soybean oil, which not only ensures an exceptionally clean-burning candle, but also keeps toxins out of your home. Each Aquiesse candle is also packaged beautifully, ready for gift giving or just for a treat for yourself.

Home Fragrance Collections

Aquiesse candles come in two collections, so that you can more easily find the home fragrance products that suit your home. Aquiesse Portfolio Candles is the vintage collection, inspired by the Central California seascape and fragrances that inspired Aquiesse designers in the first place. Candles from this collection feature over 100 hours of burn time, thanks to the over-sized 10 oz candle jars. Aquiesse’s Portfolio candles have all the same high quality you would expect from Aquiesse — proprietary soy wax blend and the careful attention to packaging and quality are all here. However, Aquiesse’s Portfolio candles are beautifully packaged in a brown glass jar and in a vintage gift box. The glass cover also can be used as a beautiful candle pedestal when your candle is lit.

Natural Candles

Aquiesse’s Portfolio candles also features some stunning, natural scented candles. For example, the Aquiesse Alpine Meadow candle combines notes of grass, fruit, alpine floral, balsam fir, wood, mountain pepper, and musk. The Aquiesse Cherimoya candle combines the fragrances of green leaf, cherimoya mélange, and musk. With innovative fragrances like these, you will want to try all the candles in this collection.

Aquiesse Souvenir Candles include candles with mystical and exotic fragrances. Every candle in this collection is inspired by travels to oceans and the world’s waterways. All candles in this collection are packaged in square vessels with glass lid and travel boxes. Whether you are traveling or just want a vacation without leaving home, try the Aquiesse English Bay Candle. With its notes of forest, cucumber, parsley, smoke, irises, dogwoods, cedar, patchouli, and sandalwood, it captures the Pacific Northwest’s English Bay. Or, try the Aquiesse Mustique Candle. With notes of orange flower blossoms, mandarin, citrus, jasmine, balsam, and amber, it perfectly captures the beauty of Mustique Island. If you love the North Sea, try the Aquiesse North Sea Candle, with its fragrance of pomegranate, sage, woods, wildflowers, patchouli and smoke.

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Trump Home Candles Collection by Aquiesse

Posted by on May 25 2016 | aquiesse candles

Elegant Trump Candles

Donald Trump is known for creating many luxury brands, from hotels to other products. Now, Trump Candles offer the same attention to luxury and sophistication. Designed by Aquiesse candles, Trump Candles are elegant, refined, and sophisticated, with several carefully designed fragrances. If you are a fan of the luxury candles made famous by Aquiesse, you will love the new line of Trump Candles for your home. Trump candles can also help transform your home with fragrance, as each scent in the collection comes in the form of a large 10 oz candle with 100 hour burn time, a 3-wick, 11 oz candle with 80-hour burn time, a small candle with 50 hour burn time, and a diffuser. You can create beautiful centerpieces with these products or combine different fragrances by choosing different size candles or diffusers in different scents.

Fruity Taste

The Acacia Flower & Wild Strawberry Candle, for example, is one of the luxury candles in the collection. With notes of berries, citrus, and green meadow grass, it is a perfect summery scent, light and not overpowering. Each Trump Acacia Flower & Wild Strawberry Candle is packaged in thick octagonal glass and beautiful white boxes, making it ideal for gift giving and for wedding gifts. All Trump candles feature a glass candle cover, which can be used to extinguish the candle and protect it when it is not in use. When you are burning your luxury candles, you can use the cover as a pedestal. The Trump Acacia Flower & Wild Strawberry scent is also available as a diffuser, with a natural alcohol-free formula that can quickly fill your home with fragrance. Perfect for travel and for anywhere you can’t use candles, the diffuser features a beautiful decanter with a glass stopper, sure to add a touch of elegance and luxury to any home.

A Green Fragrance

If you want a greener fragrance, consider the Trump Home by Aquiesse Bergamot & Vetiver Candle. With notes of a herbs, florals, and exotic grass, it is a sophisticated and fresh fragrance with a touch of sophistication. For a masculine fragrance, try the Trump Home by Aquiesse Black Tea & Cognac Candle. With fragrances of fine liqueur, vanilla tea, and tobacco, it has the hint of a gentleman’s room or study. An exotic, spicy choice is the Trump Home by Aquiesse Cardamom & Red Cedar Candle, with notes of Indian spices and wood. For a summer evening, try the Trump Home by Aquiesse Wild Jasmine & Kiwifruit Candle, with its mixture of evergreen florals and honey fruits, which combine into a sophisticated and luxurious scent.

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Natural Choice – Aquiesse White and Black Currents Candles

Posted by on Jan 27 2016 | aquiesse candles

If you get tired of old fragrances or just want to refresh your scented candle collection, there are a number of interesting new arrivals that can be a perfect choice for this winter. From the heart of California, there comes a great selection of high-end products, signed by the master of candlemaking – Aquiesse.

Black Coco Havana Candle

Eco-Friendly Ideas

Inspired by the beauty of nature, these eco-friendly candles from two luxury collections (the White Currents and the Black Currents) will warm you up with their delicate spicy and woodsy notes. Or you will rather let healing herbal aromas to calm your body and mind? This is not all that Aquiesse candles offer. They can also show you power of the ocean and give you the opportunity to deeply inhale refreshing forest air. Thus, do not hesitate to go over this cool range of luxury product and maybe you will find something special either for a gift or for the personal use.

California Wax

The Californian candlemaker made sure that each product contains only the purest natural waxes, ensuring clean burning and perfectly balanced fragrance throw. After years of development, it produced a proprietary wax blend derived from organic soy beans, coconuts and other natural oils. Thus, you can be pretty relaxed when it comes to the quality of Aquiesse’s White Currents and Black Currents candles. Besides, they are very affordable. For example, each candle poured in a small stylish glass, with the burning time of 45 hours, costs $22. A large one with the stunning burn time of 100 hours is available for $36, while for just $5, you can purchase a travel tin candle that will provide 20 hours of joy.

Aquiesse White Coral Musk Small Candle with its delicate blend of beach sage, jasmine flower, white coral and ocean woods, certainly is one of the best choices for this winter. Another must have Aquiesse’s product is a White Ginger Lily Small Candle, offering a warm, spicy blend of lime, exotic lily, ginger blossom, white tea and musk. For the lovers of floral scents, I recommend Aquiesse White Iris & Vetiver Small Candle and its relaxing mixture of bergamot, iris flower, vanilla and musk fragrances.

Herbal Mixtures

The range of Black Currents Candles is even more versatile. There is a wonderful herbal mixture of blackberry, sage, black tea, cognac and golden amber, presented through Aquiesse Black Tea & Cognac Small Candle. Seductive interaction among fresh pomegranate, patchouli, dark amber and warm musk from a Black Currant Patchouli Small Candle will most probably warm you up and than, if you wish a calming effect, Aquiesse Black Orchid Small Candle with a dark floral combination of black orchid, orange blossom, night rose and dark musk will do its job perfectly. Finally, for a thrilling atmosphere of a tropical island, there is a Black Coco Havana Candle with an exotic fragrance derived from tobacco, clary sage, black cocoa and vanilla bean.

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Aquiesse Candles

Posted by on Feb 23 2010 | aquiesse candles

Aquiesse candles have been developed by some of the greatest geniuses in the world of perfumes, creating an unsurpassed product. These luxury candles offer a range of wonderful fragrances that are intoxicating and unique. Each Aquiesse candle scent is based on a natural scent but offers a refreshing twist of sophistication.

Aquiesse candles began when a young boy played with his mother’s luxury perfumes. The young boy, growing up in Santa Barbara, California, was inspired by mixing his mother’s favorite fragrances but was also inspired by the natural scents and nature around him. This early inspiration eventually led to the sophisticated and celebrated catalogue of scents seen in Aquiesse candles.

Aquiesse scented candles were first developed in 2005, but although the manufacturer is quite new, they have used traditional candle-making techniques that date back generations. As well, the company only uses the finest ingredients and scents to create a quality luxury candle that can compete with some of the finest established candle makers in the world. Today, Aquiesse candles have risen to one of the most recognized and respected brands in the industry.

Aquiesse candles may be made using centuries-old techniques, but the approach to candle making is very innovative. Aquiesse took years to develop a proprietary soy wax blend made from organic soybean oil and other natural ingredients which are not only sustainable and reflect today’s environmental concerns, but are also healthy and safe for use in the home. Aquiesse candles are made to have long burn times, produce minimal soot, and capture and expel fragrances perfectly. It has taken centuries of candle making as well as the latest innovations to create a candle product this magnificent. Each Aquiesse candle is made with great care and includes a lead-free wick.

Aquiesse candles are divided into two collections. The Portfolio collection includes scents inspired by the natural beauty of California. This collection includes the Aquiesse Bamboo Teakwood Candle, the Aquiesse Boardwalk Candle, the Aquiesse Cherimoya Candle, the Aquiesse  Ginger Mango Candle, the Aquiesse Golden Amber Candle, the Aquiesse Grapefruit Spearmint Candle, the Aquiesse  Island Frangipane Candle, the Aquiesse  Luxe Linen Candle, the Aquiesse  Mandarin Tea Candle, the Aquiesse  Moonlit Petals Candle, the Aquiesse  Pacific Lime Blossom Candle, the Aquiesse  Pink Peony Candle, the Aquiesse  Pomegranate Sage Candle, the Aquiesse Rioja Candle, the Aquiesse Sandalwood Vanille Candle, the Aquiesse  Shoreline Candle, the Aquiesse  Sunflower Candle, and the Aquiesse Timber Candle. The Exotic collection includes more exotic, worldly scents: the Aquiesse Bergamot Neroli Candle, the Aquiesse Dewy Magnolia Candle, the Aquiesse Floral Decadence Candle, the Aquiesse Green Tea Pear Candle, the Aquiesse Grenadine Hibiscus Candle, the Aquiesse Lychee Mango Candle, and the Aquiesse Tropical Leaves Candle.

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