A Scandalous Christmas with a Little Help of Scented Candles

Santa's Coming CandleMost of people associate Christmas with people sitting in front of a warm fireplace and spending time with family. In order to prepare for this comfortable and cozy atmosphere, some choose to get special scented candles that provide wonderful scents that would be a great addition to winter holidays. On the contrary to this point of view, other people like to be cheeky and funny even while it is Christmas, and enjoy the controversial and a little bit scandalous gifts. A popular candle brand, named A Scent of Scandal, makes intriguing products that are just right for the people in the latter group.

Among the great variety of scented candles with witty and provocative names, we have selected three that carry a spirit of Christmas in them. Naturally, this spirit is spiced with a pinch of humor and a heavy dose of scandal that turns the holiday and its traditions upside down. Before going into details and the specifics of these wonderful scented products, we can spot the general traits they share. Each of these candles is made entirely from 100% pure soya wax, and we can proudly add that all of them were hand-poured within the States. To ensure the cleanest possible burn, the wicks of the candles were manufactured of cotton, without the slightest addition of metal. It seems important to note that the standard weight of all of the products by the brand is 8 oz. which ultimately leads to between 30 and 35 hours of pure enjoyment in their refine aromas. A Scent of Scandal also uses the same design in every single one of these items. The creamy colored candles with long-lasting smell are set in a recognizable tin vessel. With the relatively low price of just $14.95, all of these products are affordable to most people, providing they want products that are a little bit different from the usual ones. Now, let us take a closer look at the delightful combination of fragrances these candles exude.

The first on the list of our provocatively named products is Santa’s Coming Candle. The holiday inspired scented soy candle includes the wintery evocative smells of evergreen trees and pinecones, further enhanced with the pleasurable and frisky scents of orange peel and cranberry sauce, which can also be associated with holidays. Though mostly served for Thanksgiving dinner in the USA, it is a traditional part of Christmas dinner in Britain. The mixture of fragrances of this sassy named candle is completed with the hint of freshly ground cloves.

The second scented candle by A Scent of Scandal we would like to recommend is Santa’s Pole Candle. This product produces a feisty fragrance that was made with a nice blend of crispy fresh peppermint and the sweet smell of vanilla sugar.

The third scandalous holiday candle by the brand is Ho Ho Homo Candle. The pleasant mixture of aromas that makes this scented candle so special is dominated with the mouth-watering smell of cranberry relish. It is further enriched with the slight additions of orange zest, and with subtle hints of vanilla and butter. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a candle with a fine fragrance and a provocative name, and if scandalous behavior is a part of your life, A Scent for Scandal has prepared intriguing products which you can use to spice up your holidays.