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Agraria Candles and Diffusers Make the Rainbow of Fragrances

Posted by on Feb 15 2016 | agraria candles

Agraria - Balsam Crystal Petite CandleAgraria Candles and Diffusers are the popular, high-end products of the American’s oldest and largest luxury home fragrance company, discovered back in 1970, in San Francisco, when Henri Bendel’s director, Geraldine Stutz, got impressed with the brand’s trademark – Bitter Orange Potpourri. Actually, Stutz was impressed so much that he immediately helped Agraria’s founders to promote their amazing fragrances. Or should I say, he helped people to find out about this great brand. The business quickly expanded, firstly throughout the United States and later, Agraria Candles and Diffusers became recognizable all over the globe. As the New York Times reported, “the woodsy blend from San Francisco turned up in half the living rooms on Park Avenue.”

New York Candle Scents

The same scents, that New Yorkers were crazy about back in 1970s, can be still found today. There is nothing retro about it. It is simply the fact that the perfection does not need to be changed at all. And Agraria still knows how to make some perfect blends of fragrances. Beside that Bitter Orange scent that comes both as a high end candle and a diffuser, there is another brand’s signature fragrance – a famous Balsam. Today, we can also enjoy beautiful Cedar Rose candles and diffusers, as well as Lemon Verbena, Lavender and Rosemary, Lime and Orange Blossoms and Mediterranean Jasmine.

Rainbow Palette

Visually, these beautifully designed products represent the entire palette of rainbow colors. Agraria candles come in gorgeous Petite Crystal Canes, with a smaller 3.4 oz. size that provides 25+ hours of burning time. Each of them is beautified with the Agraria crest and a gorgeous silver plated lid. What you can see is just a little hint about what comes from the inside of the crystal glass. It is the amazing richness of fragrances that really has power to fill up your personal space with joy and tranquility.

Thus, with Agraria Balsam Crystal Petite Candle, you will get a stunning blend of aromas that includes the essence of a sweet balsam, Californian redwood, a hint of French sage and the bouquet of white flowers. This refreshing and luscious combination has been recognized by the American Society of Perfumers as the Best Home Fragrance in 2005.

Hot Summer Fragrances

Wile Agraria’s Balsam gives the most during spring, Bitter Orange seems like the perfect fragrance for hot summer days. Uplifting, mysterious and androgynous in its appeal, Bitter Orange candles and diffusers combine waves of clove, the zest of bitter orange and just a touch of cypress. Another uplifting scent comes with Agraria Lime & Orange Blossoms Crystal Petite Candle which, beside the refreshing fragrances of lime and orange blossoms, charms with a beauty of night-blooming sampaguita, honeysuckle and jasmine. From the background, there comes a subtle touch of amber woods, smoky patchouli and oak moss.

Natural Candle Ingredients

Each Agraria’s scent comes both as a candle and a diffuser. For every single product, the famous home fragrance company has provided natural, high-quality ingredients: Its candles are made of soft, vegetable-based waxes, while diffusers use natural essential oils, with no fillers or alcohol.

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Agraria Candles and Diffusers

Posted by on Apr 20 2010 | agraria candles

When it comes to diffusers and candles, Agraria Candles and Diffusers are the heritage pieces of the American industry. Agraria Candles and Diffusers are still made by one of the largest and oldest American fragrance companies and they are still made with the same care they have been made with for decades. The Agraria brand name began as a small store in 1970 on Nob Hill in San Francisco. There, a group committed to home fragrances developed some of the much-loved scents still sold by Agraria today, including Bitter Orange and Balsam. The Agraria candles and diffusers proved so popular that an entire fragrance empire was born. Today, Agraria Candles and Diffusers come in a rainbow of fragrances, including Balsam, Bitter orange, Lemon Verbena,  and Lavender and Rosemary.

Each Agraria diffuser is made to be beautifully stunning, with a glass stopper and a unique Italian perfume bottle design that would look elegant in even the most opulent home. Each diffuser is a little work of art and even comes with an antiqued hand-crafted mirror tray. This not only adds to the beauty of each diffuser, but actually protects your home surfaces from the oils used in the diffuser. From the relaxing Lavender and Rosemary diffuser to the invigorating Lemon Verbena diffuser, each Agraria diffuser uses natural essential oils, with no fillers or alcohol. As a result, the fragrance of each Agraria diffuser is pure and true and can fill an entire room with subtle, intoxicating fragrance. At any point you can still the reeds for a more pronounced scent. Since they have no fillers or fast-evaporating alcohol, the way other diffusers do, Agraria diffusers can last well over one year, making them an exceptional value.

Agraria scented candles are just as impressive. Agraria features Petite Crystal Cane Candles, which come in a smaller 3.4 oz. size, perfect for clustering together. You can combine Agraria candles together to create your own unique scents or just enjoy a small whiff of scent rather than filling your home with the strong fragrance of larger scented candles. Each of the candles is a work of beauty, with the Agraria crest and a gorgeous silver plated lid. Agraria candles are made with soft waxes carefully blended from vegetable-based wax blends for highest quality, long burning time, and minimum soot. The unique Agraria candle wax blends ensure clean burning candles that maintain their true fragrance to the last drop.

If you are looking for a wonderful way to scent your home, Agraria diffusers and candles are an exceptional choice.

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