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Rosy Rings Scented Candles

Posted by on Feb 27 2013 | rosy rings candles

The story about Rosy Rings Candles is the best proof that you do not need anything special for a real success, as long as you possess passion, creativity and a good idea. What started in the basement as an experimental hobby, some 15 years ago, turned out into the serious manufacturing of high-end scented candles, followed by the exceptional quality which is recognized in almost every part of the United States. Each available in a signature craft box and made from recycled materials, Rosy Rings Candles feature natural wax blends, delicately combined with a wide variety of essential oils and high quality fragrances.

Rosy Rings Botanical Blackberry Fig CandleMany things have been changing rapidly for this Denver based candlemaker, but basic work principles stay unchanged. Despite the fact that we are living in the time of mass production, each particular process in the manufacturing of a single candle is done by hands, which requires two entire days of working. However, the patient and complex production is the only true guarantee of a high-end quality that Rosy Rings Candles definitely possess.

Each brand’s Botanical Candle (which is actually two candles coupled into one) contains a proprietary blend of refined paraffin, soy wax, beeswax and a great dose of aromatic oils. A Botanical candle comes in a stylish amber glass vessel, with the weight of 17.5 oz. and provides amazing 85 hours of burning time.

Furthermore, this relatively young candlemaker provides a number of wonderful scented candles in small Apothecary Jars. These delicious products contain 100 percent natural soy wax blends, as well as cotton wicks. They are available in two sizes – the petit one with the weight of 2 oz. gives about 15 hours of joy, while the 9 oz. candle ensures 50 hours of burning time.

There is a great selection of delicate fragrances, from flowers and fruit to assorted fauna. Thus, Rosy Rings Botanica Anjou Pear Candle comes with a delicious sweet aroma of a French fruit tart, as it is just taken out of the oven. If you prefer the flavor of fresh fruits, there is a Botanica Blackberry Fig Candle, offering the uplifting summer blend of figs, blackberry, peaches, complemented with soft floral notes, balsam, crushed clove and tonka bean.

For the lovers of the authentic atmosphere around campfires, Rosy Rings created a Botanica Cinnamon Piñon Candle that combines smoky aromas of cedarwood, patchouli, oranges, musk, sandalwood, amber, cinnamon and clove. A Botanica Forest Candle brings the fresh kick from an evergreen forest. This complex blend combines flavors of a soft moss, pine needles, red cedar, canopy and dewy ferns, underlines with hints of citron, golden raspberry and ginger. Off course, there are a lot more beautiful fragrances from Rosy Rings Candles that you can enjoy. With very affordable prices, these eco-friendly products seem like great choices for this spring.

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Powerful Scents Can Really Make You Happier

Posted by on Feb 20 2013 | scented candles

Most of us rush through life, overlooking the importance of little things which are all around us, while desperately waiting for something big and significant to happen. The truth is that those seemingly little things, if we recognize them and utilize them fully, will awake an enormous power within us, which then can be used for crucial changes of our internal world. This is a story about them, about flower in your office, alluring scented candle in your room, about pets, about a beautiful picture or a meaningful quote attached to the wall right above your computer. Each of them can seriously increase the quality of your being. Even if you are skeptical, it does not cost much giving them a chance to fulfill their purpose.

Nature gives us plenty of reasons to be happy and to feel alive. However, if you are one of us, one of billons people who do not have that privilege of spending a lot of time outside overcrowded cities and enjoying beautiful spectacles, sounds and fragrances of nature, do not despair. You still have a choice to surround yourself with those little pointers which will attach you with inner strength and aliveness, during critical moments when everyday responsibilities and stressful situations bring the burden of weakness and anxiety.

Buy a plant. During everyday activities, we often get lost in doing, thinking, analyzing, projecting, remembering… Most of these processes are problematic and stressful, or more precisely, we are those who make problems of them. This is why it is necessary taking as many breaks as it is possible, in order to retain strength and inner piece. The good news is that you do not need special conditions to get the quick rest from problems. You just need something to divert your attention from them, for example, a plant or a flower on your worktable. Whenever we bring the attention to anything natural, we become more aware of the present moment, our minds stop working for a while, and we become relaxed and livelier.

Refresh your inner space with a room spray or a scented candle. The sense of smell is by far the strongest of our senses. It can detect thousands of different fragrances which forever stay inwrought in man’s memory. Devine natural scents are capable to calm a mind, relax a body and uplift the energy. High-end scented candles, room sprays and diffusers can be great substitutes in case you do not have a garden or a park near the house. They can fulfill your personal space with the most refined aromatic blends which, depending on your preferences, can be based on floral, herbal, woodsy or spicy flavors.

Find a pet. Just like a plant, pets can be great guides to our real nature, to our inner energy fields. Cats, dogs, fish, turtles, all these little creatures show us a true beauty and the simplicity of being. If we start learning those simple truths from them, we will soon find ourselves enjoying more and complaining less.

Art inspires and motivates. Products of the human creativity and pieces of art are also pretty useful tools for sensing connection with the body and soul. Thus, surround yourself with artworks or your favorite quotes which can inspire, motivate, lift you up and set free all your capacities.

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High-End Candles and Scents for 2013 Valentine’s Day – Part Two

Posted by on Feb 11 2013 | Valentine's Day

With the Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is the last moment for choosing gifts that will be your perfect love messengers. We promised yet another list of high-end scented candles which can speed up your decision. Specially designed for the upcoming festive of love, they are powerful symbols of passion, attraction and romance, but at the same time, they represent stylishness, good taste and exceptional quality. Besides, they are kinds of products that look expensive, but actually, most of them are pretty affordable. Thus, if you are searching for an extraordinary present, highlighted by the most delicate natural fragrances, you should check these little tips for a true scented candle aficionado.

Thymes Kimono CandleAlong with its artistically inspired design that can enhance any home decor, Thymes Kimono Rose candle brings us a unique blend of feminine flavors to provide 60 hours of exceptional pleasure. If you want to amaze your beloved one with a beautiful aroma of sweet clementine, combined with voluptuous cassis, satiny rose, peony and jasmine petals and then finished with a touch of vanilla, do not hesitate to purchase this high-end product for the price of $27.

Although it is hard to believe, there is even more affordable hi-quality candle. It is Archipelago Paramour Jar Candle with the solid burning-time of 60 hours, available for just $17.50. Its seductive and uplifting mixture of pomegranate, papaya and mango aromas is design to transport loving couple to a wonderful exotic destination, while its elegant apothecary style glass and striking red color provide an extraordinary visual effect.

If you are planning a special home dinner, scented candles can be great assistants in making cozy and warm atmosphere. Perfect for the romantic nights, Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower Candle will fill up your personal space with a powerful grassy floral fragrance, representing a tempting harmony among arctic river flower, boronia, apple blossom and moonflower. For the extra pleasure, this luxury candle, available for $38, comes topped with scented petals which will also bring the wonderful natural flavor into your home.

Finally, if you wish to surprise your beloved one with the entire set of amazing candles, we recommend Belle Fleur’s Petite Trio Floral Collection Candle Gift Set which consists of the renowned brand’s best-selling Floral scented products – White Orchid Tea, Orange Blossom Pomegranate and Jasmine Verbena candles, each providing minimum 25 hours of burning time. Packed in a special faux-wood box, this great compilation costs $78.

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