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High-End Candles and Scents for 2013 Valentine’s Day – Part One

Posted by on Jan 20 2013 | Valentine's Day

Belle Fleur Immortelle Rose CandleWhen it comes to love, there are million original ways of expressing emotions. However, unless you are competing for “the Coolest Message of Love” title, the most important question should be whether a message will be understood properly. Thus, if you think it is too soon for a ring, if flowers and card are not enough or if the writing love graffiti on the roof of a city hall seems too risky, luxury scented candles could be a perfect Valentine’s gift. They are powerful symbols of love, they look very sophisticated and finally, they will provide hours of pleasure for both of you.

Each year, ahead of the Valentine’s Day, we come up with a few hints for those who are still searching for perfect gifts for their loved ones. The choice of high-end candles that are specially created for this festive of love seems more impressive than ever before, so carefully pick the ideal fragrance, having on mind that each scent has the different effect on our senses. Let us start with the most refined aromas of rose which is another infinite symbol of love, passion and romance. Carefully combined with other delicate fragrances and infused into high quality natural waxes, it can be that special ingredient for the perfect romantic night.

For the Valentine’s Day, Voluspa prepared a thrilling blend of luxury aroma of Brut Rose Champagne, cassis and beautiful floral scent derived from white rose petals. Along with the classy design, inspired by the rich luster of Vermeil Silver, a Champagne Rose Candle is a pretty nice gift, available for just $24. Another high-end candlemaker, Votivo comes with a Rush of Rose Candle, offering a sensational explosion of refreshing Damascus rose buds flavor, subtly followed by light, watery and woodsy notes. This affordable luxury with the burning time of 60 hours costs $26.

If you look for something more expensive, there are several remarkable candles with the prices of over $60. By providing a sensual floral note highlighted by the very rare fragrant oil from the petals of the centifolia rose, Belle Fleur’s Rose Immortelle Candle brings the intimate atmosphere to the higher level. Beside the divine aroma of Egyptian rose, you can also enjoy a complex blend of hyacinth, jasmine, orris, galbanum, cedar wood, amber and mint. Poured into a soft purple see through vessel and presented in an exquisite gift box, this can be an extraordinary gift for your beloved one.

Specially for the Valentine’s day, Diptyque comes with a Limited Edition of its Rose Duet Candle with a double layer which goes from roses on the top to baies on the bottom. In the middle, these wonderful fragrances are mixed together for the unique experience. This is just a little hint for all of you who want to share your love with some very special person. Soon we will come with more recommendations.

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Natural Choice – Aquiesse White and Black Currents Candles

Posted by on Jan 12 2013 | aquiesse candles

If you get tired of old fragrances or just want to refresh your scented candle collection, there is a number of interesting new arrivals that can be a perfect choice for this winter. From the heart of California, there comes a great selection of high-end products, signed by the master of candlemaking – Aquiesse.

Black Coco Havana CandleInspired by the beauty of nature, these eco-friendly candles from two luxury collections (the White Currents and the Black Currents) will warm you up with their delicate spicy and woodsy notes. Or you will rather let healing herbal aromas to calm your body and mind? This is not all that Aquiesse candles offer. They can also show you power of the ocean and give you the opportunity to deeply inhale refreshing forest air. Thus, do not hesitate to go over this cool range of luxury product and maybe you will find something special either for a gift or for the personal use.

The Californian candlemaker made sure that each product contains only the purest natural waxes, ensuring clean burning and perfectly balanced fragrance throw. After years of development, it produced a proprietary wax blend derived from organic soy beans, coconuts and other natural oils. Thus, you can be pretty relaxed when it comes to the quality of Aquiesse’s White Currents and Black Currents candles. Besides, they are very affordable. For example, each candle poured in a small stylish glass, with the burning time of 45 hours, costs $22. A large one with the stunning burn time of 100 hours is available for $36, while for just $5, you can purchase a travel tin candle that will provide 20 hours of joy.

Aquiesse White Coral Musk Small Candle with its delicate blend of beach sage, jasmine flower, white coral and ocean woods, certainly is one of the best choices for this winter. Another must have Aquiesse’s product is a White Ginger Lily Small Candle, offering a warm, spicy blend of lime, exotic lily, ginger blossom, white tea and musk. For the lovers of floral scents, I recommend Aquiesse White Iris & Vetiver Small Candle and its relaxing mixture of bergamot, iris flower, vanilla and musk fragrances.

The range of Black Currents Candles is even more versatile. There is a wonderful herbal mixture of blackberry, sage, black tea, cognac and golden amber, presented through Aquiesse Black Tea & Cognac Small Candle. Seductive interaction among fresh pomegranate, patchouli, dark amber and warm musk from a Black Currant Patchouli Small Candle will most probably warm you up and than, if you wish a calming effect, Aquiesse Black Orchid Small Candle with a dark floral combination of black orchid, orange blossom, night rose and dark musk will do its job perfectly. Finally, for a thrilling atmosphere of a tropical island, there is a Black Coco Havana Candle with an exotic fragrance derived from tobacco, clary sage, black cocoa and vanilla bean.

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