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High End Candle Review – Seda France Japanese Quince Candle

Posted by on Mar 29 2016 | candles - news and reviews, seda france candles

Seda France Japanese Quince CandleDespite its relatively recent appearance in the world of luxury candles, high-end manufacturer Seda France Japanese Quince Candles has captivated everybody who decided to buy its products. Since the first day, the company based in Austin, Texas has decided to use the most recent developments in the world of candle making. Even though these techniques are modern, they are based on the rich heritage of traditional French knowledge of creating the luxury products (hence the name), thus creating a perfect blend of old know-how and present day methods.

The “Perfect Gift”

This sort of approach proved to be quite successful, especially in the combination with the brand’s never-ending desire to learn about the needs and wishes of its clients, in order to produce a sophisticated product that will be in accordance with the customers’ demands as much as it is possible. During the course of one decade (Seda France was established in 2001), the Texan company earned much praise for its classy candles. Its fabulous ones are recommended by the leading lifestyle and fashion magazines, as well as by the leading authorities on these issues. Numerous times, they have been described as the “perfect gifts”, and the magnificent candles by Seda France were even featured in one of the episodes of the Oprah Show, hosted by the world renowned TV presenter, Oprah Winfrey.

Tradition & Modernity

Japanese Quince Candle by the manufacturer is the perfect example of the combination of tradition and modernity, which leads to the ultimate luxury. As its name suggests, the powerful scented candle exudes fresh fruity aromas, dominated by the captivating scent of the Japanese quince. The pleasant smell is further enhanced with touches of other refined scents. The piquant candle has a hint of rhubarb, a fine smelling plant that is for its exceptional qualities used in cooking and in traditional Chinese medicine. Furthermore, the mixture of Japanese quince candle incorporates a slight doze of passion fruit which gives an additional exotic texture. The overall fruity fragrance is underlined with the touch of white fleshed peach. The mesmerizing mixture of intoxicating scents is rounded up with the addition of jasmine petals.

Luxurious Japan

The exclusive and luxurious fragrance of Japanese quince, designed by Seda France is available in various sizes, travel tins, diffusers, hand lotion, room mist, hand soap and even in the form of a bar soap. The biggest of the candles is a 3-wick candle that offers over 70 hours of seductive delight and costs $37. The bigger price in the assortment is reserved for a 2-wick ceramic candle that lasts for amazing 100 hours, a gift set that comprises of a large candle (burn time of over 60 hours) and three travel tins (the set costs $50), and diffuser (also $50). If you, on the other hand, want to acquire the wonderful and luxurious fragrance at the lower price, you can opt for a mini candle that lasts over 15 hours ($14) or the travel tin that enables you to enjoy it for a half of a day (just $8).

Hand Poured

Magnificent Japanese Quince Candle is hand-poured. The lovely white candle comes in a decorative pagoda box packaging which is the trademark feature of products by Seda France. Considering its universal appeal and the fine selection of the aromas, it is not surprising that this type of candle is among the most sought after products by the brand, as well as among the best-selling luxury candles that are available through Candle Delirium.

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High End Candle Review – Nest Holiday 3-Wick Candle

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Nest Holiday 3-Wick CandleFinancial success should never be the sole reason and motivation for doing a specific job. Even though it is certainly necessary in order to provide secure conditions and quality life for one’s family, it is fair to say that the best results are visible if a person does something fulfilling and enjoyable. This sort of reasoning can be exemplified with the ultimate success story of Laura Slatkin who ended her lucrative Wall Street career some 17 years ago and then decided to found a luxury fragrance company with her husband, which ultimately led to unveiling of the Nest collection of luxury candles. Clearly demonstrating the exceptional quality and all the passion and dedication that were present during the creation of these products, they stormed the world of luxury candles and soon received much praise and attention.

Candle Aficionados Approve

Holiday 3-Wick Candle, one of the currently most desired pieces by candle aficionados, seems like a great way to show the charm of products created by Laura Slatkin’s company. It is a part of a high-end series dedicated to capturing the luscious smells of the holiday season. In order to achieve this pleasant effect, it was decided to create a special mixture of aromas that will have the potential to this. The superb combination opens with the fresh fruity smells of pomegranate and mandarin orange. Additional refreshing qualities and that familiar holiday feeling were enabled with the addition of pine. However, there are more ingredients in this lovely mix. The next one are cloves, widely recognized and appreciated for their delicious odor. Because of this quality, cloves are often used in the process of making perfumes, or as a fine addition to various meals in Indian and Mexican cuisine.

Usage of Cloves

Furthermore, cloves are also traditionally used as incense in China in Japan, whereas in some European countries it is usual to use them for making pomanders and to use them as decorations during Christmas. Cloves were also considered to have healing properties in traditional medicine, as well as in aromatherapy. Additionally, the mixture of fragrances found in this exceptional holiday product by Nest Candles includes the sweet smell of cinnamon and the slight touches of vanilla and amber.

Nest Characteristics

The voluptuous Nest Holiday 3-Wick Candle is made of soya blend wax and weighs 23 oz. As it is clear from the name, there are three wicks. However, it is also very important to underline its ability to burn for at least 150 hours which is more than six days! The presentation is always important in the world of scented candles and that is also visible here. The vessel for this candle is a clear and frosted glass with elegant gold stripes. The glass is shipped in recognizable red velvet box with gold accents that symbolize the sophistication of the product. The price of this amazing scented candle is $58.

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High End Scented Candles for Winter

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Voluspa Snow Flakes CandleAs the weather shifts and winter approaches, houses became sanctuaries and refuges from freezing air. In order to make your living spaces even more comforting and pleasant during cold winter, the leading brands of luxury scented candles each winter prepare a careful selection of fine products that are just perfect for the season. Evocative of holidays, distant memories and the snow-covered scenery, these winter-scented high end candles are a suitable vessel to travel to that old comfortable feeling. As cool winter reigns outside, your soul will feel warmed, and the flickering flames of scented candles will trigger the release of enchanting odor mixes.

Savory Scented

South Carolina based manufacturer Votivo has prepared several savory scented products that are just perfect for the coldest of all seasons. This high-end brand creates luxury hand-wrapped candles in original packaging. Votivo is associated with potent and deep aromas that are skillfully designed and produced. Among its Holiday Candles Collection, there are a few examples of distinctive winter scented candles. The first one is the Clementine & Clove Holiday Candle – the perfect marriage of seductive scents, reminiscent of the Christmas teatime and times bygone. Apart from this super stimulating scented candle, the collection offers the invigorating and sub-zero fresh Icy Blue Pine Holiday Candle with dominant scents of pine and cedar bark. These two candles and the rest of the Holiday Collection are made of natural soy wax blend and feature burn time in the region of between 50 and 60 hours. Besides, as it is customary for products by Votivo, each of the items from the series is hand-wrapped, and presented with special holiday packaging.

Attention Candle Enthusiasts:

Candle enthusiast will be happy to know that Voluspa prepared an intriguing winter-themed Snow Flakes Candle as a part of its Seasons Collection. Get comfortable in your warm house and light this fabulous candle to experience a true blizzard of refreshing odors. Snow Flake is produced of coconut wax. This product is available in various sizes that correspond with diverse demands of its buyers. Logically, the larger models of the luxury product by Voluspa are the ones with the longest burn times. The longest lasting is the 3-Wick Snow Flakes Candle that weighs 15oz and flickers for 100 hours. This size is of course the one with the highest price tag and costs $55. Snowfall inspired scent can be experienced for much less money. The most affordable option is to get a tiny Travel Tin that weighs 2.7oz and provides 25 hours of tingling crispness of ozone and snow, characteristic for Voluspa Seasons Collection Snow Flakes Candles.

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High End Candle Review – Michael Aram Pine Cone Candle

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Michael Aram Pine Cone CandleRegardless of the effort that one puts in the creation of a scent or any other product, very often the end result is no match for the creations of nature that exist around us and continue to amaze us with their captivating simplicity. Guided by this idea, luxury candles brand that bears the name of its founder, Michael Aram, presents the fine product that exudes one of the most appealing existing scents – the aroma of a pine cone.

Intoxicating Fragrances

The intoxicating blend of fragrances that makes this product by Michael Aram Candles so intoxicating and refreshing, triggers pleasant feelings and transfers the individual to a thick pine forest, which smell fills the lungs with freshness, while tenderly tickling the sense of smell. The scent of this fabulous product has a clear woody fragrance at its core. This aroma is even further underlined with a dash of earthly smell of fir balsam. The combined invigorating fragrance of evergreen trees is supplemented with discrete additions of flowery scent of lavender, which is widely used in aromatherapy due its ability to relax and invigorate. The final touch in the exceptional mixture, inspired by a natural aroma, is a sharp fruity citrus, added to accent the overall stimulating feeling that one gets after an encounter with the light of Michael Aram Pine Cone Candle.

Distinctive Organic Notes

The final result of combining the pine forest, balsam fir, lavender and citrus gives the candle a distinctive organic note, as it is usual for all products designed and conceived by Michael Aram. The New York based artist, who started his career by creating works of art by hand-processing metal, was immensely influenced by his trip to India which he undertook after completing the studies of fine art. The principles of creation that he discovered during the trip remained imprinted in his method, which includes a recognizable link between the artist and his product.  The same idea is transferred to the design of scented candles, and it reflects the ritualistic nature and inclusion of harmonic energies in his work.

Natural Ingredients

These principles are highly visible in the Pine Cone Candle that his company sells. As it is customary for the products of the brand, the scented candle is made of natural soy wax and with triple cotton wick to insure steady and harmonic flames. The approximated burn time of the 13.5 oz weighing product is minimally 60 hours. The nature-inspired scented candle is 5’’ high and with the diameter of 3.75’’. The product is delivered with oxidized, gold and nickel plated lid.

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High End Candle Review: Archipelago – Black Forest 4 Piece Candle Votive Set

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Designed to produce a refined fragrance with a strong and crisp wood note, Archipelago Black Forrest 4 Piece Candle Votive Set features four scented candles, and provides a seductive scent that mesmerizes instantly. It is a carefully selected blend that brings together the freshness of Douglas fir and posh exotics achieved with an ebony wood aroma. This combination of forest smells is supplemented with a slight touch of blackcurrant berry, in order to additionally underline the overall theme of a black forest which involves both woody scents and an aroma of wild and defiant forest fruit. It is also worth noting that this set is a part of a special offer, selected by Candle Delirium, after receiving InStyle Best of the Web Products accolade by InStyle magazine.

High End Archipelago

As it is the usual practice of the high-end manufacturer Archipelago, four pitch-black candles are hand poured. This is done with the intention to gain a superior product and to prevent eventual flaws. To achieve recognizable quality, candles are made of the highest quality ingredients and top available fragrance oils. Therefore, seven tenths of the premium wax blend consists of natural soy wax. By doing so, Archipelago insured a clean burn which will protect the consumers, by eliminating harmful toxins that can be found in an inferior scented candle.

Black Forrest Composition

Archipelago Black Forrest Gift SetAs it names suggests, Archipelago’s Black Forrest scented candle set is comprised of four votive size candles. Each of four black luxury candles from the set weighs 2oz. They are two inches high and have diameters of a half of an inch. Each of the four candles from the marvelous Black Forest Set is made to burn for 18 hours. Therefore, the set has the potential to enchant you up to three days, providing that u light the candles consecutively. If you, however, prefer to have the entire set lit and if you desire a combined pleasantness of four premium scented candles, you will be treating yourself with almost an entire day of complete bliss and enjoyment.

Archipelago – Black Forest 4 Piece Candle Votive Set, a lovely blend of Douglas fir, ebony wood and a slight hint of black currant is available for $50. The quartet of scented candles is a part of the Black Forest collection, devised by the luxury U.S. brand Archipelago. The collection includes three more products with the same title and spirit. Those are Black Forest Reed Diffuser, Soy Candle and a Travel Tin.

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High End Candle Review – Jonathan Adler Peace Studded Candle

Posted by on Mar 27 2016 | candles - news and reviews, jonathan adler candles

Jonathan Adler Peace CandleA true master of its craft is always able to create an extraordinary product whose production is executed to perfection. Furthermore, the vast knowledge and talent that such a person possess, enables them to offer an item that is more than an ordinary product. Though it is sometimes not easy to detect it immediately, these exceptional individuals, who are guided by their unique visions of the field they belong to, are able to simultaneously convey a message and offer a feeling that can never be matched with the one you get when you buy just another product.

Jonathan Adler – Renown Designer

One of those people is certainly Jonathan Adler, a renowned American designer who became glorious for his amazing interior designs with distinctive “happy chic” approach. The immense success he achieved enabled the New Jersey-born designer to transfer his trademark approach to the world of scented candles. Once again, Adler was able to design glamorous and seductive products. As expected, Jonathan Adler Candles shared the extraordinary qualities that show his dedication to “bring style, craft, joy, and a general feeling of grooviness to your home”.

Voluptuous Combination

The latest addition to the company’s selection of high-end items, Jonathan Adler Peace Studded 3 Wick Candle, is a very good example of that. It is a voluptuous combination of sensual scents presented in a stylish and unusual packaging. The prevailing fragrance in the mixture is the delicate smell of wild jasmine flowers. The glamorous candle also contains a multitude of additional scents which are used to further enrich its high-end aroma. The first among the slight additions is the pearl from the East, intensely aromatic cardamom which is renowned for its resinous smell and which is for its exceptional qualities used in various cuisines and traditional medicine. The next one is a familiarly marvelous hint of fresh basil. The scrumptious mixture also contains a dash of lemony fresh aroma of Litsea Cubeba, an evergreen tree.

Flowery Combination

The amazing flowery combination is additionally made irresistible due to the certain dozens of wild orchid and jasmine sambac. To insure the creation of an unparalleled mixture that is bound to please all those who cherish olfactory masterpieces, Jonathan Adler chose to top it all off with the dashes of mate leaves cedarwood, verbena and white amber.

The three wick candle by the famous designer weighs 15 oz; it has 5.5″ in diameter and is 3’’ tall. This amount of wax enables you to cherish its enchanting scent for 75 hours, or more than three whole days. The luxury scented candle with the price tag of $125 is presented in a classy blue and gold packaging with a clearly visible peace symbol.

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The Most Intriguing Scented Candles for 2016

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Terre d'Epices (Land Of Spices) CandleAt the start of 2016, we have decided to make a list of luxury candles we think that have the potential to be very sought after in the following twelve months. The list of recommendations was put together after the careful deliberation and our main intention was to pick distinguished products that would please candle aficionados with various preferences. Some of the scented candles we chose are among the best selling products at Candle Delirium. However, it was not our intention to predict the most successful sellers. It is simply a suggestion for all the candle enthusiasts who will, without any doubt, be able to find the scent that suits them best, even without our help.

Smoky Aromas

At the beginning, we would like to turn your attention to the very popular product from Archipelago Botanicals. The lovely product dubbed Havana Candle has an unusual smoky aroma that combines the delicate and exotic smells of bergamot oranges, tropical ylang-ylang plants and of course, Cuban tobacco leaf to validate its name and to give it an undoubted association with the capital of Cuba. Made only from the very finest ingredients, the Havana candle comes in various sizes in order to please different preferences. It is the brand’s best selling item.

From the Caribbean to France

After the Caribbean, let us move to France to discover another high quality product that utilizes enticing fragrance of bergamot. It is Terre d’Epices (Land of Spices) Candle, fashioned by the Parisian designer Herve Gambs. His fiery mixture combines bergamot with sweetness provided by the base of liquorice wood, heavy and dominating patchouli. At the end, everything is topped with the touch of amber, in order to get a nice, unmatched and “intimate olfactive experience”.

Citrus Options

The next candle on our list is an incredible seductive and citrusy product – Orange Pop Candle by Jonathan Adler. The lovely fusion of garden fragrances puts together mouth-watering and ripe Mandarin oranges and papayas and blends them with the hints of Clementine, lemon water and lush greens. This hand-poured candle comes in an unusual and reusable orange vessel, as it is expected for a product that is named Orange Pop.

Sweet N Spicy

After the fruity candle, the next of our recommendations is the sweet and spicy synthesis – Pineapple Ginger Candle by Archipelago. The wax blend used in the luxury candle was created with the most quality of ingredients, and is comprised of more than 70 percent of natural soya wax.

Herbal Mixtures

Another similarly inspired product is Pomegranate Sage Candle by Aquisse. Apart from the luscious fruit that is mentioned in the name of the sophisticated candle, it also utilizes the touches of patchouli, green sage and teak. This seductive product is made exclusively out of the soy wax, and with organic soybean oil (which will many of you probably find very pleasing), as well as with lead-free wicks.

Creamy Delight

If you want to go in the slightly different direction, we suggest creamy and delightful French Bourbon Vanille Candle by Voluspa. Made entirely out of rich smell of vanilla from Bourbon, France (you were wrong if you though it smells of alcohol), it is a nostalgic product that will take you back in time to treasured memories from your past.


At the end, we would also like to bring your intention to another provocatively named candle by the experts of intrigue – A Scent of Scandal. The product in question is Gansta Candle that exudes the aroma of firewood and gives a slight additional touch of, believe it or not, gunpowder. The hand-poured innovative product is made entirely from soya wax.

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