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Agraria Lavender & Rosemary Crystal Petite CandleSpring has come after a cold and long winter, and most of us already feel refreshed and excited to welcome another waking of nature and all the pleasant changes it brings. If you are dedicated scented candles enthusiasts, we do not doubt for a second that you will try to acquire some new appropriate high-end candles that will match the magnificent changes that occur outside as you read this. For this reason, we have prepared our list of suggestions of quality spring scents, mostly with floral notes, which will be perfect for the upcoming season.

Let us start this selection with a lovely and rich candle with exceptionally deep aroma and with presence that simply cannot be ignored. The product in question is Agraria – Lavender & Rosemary Crystal Petite Candle. It is a dominant mixture of lovely European flowers with the proud reputation: French lavender and Italian rosemary. The former flower, known for is pretty pinkish and purple buds and very nice smell is also used for many medicinal purposes, so it has a great potential to invigorate your spirit and make you more energized. The latter plant, also naturally found in the Mediterranean, is even more celebrated for its impressive traits. It is mentioned in the Greek mythology, associated with the Virgin Mary, used extensively for culinary and medicinal purposes, and even in folklore linked to wedding ceremonies. The mixture of two Mediterranean flower-jewels is rounded up with the refreshing zest of bergamot oranges and a slight touch of English amber.

The candle by Agraria is made from exceptional, vegetable-based soft waxes and placed in a decorative vessel closed up with a silver plate lid with the crest of manufacturer. This product provides clean burning for at least 25 hours and costs $35.

The next candle we would like to bring to your attention is exotic Delirium – Pear & Violet Candle. It is a unique assembly of fruity and floral scents that bring together Asian pear, alluring African violets, zesty bergamot, mesmerizing green sage and tea tree oil. This magnificent white-colored and spring inspired luxury candle comes in a transparent glass with beautiful silver embossed snuff that matches the color of its package. It is made from soya wax and offers its harmonic orchestra of fragrances for no less than 60 hours. The price of the product by Delirium is $38.

The third seductive product that concludes the first part of our spring candle recommendations is somewhat different. It is Voluspa Maison Noir – Tuberosa Di Notte Candle. Quite intriguing and provocative scent made by wrapping of night blooming tuberose with a base of dreamy agava nectar. Being a part of the new collection by Voluspa named Maison Noir, it simply exudes with sophistication and refinement that will please even the most demanding candle aficionados. As it name suggests, it is packed in an extremely decorative black package. The seductive fragrance drew from the nocturnal flower comes in various sizes and forms: as a diffuser, room and body mist, as naturally as a candle in four different options. It burns and fills the room with romantic scent from 15 to 100 hours, depending on the choice. Of course, the size determines the price, which can be between $6 and $27 for candles, while the diffuser costs 1$ more from the most expensive candle with the Tuberosa Di Notte name.

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