Candle Gift Ideas for 2011

Tocca - Cortina (Spiced Elemi Wood) Holiday CandleEach candle aficionado has a double reason to be happy while Christmas and New Year’s Eve approach. Apart from the usual content feeling that every single person gets during the winter holidays, real candle enthusiasts are also merry because this is the season of giving and receiving gifts. It is sometimes hard to decide how to treat yourself and your loved ones, but luxury scented candles are always a great pick. However, the choice is often hard because of the vast multitude of available options.

In order to assist you as much as possible in finding that perfect scented product which would be a great present, Candle Delirium has created a list of appropriate Christmas candle gifts. The selection is comprised of luxury scents that can live up even to the highest of demands. One of the amazing products which we would like to recommend is Tocca – Cortina (Spiced Elemi Wood) Holiday Candle. It is the high-quality scented candle whose scent is designed to make you feel as if you are immediately transferred to the renowned mountain resort of Cortina, the place of many adventures and a perfect setting for romance. Therefore, Tocca – Cortina Holiday Candle is a great present to that special person you find nearest and dearest. It features a sharp and overwhelmingly fresh aroma of elemi wood whisks, very intoxicating and profoundly seductive. The hand-poured candle weighing 9.5 oz. has the potential to inflame the senses for no less than 60 hours. Its exclusive hand-blown navy blue glass, set on the fabulous brass stand with filigree decorations, gives this candle a special touch of class and additionally recommends it as a wonderful gift.

Some people tend to use the experiences of others while choosing a Christmas present. If you want a product of great appeal that was widely successful, then we would recommend Agraria – Balsam Crystal Petite Candle. The fact that this candle received the universal acclaim can be underlined with the information that the American Society of Perfumers chose it as the Best Home Fragrance of the Year back in 2005. Even nowadays, the delicate mixture of balsam and Californian redwood, supplemented with a touch of French sage and with the aroma of white flowers, remains equally innovative and sought-after. All of the products by the brand are of extraordinary quality which can be detected by the clean burning that provides a fantastic smell, as well as illumination, and this candle is not any different. Made of an especially manufactured vegetable-based wax, the product by Agraria weighs 3.4 oz. and is expected to produce its luscious smell for more than entire day.  The candle is placed in a charming crystal glass which is closed by a silver-plated lid with the crest of the manufacturers.

Hopefully, two recommended products will make a great gift for you and the people you want to make happy. If you still have a dilemma and need more time to select the scented candle that you prefer, previously mentioned holiday gift guide for Christmas includes 37 more products made by renowned brands.