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The Use of Candles in China

Posted by on Dec 13 2012 | scented candles

Although candle making was developed independently in many countries through history, according to some information, the very first candle was made in China from whale fat during the Qin Dynasty (221–206 BC). In ancient China and Japan, candles were made of wax from insects and seeds, wrapped in paper.

Candles made of whale fat were found in the mausoleum of the first emperor of the Chinese Qin Dynasty – Qin Shi Huang (259–210 BC) which was rediscovered in the 1990s, twenty-two miles east of Xi’an. Also, some bronze figures which were excavated have been painted with candles.

During the history of Chinese Dynasties, there are many records and objects about candles usage. Among the gifts that the Emperors of the Han Dynasty (25-220) received often were candles and today excavated objects from that era, such as candle-holders and the evidence about candles usage.

The Northern and Southern Dynasties period which began in 386 and ended in 589 was the time during which China experienced 203 years of division and wars, but it was also the time of spreading of candles usage among Chinese people.

The Tang dynasty (618-907) is regarded by historians as a high point in Chinese civilization, equal, or even superior, to the Han era. This is also the period with the numerous records about candles making and usage.

During the period of Sung Dynasty which ruled in China from 960 to 1279, candles were used as a means of measuring the passage of time. Although their candle clocks could not tell them the exact time, they could determine when nearly one hour had gone by making marks in their candles. Once a burning candle had melted down to the one-hour mark, they knew that an hour had passed. Also, sometimes the sticks of incense had varying scents, so that hours were marked by a change in fragrance.

During Ming and Qing dynasties, the usage of candles has been widely spread and candles came into almost every Chinese house.

Today the usage of candles in China is very popular, particularly during the holiday seasons. The most important of all traditional Chinese holidays is Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival. On the last, 15th day of Spring Festival, candles are lit outside houses as a way to guide wayward spirits home. This day is celebrated as the Lantern Festival, and families walk the street carrying lighted lanterns. In a form of lampions, candles are also used during the Mooncake Lampion Festival, the Hungry Ghost Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Also, candles are an age old traditional part of Buddhist rituals. In conjunction with incense and flowers, they are situated in front of Buddhist shrines or statues and images of the Buddha as a mark of respect.

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Christmas Gifts – Scented Candles Under 25 Dollars

Posted by on Dec 10 2012 | Candle Gifts

Thymes Wildwood - Bitter Orange & Cedar Votive CandleIn order to share the message of love and care, Christmas gifts do not need to be expensive. If they are presented from heart and if they bring joy to your beloved ones, the price will become irrelevant. Besides, the high price is not always a guarantee of quality, while on the other side, some low-budget products, made with passion and know-how, can satisfy all your demands.

Those who consider buying a scented candle as a gift for the upcoming holidays should know that they can be pretty affordable luxury, even those that come from the world’s very best candlemakers, such as Nest, Archipelago, Thymes, Voluspa, Trapp and others. In order to make it easier to you, I will present the very best fragrances that you can get for a great price under $25.

Beside this, one more thing makes them perfect for the upcoming holidays – their delicate blends of powerful fragrances are carefully selected to evoke magical winter moments, to revive the spirit of the snowy nature and to bring warm, festive atmosphere into your homes.

The Queen of home fragrance, Laura Slatkin and her team from Nest Fragrances provide us to enjoy the brand’s bestseller candle for just $14. Nest Holiday Votive Candle features the refined blend of fruity, woodsy and spicy notes, with pomegranate, Mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon, highlighted by vanilla and amber. Another reminiscent of snowy winter nights, Archipelago’s Birch Travel Tin Candle brings the refreshing aroma of a freshly cut pine tree, mixed with a hint of sage. For just $12, the brand’s high-quality soy wax will provide a long burning-time up to 55 hours. Another Archipelago’s signature holiday scent, called Hope Silver Jar Candle will adorn your inner space with a fresh blend of pine, bayberry and clove.

Very stylish, Thymes Wildwood Bitter Orange & Cedar Votive Candle is a surprise just when it comes to its price ($12.5). All other segments – material quality, design and beauty of a scent are exactly what we expect from a high-end candlemaker. Thymes also created Wildwood Blue Spruce & Elderberry Tin Candle that brings us a thrilling woodsy fragrance, complemented with warm herbs and exotic spices.

Voluspa has several highly affordable products. I recommend a stunning Branch Vermeil Candle that besides its strong flavor of winter spruce, snapped with the hints of citron, balsam and sugar, offers 60 hours of burning time, as well as the exquisite design that makes it look like a true luxury gift. Finally, among several Trapp’s high-end candles that you can get for just $22, a bestselling White Fir Candle stands out with its delicate fragrance that recalls a walk in the forest on a crisp winter’s afternoon.

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Cire Trudon Great Candles – The Most Luxurious Scented Candle Gifts

Posted by on Dec 03 2012 | cire trudon candles

Cire Trudon - Abd el Kader Grande CandleRenowned by its high-end quality and refined style, Cire Trudon Great Candles Line is the best you can get from the renowned Parisian brand. Each oversized and equipped with three wicks, Odalisque, Solis Rex, Ernesto, Abd El Kader and Spiritus Sancti candles reveal five complex blends of beautiful fragrances, bringing the distinctive spirit of exotic and divine places into your home.

One thing that stayed unchanged during the thrilling history of France is the finest quality of Maison Trudon Candles. Originally a wax merchant, Trudon began crafting candles in 1643 to remain one of the leaders in the industry to date. These luxury candles have followed the rise and the fall of the monarchy, adorning courts of Louis XIV, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette with their extraordinary fragrances. During the Napoleon’s reign, they were used for lighting and for ceremonies. Today, Cire Trudon Candles are not just a privilege of the minority. Instead, these distinctive products are affordable luxury for millions of candlelovers around the world.

Known as the “Rolls Royce” of candles, Cire Trudon still uses the most sophisticated, traditional waxmaking processes and combines them with innovative techniques to get the 100 percent vegetable wax for its candles (essentially made with soy and copra). Free of pesticides, allergens, and heavy metals, this biodegradable wax, paired with a pure cotton wick, ensures the cleanest possible burning. At the same time, one can feel the powerful kick of refined fragrances that can last for hundreds of hours. Poured into sophisticated hand-crafted glasses and adorned with the brand’s blazon, each Cire Trudon product provides the very best that you can expect from a scented candle.

As the Cire Trudon’s trademark, the Great Candles bring the unique fragrant experience that lasts up to 250 hours! Each of these extra-large candles is 22 cm high and weights 2.8 kg. The most quality waxes that you can find on the market are poured into stylish glasses, adorned with the brand’s golden blazon, providing a thrilling choice of powerful scents. For example, the exotic Abd El Kader (Moroccan Mint Tea) 3 Wick Candle brings the sensual mixture of refreshing mint, blackcurrant bud, apple and lemon, with the hot and spicy note of ginger and clove, jasmine and sweet vanilla on the bottom. From the Moroccan coast, you can travel to the Caribbean paradise, carried by the flavor of Cire Trudon Ernesto (Leather & Tobacco) Grande Candle. Cire Trudon Solis Rex (Versailles’ Wood Floors) Grande Candle recalls the aroma of the Mirror Gallery and the vast wooden floor of the Château de Versailles, while the Spiritus Sancti (Incense) Grande Candle is a nice reminiscent of a holy scent of altar candles. Finally, there is an uplifting Odalisque (Orange Blossom) Grande Candle. The price of these extraordinary products is significantly higher than the average, which is another sign of their exclusivity and exquisite quality. If you want something more affordable, there is a choice of the same scented candles in the smaller sizes, with the burning time from 70 to 80 hours.

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Explore the World of Scented Candles to Find Ideal 2012 Christmas Gift – Part Two

Posted by on Nov 30 2012 | holiday candles

With Christmas just around the corner, we have already entered the festive atmosphere, becoming occupied by dressing our homes in special holiday colors and by choosing those special little gifts for our friends and family members. In the previous post, I have introduced a number of high-end scented candles, based on the beautiful scents of pine and fir, which could be perfect Christmas presents. However, for a real candle lover, it is never enough, so there is another list of the very best winter fragrances that could be a nice addition to the warm and cozy holyday décor of your home.

Scented candles specially created for winter days bring fresh aromas of evergreen forests into our homes, giving the inner space the great sense of aliveness and openness. Furthermore, their spicy notes are responsible for the calm and idyllic atmosphere that we all like to enjoy during charming holiday breaks. One of the best choices for these special moments is Thymes Wildwood Blue Spruce & Elderberry Candle, featuring a cool flavor of woods warmed by sparkling herbs and exotic spices. Poured into a stylish glass and packed in a beautifully decorated box, this affordable luxury seems like a perfect scented gift.

Voluspa - Golden Cypress SawaraBy using rare seasonal fragrance ingredients, Voluspa created a Branch Vermeil 3-Wick Tin Candle that will refresh your personal space with the uplifting aroma of icy winter spruce branch, imbued with sweet and spicy hints of citron, balsam and sugar. If you would like to experience the enchanting scent of a seaside forest, there is a Diptyque Cypres (Cypress) Candle that offers warm essences of honey and resin deriving from Mediterranean cypress. The similar note of a clean sugary balsam of snapped cypress needles comes with Voluspa Golden Cypress Sawara. Beside the pretty cool and original design, this high-end candle provides an extra-ordinary burning time up to 100 hours for a very affordable price.

Hand poured with a premium soy wax, Archipelago Frosted Cedar Boxed Jar Candle brings another tempting blend of the biting winter frost with fresh cedar, while Jonathan Adler’s Big Sur Forest candle offers a more complex mixture of crisp bergamot and rich vetiver with warm cedar wood and nutmeg.

Baroness von Neumann - Verbier Holiday CandleSome of these holiday specialties are available just for limited time, so if you like them, better be quick. That is the case with a stunning Baroness von Neumann Verbier Holiday Candle whose complex blend of delightful fragrances recalls the season of joy. This high-end candle, based on aromas of fir and spruce is complemented with white jasmine, mulling spices and cranberry. The addition of rarefied essential oils, vanilla and deep amber makes it pretty unusual and highly sought-after.

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High-End Scented Candles – Gifts for Him

Posted by on Nov 28 2012 | Candle Gifts

Woodsy, spicy, earthy or fruity, there are various fragrances with powerful effects particularly on men’s senses. Having this in mind, high-end candlemakers created a great selection of fabulous scented candles that can satisfy even the most demanding man on planet. If you are planning to surprise your man for the upcoming holiday, weather he is your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother or son, this gift list could be pretty helpful.

Cire Trudon Ernesto CandleThe best thing about buying him a scented candle is the fact that you can also enjoy that gift when it fills up his personal space with a complex blend of refined flavors. Some of these luxury candles are created to calm a mind and uplift energy after the rough day, some will bring seductive and sensual aromas perfect for romantic evenings, while certain flavors serve as the perfect addition to a sophisticated home décor. Finally, some scented candles are specially produced for the upcoming holidays in order to warm up the festive atmosphere in his home. Knowing that, you can easily find out which one would be perfect for him.

Ideal for the winter season, there are Archipelago’s Black Forest Boxed Jar and Frosted Cedar Jar Candles, offering sophisticated, woody scents that can nicely complement a Christmas tree. Poured into a special black matte-finish vessel, the first one mixes refreshing aromas of Douglas fir and ebony wood with a note of black currant. Other Archipelago Holiday candle offers a blend of a winter frost and fresh cedar for an idyllic home atmosphere.

Great for restoring a mental harmony, Belle Fleur Bergamot Cedar candle provides a sensual mix of cedar, sandalwood and bergamot, underlined with frangipani and an amber vanilla. Along with its healing effect, sandalwood is well known for its seductive aroma that awakens senses and warms up body.
Another exquisite woodsy and spicy blend comes with Delirium Royal Amber candle which nicely combines amber, pine needles, black pepper, eucalyptus, sandalwood, musk and myrrh.

Nest’s After Midnight Collection presents a sexy and alluring Italian Leather Classic Candle with the complex mixture of cedarwood flavor, sophisticated note of soft suede, exotic bergamot and spicy blend of cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon bark. It seems like the perfect combination for casual, romantic, after midnight moments. Another seductive and powerful high-end fragrance comes with Trapp Black Pepper candle that combines black peppercorn, anise and balsam wood.

Both exotic and sophisticated, Cire Trudon Ernesto (Leather & Tobacco) Candle will fill up his room with the authentic spirit of Havana. Starting with the aromatic bled of rum, grapefruit and bergamot, the scented adventure continues with the powerful aromas of clove, oakwood, patchouli and labdanum to be finished with the masculine flavors of tobacco, moss, leather and amber. Malin & Goetz was also inspired by the tempting Caribbean spirit, creating a stunning Dark Rum Candle with the top notes of bergamot and plum, the middle notes of rum and leather and the base notes of amber-patchouli and vanilla.

There is a bunch of other great scented candles that could be ideal gifts for men. If you have several choices, you should consider prices, but also a burning time, design and materials (most high-end candlemakers use natural waxes).

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Explore the World of Scented Candles to Find Ideal Christmas Gift for 2012

Posted by on Nov 20 2012 | holiday candles

Can you feel the growing excitement with each day we are closer to Christmas holidays? If you can, if you are already overwhelmed with that special energy, then you have probably started thinking about perfect gifts for your beloved ones. For those that still did not decide what to put under the Christmas tree, some of high-end candles can be a pretty good solution, especially if its design and fragrance match the spirit of the upcoming holidays.

Belle Fleur Exotic Wood - Neroli Pine CandleThere are many little things that make Christmas so beautiful – characteristic decorations, lights, music and caroling, special meals, an exchange of Christmas cards… All of them have the purpose to make Christmas message be received by all our senses. The role of scented candles is to complement idyllic atmosphere in our homes, by decorating them with divine winter flavors. Thus, take a look into the selection of the best fragrances for the upcoming holidays and find your ideal blend.

Agraria’s signature Balsam Crystal Petite Candle comes with a refreshing essence of a sweet balsam combined with Californian redwood, a hint of French sage and the bouquet of white flowers. The essences of fir and pine are must have fragrances for winter days, especially if you have an artificial Christmas tree in your house. Firstly, I will introduce those candles based on pine scent. You can try with Aquiesse Monterey Pine Holiday Soy Candle that faithfully reflects a misty journey through a coastal forest, with the thrilling blend of hilltop Evergreen pines, earthy Canadian balsam wood and fresh thyme. Considering its sophisticated design and amazing 100 hours of burning time, this candle will probably stay the important part of your home décor long after holidays.

Votivo - Icy Blue Pine CandleI highly recommend Belle Fleur’s Exotic Wood – Neroli Pine candle, as an affordable luxury gift. Inspired by Bristlecone pine forest and fresh morning in Rocky Mountain, this great product packed inside an elegant gift box represents a harmonious mix of fir balsam, Seville orange blossom and wildflower honey fragrances. Another high-end product that can be a perfect gift is Votivo Icy Blue Pine Holiday Candle. Poured into a festive silver vessel and placed in a gift ready box, this powerful blend of prickly pine scent, sweet and spicy cedar bark and crumbles of crystallized ice cubes will create a wonderful winter adventure in your home. The quality – price ratio puts this candle among the best choices. We barely can imagine a single “best of” list without Nest candles. This time, we choose a Birchwood Pine Classic Candle, because of its unique flavors of white pine, fir balsam and birchwood, over a base of rich musk and amber. At the other hand, Archipelago’s Birch Candle nicely combines an aroma of a freshly cut pine tree with a hint of sage. Superb burning-time up to 90 hours and natural, eco-friendly materials are the best recommendations for one of Archipelago’s signature flavors.

The same quality and delightful pine base come with Archipelago’s Hope Mercury Boxed Jar Candle that is distinctive by the interesting combination of bayberry and clove scents and especially by the beautiful design of the mercury glass with a light patina finish and a festive red velvet box. The list would not be complete without Lafco’s Tree Holiday Candle that brings three main Christmas scents – fir, pine and balsam – to create a warm idyllic atmosphere during winter holidays.

Selection of Fir Based Candles

To me, there is no big difference between fragrances of evergreen trees, but sometimes a very subtle variation can lead us to the perfection. So, make sure to pick only the best blend for yourself, by letting your senses to decide. Since the fir tree is a symbol of Christmas, it is not surprise that high-end candlemakers paid a special attention to its refreshing fragrance. Archipelago made another interesting product whose powerful, woody scent, a special black matte-finish vessel and a distinctive decorative box make it highly sought after during holidays. A Black Forest Boxed Jar Candle provides the healing blend of Douglas fir, ebony wood and a subtle hint of black currant.

Diptyque - Sapine Dore (Golden Fir) Holiday CandleEspecially for the upcoming festivities, Diptyque created a Limited Edition of Holiday candles, distinguished by remarkable complexity of their fragrances. A Sapine Dore (Golden Fir) Holiday candle stands out both by its fabulous aroma and a caracteristic Christmas design. It blends the fresh scents of the traditional fir needles with a green essence of Iranian galbanum, eucalyptus camphor and piquant Siberian pine. And this is not all. The aromatic essence of Moroccan absinthe gives the final touch to this unique candle.

I also highly recommend the blend of Siberian fir needles, cedarwood and a sensual aroma of sandalwood that Thymes introduced with its Frasier Fir 3 Wick Candle. Finally, revealed exclusively for this season, there is Trapp White Fir Candle, introducing douglas fir, eucalyptus, clove and crisp air flavors.

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Manuel Canovas High-End Scented Candles

Posted by on Nov 12 2012 | manuel canovas candles

Inspired by the old-world European luxury, a Parisian high-end home fragrance brand created an exquisite line of scanted candles. Each crafted and poured by hand, nine Manuel Canovas’ fragrant delights are capable to add an ideal doze of luxury to your home décor. Variety of delicate flavors, from sophisticated woody kick, refreshing flourish and fruity notes to warm and healing aromas of herbs and spices, promise an extraordinary experience with Manuel Canovas candles.

Manuel Canovas Fleur de Coton CandleKnown as the French leading fabric house, Manuel Canovas is also ranked among the top candlemakers in the country with the longest tradition in making high quality perfumes. Knowing these facts, we can expect nothing but the best from Manuel Canovas’ scented candles. At the first place, the renowned Parisian brand guarantees an extra pure and non-allergenic waxes and lead-free wicks that ensure clean and long-lasting burning. Containing up to 14 percent of pure essential oils, each candle provides powerful and persistent fragrance from the first to the last minute.

Finally, the brand’s expertise in creating luxurious artistic fabrics is nicely applied on the design of candle packaging. The brand’s textiles are characteristic by bold and unusual color harmonies, rounded by vibrant shades of rose Indian, anis, amethyst and turquoise. The same level of stylishness and creativity comes with Manuel Canovas scented candles. Each of them is packed in a fine dense glass whose sophisticated design matches even the most luxurious home décor.

Take a look at delicate blends of fragrances. They are simply adorable. Manuel Canovas Bois de Lune Candle brings powerful velvet notes of red cedar, rosewood, Chinese tea and wild berries, a Brune et d’Or Candle is specific by its exotic aromas of cinnamon, myrrh and vanilla, while sensual and exotic Empire Celeste Candle seduces with flourish and fruity blend of rose, violet, orange blossom and wallflower.

Something completely unusual comes with a Fleur de Coton Candle, providing pure natural scents of wild linden flower, morning dew and white-thorn. If you like fresh, uplifting fragrances, then the blend of verbena, lantana, mango, blackcurrant, mint leaves and coconut from a Jardin de Lantana Candle seems like a pretty good choice, as well as a Nuit de Serendip, a candle that combines freesia, tuberose and jasmine with orange blossom. If it is not enough, you can choose between refreshing Manuel Canovas Opus Incertum candle and gorgeous floral Matin de Perles and Palais d’Ete candles. Each luxury, hand-crafted candle provides up to 60 hours of burning time and costs $70.

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My Dream Excursion with Archipelago Scented Candles

Posted by on Oct 31 2012 | archipelago candles

Archipelago Havana Jar CandleAttracted by their striking colors, I came closer and inhaled those wonderful and complex fragrances, one by one. Soon as I realized that they were inspired by favorite destinations from around the world, I started sorting them, as they are some kind of scented tickets to these divine places. First I took Bali. It was a while since I had planed a trip to this magical island, so it seamed like a logical choice. After that, several other high-end candles from Archipelago Excursion Collection with alluring names were delivered to my flat. And I have promised to myself – before a wick burns out, I have to visit the destination that particular candle represents. My Bali Jar Candle was about two hours from its end, when I had the airplane ticket in my hands.

Naturally, I have continued with exotic islands and very soon, Havana, Madagascar and Fiji found the place on my bucket list. First, I enjoyed, for about 87 hours, a rich, smoky flavor of the Archipelago’s bestselling Havana Candle, tasting a sexy blend of bergamot, Cuban tobacco leaf and ylang-ylang, and then, just before the jar’s bottom came into view, I took a flight, letting other senses to be awakened by breathtaking beaches, a thrilling atmosphere and the seductive music of this Caribbean island.

Although I have decided to be more patient with the Madagascar Candle, at least until I recover financially, I simply could not resist its sweet flowery fragrances of white orchid, vanilla, freesia & jasmine. Or it was just another call from a tropical paradise. Anyhow, my 60-hour jar candle, poured in a beautiful apothecary style glass was disappearing faster than I had planned and Archipelago’s excursion led me to the southeastern coast of Africa. Well, it was pretty hard explaining my reasons to the family, probably because there was no logical explanation, but I could not stop this strong passion for traveling.

Yesterday, I lit my Archipelago Fiji Pillar Candle and enjoyed an exotic summer blend of coconut, sugar cane and lemon leaf scents. It has 60 more hours of burning time, so I am still pretty relaxed. Well, to be honest, I have already started dreaming about new destinations. Off course, with Archipelago as the only travel guide that I need.

This luxury candlemaker offered me Europe and gladly accepted the new challenge. For a nice intro into the upcoming Oriental experience, there is an Istanbul 3 Wick Tin Candle with its rich, exotic mix of black cannabis, amber and rose leaf. Than, it is time for the beautiful Greek island Santorini and finally, Archipelago will bring me to Italy, in the heart of the romantic Tuscany region.

Hurry up, there are a few more places left for this tour. But first, to make dreams come true, you need to inhale deep. Do not hesitate. Wonderful flavors are all around.

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Fresh Fragrances from Voluspa Vermeil Candle Collection

Posted by on Oct 19 2012 | voluspa candles

Voluspa - French Bourbon Vanille 3-Wick Tin CandleHand-poured with new series of refreshing fragrances, five newcomers from Voluspa scented candles factory are waiting to bring a doze of luxury into your homes. They are all parts of the new Voluspa Vermeil (formerly Seasons) Candle Collection, inspired by the exquisite glow of Vermeil Silver, for an authentic vintage effect. Containing rare seasonal scent ingredients, as well as high-quality, coconut blend waxes, every Voluspa candle is available in five different sizes, each featuring distinctive design and packaging. Good news for all fans of high-end candles is that I am speaking about pretty affordable luxury, since the smallest pack with solid burning time of 25 hours costs just $10.

There is something about Voluspa candles that makes me happy each time a new product of this great brand appears on the market. That emotion becomes the desire that lasts as long as a yet unknown blend of natural fragrances finally ends up in my home, resulting with a new flurry of happiness. In fact, it is not hard to determine why my senses respond so quickly at the very mention of Voluspa. First of all, these candles smell wonderful, which takes time spent indoors to the whole new quality level. And even when the last drop of wax vanishes from the glass, it will not be thrown away. Instead, it remains the cool element of your home décor, thanks to its beautiful stylish design and an extraordinary attention that was paid on each aspect of packaging.

Finally, with its scented candles, Voluspa meets the highest quality standards, taking case of both, beautiful long-lasting flavor and the ecological aspect. For this purpose, waxes contain natural ingredients that provide clean burning. For example, candles from the new Vermeil Collection are made of a nice, coconut blend wax. Burning-time depends on size and shape. Thus, Travel Tin Candles, with the weight of 4.5 oz., last around 25 hours, 12 oz. weight 3-Wick Tin Candles have burning-time of 60 hours, while Slender Glass Candles provide 50 hours of burning-time. Voluspa also offers beautifully decorated, 11 oz. weight candles that last for 60 hours, as well as a grand pack that weights 36 oz. and goes up to 120 hours.

Now, you can enjoy refined aromas of a sweet Voluspa French Bourbon Vanille 3 Wick Tin Candle, as well as a spicy Clove Pomander Travel Tin Candle, whose delicious fragrance of red cloves is nicely crushed and blended with the brand’s mixture of pear, bergamot and nutmeg.

Voluspa Branch Vermeil Grande 3 Wick Candle provides a woody winter aroma of spruce, complemented with hints of citron, balsam and sugar. If you like a flavor of roasted chestnuts, there is a Chestnut & Vetiver Slender Glass Candle with a charming addition of earthy vetiver, oakmoss and amber. Finally, Voluspa Champagne Rose Candle brings a note of luxury with the scent of Brut Rose Champagne, chilled and poured over cassis berries and edible white rose petals.

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Devine Fragrance of Sandalwood in the World of High-End Scented Candles

Posted by on Oct 12 2012 | candles - news and reviews, scented candles

Nest Mahogany Classic CandleThanks to its powerful healing effect and distinctive woody aroma, sandalwood has been highly valued for thousands of years. Extracted from sandalwood, essential oils are extensively used for making excuisite perfumes and scented candles, in skin care industry and aromatherapy. This fragrant wood has been a part of religious and spiritual traditions of India, China, Tibet and Japan, as well as an important medicament for these ancient civilizations. And this is not all. According to the scientific evidence, its sensual fragrance has a strong erotic effect on our senses.

Unlike some other aromatic woods, sandalwood (a class of fragrant woods from trees in the genus Santalum) keeps its rich, sweet and warm scent for decades. Blended with other fragrances that tend to evenish quickly, a sandalwood oil serves as the base note that both enhances them and helps them last longer. As a harmonizing agent, it brings together other aromas, without overpowering them. All these qualities make sandalwood oil one of the most valuable ingredients of the high-end natural fragrance products.

Speaking about luxury scented candles, sandalwood appears as one of the most refined fragrances, capable to make a divine atmosphere in your personal space. According to the spiritual traditions of the East, its sensual flavor calms and focuses the mind and relieves anxiety, which makes it perfect for meditation and other spiritual practices or simply for the quick recovery from a hard day. Besides, it is a strong aphrodisiac that can nicely complement a romantic evening, by relieving tension and mental blocks. Scientists discovered that the chemical effects of the sandalwood fragrance are very similar to those of androsterones (human pheromones), produced by male and female metabolic hormones. Thus, by using the scent of sandalwood, you will emit pretty effective erotic signal to the opposite sex.

There are plenty of high-quality scented candles, based on sandalwood aroma. Nest comes with a Mahogany Classic Candle that mixes sandalwood with star anise and patchouli, underlighed with the sweetness of vanilla and caramel praline. Bringing the spirit od the Far East, Voluspa Baltic Amber 3 Wick Tin Candle offers a very interesting blend of amber resin, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla orchid. I also highly recommend Diptyque Santal (Sandalwood) Candle, as well as Trapp Patchouli Sandalwood candle. Finally, there is a remarkable Delirium Samurai Woods candle, presenting a mystical blend of incense, bergamot, nutmeg, sandalwood, patchouli and blondewoods.

Due to the deficient resource of these precious woods, the price of sandalwood oil goes up dramatically, which leads to the emergence of fake products on the market. If you are a fan of scented products based on sandalwood aroma, you should be aware of this fact. Be careful when buying them and if you do not want to risk, choose brands with high reputation.

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