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Agraria Candles and Diffusers Make the Rainbow of Fragrances

Posted by on Jul 30 2012 | agraria candles

Agraria - Balsam Crystal Petite CandleAgraria Candles and Diffusers are the popular, high-end products of the American’s oldest and largest luxury home fragrance company, discovered back in 1970, in San Francisco, when Henri Bendel’s director, Geraldine Stutz, got impressed with the brand’s trademark – Bitter Orange Potpourri. Actually, Stutz was impressed so much that he immediately helped Agraria’s founders to promote their amazing fragrances. Or should I say, he helped people to find out about this great brand. The business quickly expanded, firstly throughout the United States and later, Agraria Candles and Diffusers became recognizable all over the globe. As the New York Times reported, “the woodsy blend from San Francisco turned up in half the living rooms on Park Avenue.”

The same scents, that New Yorkers were crazy about back in 1970s, can be still found today. There is nothing retro about it. It is simply the fact that the perfection does not need to be changed at all. And Agraria still knows how to make some perfect blends of fragrances. Beside that Bitter Orange scent that comes both as a candle and a diffuser, there is another brand’s signature fragrance – a famous Balsam. Today, we can also enjoy beautiful Cedar Rose candles and diffusers, as well as Lemon Verbena, Lavender and Rosemary, Lime and Orange Blossoms and Mediterranean Jasmine.

Visually, these beautifully designed products represent the entire palette of rainbow colors. Agraria candles come in gorgeous Petite Crystal Canes, with a smaller 3.4 oz. size that provides 25+ hours of burning time. Each of them is beautified with the Agraria crest and a gorgeous silver plated lid. What you can see is just a little hint about what comes from the inside of the crystal glass. It is the amazing richness of fragrances that really has power to fill up your personal space with joy and tranquility.

Thus, with Agraria Balsam Crystal Petite Candle, you will get a stunning blend of aromas that includes the essence of a sweet balsam, Californian redwood, a hint of French sage and the bouquet of white flowers. This refreshing and luscious combination has been recognized by the American Society of Perfumers as the Best Home Fragrance in 2005.

Wile Agraria’s Balsam gives the most during spring, Bitter Orange seems like the perfect fragrance for hot summer days. Uplifting, mysterious and androgynous in its appeal, Bitter Orange candles and diffusers combine waves of clove, the zest of bitter orange and just a touch of cypress. Another uplifting scent comes with Agraria Lime & Orange Blossoms Crystal Petite Candle which, beside the refreshing fragrances of lime and orange blossoms, charms with a beauty of night-blooming sampaguita, honeysuckle and jasmine. From the background, there comes a subtle touch of amber woods, smoky patchouli and oak moss.

Each Agraria’s scent comes both as a candle and a diffuser. For every single product, the famous home fragrance company has provided natural, high-quality ingredients: Its candles are made of soft, vegetable-based waxes, while diffusers use natural essential oils, with no fillers or alcohol.

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Little Tips for Scented Candle Lovers

Posted by on Jul 24 2012 | scented candles

True joy and happiness rather depend on the way you do things than on the things you do. Thus, a magical moment can be increased and prolonged just by taking care of little details that look unimportant at the first glance, but instead, they are crucial for the complete pleasure that each of us is searching for. That is why we come with this simple guide that may help you to take the most of your favorite scanted candles.

Always choose high-end scented candles. Beautiful fragrance is a soul of every scented candle, but first thing that you should check before you buy a candle is a structure. Make sure that a candle contains natural, high quality ingredients that are safe both for you and the environment. Candles with clean burning soy wax and all-natural, lead-free wicks should be a perfect choice. The soft wax liquefies rapidly and allows optimum diffusion of the flavor, while a quality wick keeps air in your room clean. Although they look and smell great in the store, some low-cost candles may contain lead wicks and chemical fillers, as well as wax that melts unevenly and quickly stays without desirable fragrances.

It is easier with a candle lighter. My first experience with a scented candle was a little bit painful, since I considered buying a candle lighter as something totally unnecessary. At first, matches or fluid lighter had done a job perfectly, until reaching a wick became impossible without pushing a hand into an elegant candle glass. Finally, I successfully lighted a candle, but also burned the skin on my fingers. For those who are not ultra skilful with a classic lighter, I highly recommend some of the nicely designed candle lighters as the first useful item that you will appreciate to have near a luxury candle.

Trim and clean a wick. Black smoke and soot were pretty irritating from time to time, but only after my candle had started to burn unevenly and drip, ruining the perfect, stabile light and aesthetic, I decided to take out scissors and trim a wick. For the perfect burning, it should not be longer than ¼ of an inch. For perfectionists, there are special wick trimmers, created to help you trim wicks safely and precisely (long handles ensure you don’t get near the flame).

Pick a candle location carefully. Not only this is a safety issue; position of a candle in a room also affects a quality of fragrance diffusion. To be totally relaxed, make sure you place a candle on a solid metal or glass surface, away from walls, curtains, books, papers, and other flammable objects. In order to ensure optimal diffusion, the ideal location for your candle is at half-height.

Snuffers can be pretty stylish. Unless it is your birthday, do not blow on candles. Putting it out with a snuffer seams much cooler. Besides, by simply covering a flame with a snuffer (usually shaped like little bells), you will avoid excessive combustion, which means that unnecessary smoke and soot will not undermine divine aromas of your intimate space. In order to keep the richness of the scent contained in wax, you can leave a snuffer cap on a candle, as soon as wax gets cold.

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Antica Farmacista Candles and Diffusers

Posted by on Jul 18 2012 | antica farmacista

Antica Farmacista is a U.S. based company, renowned by the finest fragrances for home and body whose purity and strength leave a long-lasting effect and a hard desire to be experienced once again. Among the brand’s products that are capable to change the ambiance in your personal space, there is a remarkable range of scanted candles and diffusers which charm with both, unique combinations of aromas and exquisite designs that can easily match any type of home decor.

Antica Farmacista - Vanilla Bourbon Mandarin CandleThanks to the most sophisticated technology, Antica Farmacista Candles reach the highest standards of the luxury candle industry, while the amazing creativity of the brand’s founders makes these home ambiance products truly unique and desirable. Each of them is made of a premium, clean burning soy/paraffin wax blend with all-natural, lead-free wicks, which provides long-lasting burning time and clear, strong flame (approximately 60 hours).

Each fragrance is derived from essential oils and natural ingredients of the greatest quality whose intriguing blends result in something very unexpected and wonderful. First on the ‘must have’ list is the Antica Farmacista Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin 8oz Candle that ensures a divine, vanilla-based flavor. After a charming kick of sweet and warm vanilla, this high-end candle will fill up your personal space with a crisp full-bodied citrus fragrance from a mandarin of Sicily. Rounded up with a spicy essence of bourbon, it worms up, seduces and inspires at the same time.

Those who prefer a bright, captivating floral notes, will not regret if they try out remarkable Antica Farmacista Orange Blossom, Lilac & Jasmine Candle. These fascinating scents of Spring are nicely followed with the citrus notes of mandarin and lemon. This is not all. Users with sensitive senses will fill a nice, subtle hint of vanilla musk.

For lovers of dry and woody fragrance, there is a sophisticated Sandalwood Amber Candle, while moments of relaxation and stillness come together with a seductive aroma of Lavender & Lime Blossom Candle. The most authentic Antica Farmacista’s product is a Prosecco (Champagne) Candle that brings an extraordinary mix of flavors. Top notes of Satsuma citrus are balanced with a floral aroma of muguet, while apricot and passion fruit match perfectly with the sweetness of sugared black currant.

Beside its high-end expertise in making scented candles, Antica Farmacista Home Ambiance Fragrance is renowned by extra-quality diffusers. Inspired by antique apothecary bottles, filled with natural fragrances, Antica Farmacista Diffusers use the famous reed concept that significantly increases scent diffusion. Placed into a bottle, white birch reeds absorb fragrance and release it around the space. This great product is another original way to fragrance and decorate home, so if you want to feel beautiful aromas without lighting a candle, Antica Farmacista offers you a perfect solution.

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High End Candle Review – LAFCO created the Ski House (Feu de Bois) 3 Mini Candle Set

Posted by on Jul 13 2012 | lafco candles

Celebrating a quality life, LAFCO developed a unique candle collection which has a power to evoke the perfect atmosphere from a house of your dreams. Weather this house is already a part of your reality or just a sweet fantasy, LAFCO Dream Home Candle Collection will make you feel relaxed and comfortable wherever you are. Could it be a beautiful ski house?

LAFCO Skihouse CandleAlthough it is time for summer vocations and most of you fantasize about a perfect holiday at either a beach, a country or a lake house (which are, as a matter of fact, also covered with LAFCO Dream Home Candle), there are lots of people who search for a quick refreshment, by evoking ambience from the perfect ski vacation. For that particular purpose, LAFCO created the Ski House (Feu de Bois) 3 Mini Candle Set, a high-end product that provides a unique mix of crisp, crystal mountain air and the unmistakable fragrance of a cedar log fire. At the end, there is an additional touch of evergreen fir, a wonderful flavor of pure nature that will automatically transcend you into a luxurious alpine lodge.

The Ski House (Feu de Bois) 3 Mini Candle Set includes three hand-blown glass vessels (2.75″ X 2.75″), with the total weight of 15oz. Each mini candle provides 25+ hours of burn time. Since all LAFCO scented candles comprise 100 percent cotton wicks, soy-based ingredients and clean burning, eco-friendly waxes, it is clear that your home will be filled up with high quality fragrances that are blended with special attention, in order to convey an idyllic mountain atmosphere, as close as it is possible.

This pretty cool concept that the luxury watchmaker developed some 20 years ago, immediately became the worldwide trend which is still maintained among scented candle lovers. The opportunity of letting your imagination flow freely with every single breath you take is something that really should not be missed.

Beside their exceptional scented effect, the LAFCO Dream Home Candle Collection includes products that are highly valued by their sophisticated designs. Each of them indicates the story and destination where the extraordinary blend of flavors is going to take you. With its gentle white color, the Ski House (Feu de Bois) 3 Mini Candle Set nicely depicts snowy mountain’s picks. Devine beauty is not far away. LAFCO’s luxury set is available for $85. If you want the same scent in a different package, there is a 16 oz candle with the amazing 90+ hours of burn time, available for $55.

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