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Bestselling Scented Candles – Fragrances that Cannot be Missed

Posted by on Jun 27 2012 | scented candles

After so many scented candles being tasted and enjoyed, I could hardly say which my favorite fragrance or a candle is. Choosing the favorite brand is also an impossible mission. At least, I could come up with my top five candlemakers list. However, it is much easier to detect what customers like. Just take a look at our TOP 40 best-selling candles and fragrances list and maybe you will get a useful hint what should be the next amazing scent to fill up your personal space.

Nest Holiday Classic CandleIn this post, we are analyzing what makes these products be ahead of thousands remarkable high-end candles on the market. Including the number one – Nest Holiday Classic Candle, we have three products of this stunning brand in the first five. The most frequent in top 20 are the renowned candlemakers Tocca and Trapp with its Orange Vanilla #4 Candle as the second bestseller.

There are lots of obvious reasons that make Nest Fragrances so popular. First of all, there is an impeccable reputation of its founder and CEO, Laura Slatkin, who sells brand’s products. Known as the queen of home fragrances, this remarkable lady has developed one of the leading companies in the business that works with more than 50 world-class brands, while creating its own high-end products. In 2009, the brand’s scented candle collection won the 2009 FiFi Award – the Oscars of the fragrance industry – for “Interior Scent Collection of the Year.” If you are in the store and cannot pick one of thousands tempting products, this award should be a pretty clear recommendation.

In this moment, Nest Holiday Candles are absolute hit, starting with the bestselling Holiday Classic. The Holiday Votive is on the forth place of our bestselling product list, while the Holiday 3-Wick Candle takes the 6th place. Each of them brings the exotic flavors of a sparkling holiday season, including pomegranate, Mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber.

Trapp - Orange Vanilla #4 CandleSince it is the most frequent name on the list, it seems that Trapp Candle brand produces fragrances that create a long-lasting impression. Whoever used Trapp’s candles, had to be thrilled with the power of their scents. At the moment, the most wanted product of this stunning candlemaker is the Orange Vanilla #4 Candle, special by the refreshing crisp orange notes elevated by the exquisite addition of Tahitian vanilla. Trapp Fresh Cut Tuberose candle is another must-have. A tropical white flower with an intense, heady floral fragrance is the perfect bland for the summer. Other Trapp’s bestsellers are Patchouli Sandalwood and Bob’s Flower Shoppe candles, as well as a Mediterranean Fig candle.

Tocca Stella CandleDelirium, Archipelago, Seda France, Thymes and Tocca are also brands whose products find the place in the top ten of bestselling products. What distinguishes Tocca from others is the pretty smart concept of connecting a particular fragrance or a blend of aromas with a classic movie icon or character, such as Agent 007, Rodolfo, Cleopatra, Sofia, Fellini, Giuliette, and Grace. They all convey the romantic connotations synonymous with the Tocca name, but more importantly, these easy-remembering names can quickly awake desire for already experienced flavors. Some brand’s candles inspired by movie legends are among the most sought after products on the market. However, the brand’s bestselling product is an amazing Tocca Stella Candle, renowned by a slightly sweet, never bitter and always fresh scent of blood orange. Another must-have product of this luxury candlemaker is a Tocca Feu de Touch with the brand’s signature scent – a fruity-floral accord with the notes of gardenia, pomegranate and Egyptian balsam.

Delirium and Archipelago CandlesDo not miss a magical Delirium Suede & Smoke candle that brings an unbelievable mix of tobacco leaves, moss, papaya, lapsangsouchong dark tea and green manda, which promises something verry similar to the brand’s name. And for the quick, refreshing touch of nature, we strongly recommend Archipelago Black Forest candle. Besides, we soon expect some of the stunning Ecoya high-end candles to enter the bestselling list.

Votivo Red Currant CandleThis prestigious list would not be complete without remarkable Votivo candles. Interior designers who need to create appealing atmosphere know that Votivo candles can transform a personal space. Their high-end quality has been already recognized by many celebrities and it looks that our customers also highly appreciate the brand’s unique production concept, the naturalness of the most versatile fragrances and sophisticated design. Votivo’s bestseller is a Honeysuckle candle that bring back youthful days with the true nectar of the rambling Honeysuckle blossoms.

The majority of luxury candles meet the highest standards, such as the extraordinary richness of fragrances, long-lasting burning time, a clean, gentle glow and natural, eco-friendly contexture. Modern design and fancy packaging are also common things that you can always count on, when it comes to the top end candle brands. However, there are special moments when our senses detect something really special, a divine blend of aromas that we may want to taste every-day. Than, we can keep experimenting with other fragrances, but those must-haves will always be close to the hand and a lighter (Luminere Candle Lighter is the number 3 bestselling product on our list) to bring wonderful moments of joy and relaxation.

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Jason Wu Orchid Rain Candle by Nest Fragrances

Posted by on Jun 20 2012 | nest candles

Nest Jason Wu Orchid Rain CandleOnce again, the queen of scented candles, Laura Slatkin, has found the perfect partner for yet another remarkable product of NEST Fragrances. By collaborating with the world’s famous fashion designer, Jason Wu, NEST created Orchid Rain Candle whose strong flavor will certainly be one of the season’s favorites. Perfectly representing Wu’s feminine design aesthetics, the healing floral scent comes in the divine harmony with the exotic fruity note.

Since floral scents play an important role in Jason Wu’s creations, the renowned designer chose rare, white Cattleya orchids to give a dominant touch to the magnificent blend of fragrances. Behind the distressing floral scent of Jason Wu Orchid Rain Candle, there is a refreshing fruity note of nashi pear, pomegranate and goji berry flavors. The absolute delight comes with a blond birchwood and hints of pink pepper and coconut.

Creating such a great harmony of so many different aromas should be a true mastery, but Nest Fragrances had a perfect man for this job. They hired the master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel who had built the remarkable reputation by developing scents for some of the top brands. This time, his work is highlighted by Nest’s “know how” in making the high-end candles, as well as by the Jason Wu’s decoration on the porcelain candle vessel and the classic soft gray paper box. The milky-white vessel is beautified with the Wu’s signature gray, black, and white floral petal print with a light bisque finish. Besides, the Orchid Rain candle is topped with a stylish, gold-plated lid.

Every product of this luxury home fragrance manufacturer is made of natural, eco-friendly soy waxes that ensure clear and long-lasting burning. Jason Wu’s Orchid Rain candle is not an exception. It has the weight of 8.1 oz. and provides 50+ hours of burning.

Working with Laura Slatkin and her talented team was a great pleasure for Jason Wu who is a big brand’s fan. The founder of NEST Fragrances also highly appreciates the unique experience: “While reading a feature article about Jason Wu last February, I was delighted to learn that his favorite scented candles are from NEST Fragrances. After exchanging notes with Jason, I learned that he was very serious about home fragrances, which led us to this collaboration. Having worked closely with Jason on this project, I have come to respect his tireless work ethic, boundless creativity, and genuine kindness. He is a true visionary and a very special person”, said Laura Slatkin.

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Ecoya Candles – The Nature of Your Home

Posted by on Jun 15 2012 | ecoya candles

Ecoya Botanicals Midnight Orchid CandleJust when I start believing that there is nothing more to be found in the amazing world of high-end scented candles, when I am finally about to mark my favorite fragrance or the perfect blend of enchanting aromas for everyday use, a master candle-maker shows up with a unique concept and opens my senses with the new and unexplored. There are myriads of technologies and materials, capable to bring pleasure and moments of relaxation in our personal space. Those that completely stay in line with nature are always the first choice. This is exactly what classifies the Ecoya Candles among the most desirable home fragrance products on the market.

Based on the idea of making home fragrance and body care products simply by using only the purest essences and flavors of nature, the Australian company Ecoya has quickly reached the worldwide popularity. The Hungarian immigrant family that found the company did not have any problems to find the most beautiful and the rarest fragrances for its high end products. Located on the shores of Botany Bay, Ecoya is literary in the center of the botanical haven. While exploring this area, back in 1770, an English naturalist and botanist Sir Joseph Banks catalogued hundreds of rich botanicals. Most of them are still at the same place, being the inexhaustible source for Ecoya’s scented candles and other home fragrance products.

Ecoya Coral & Narcissus CandleIn my opinion, the reach flavors of Ecoya Candles are typical flavors of late spring and summer. It is so nice that some of them remind me of the fragrance from my modest garden, while others make me imagining wonderful flourish landscapes of Botany Bay. And there is nothing to ruin the moment of complete relaxation. Each of the brand’s candles is hand made from soy wax, while its wick is made of pure lead-free cotton. Thus, no smoke will pollute my personal space.

If I have to choose, scented candles from the special Ecoya Botanical Collection would be a small favorite, mostly because of amazing blends that come with the Lilac & White Oleander Metro Jar Candle and especially with the Midnight Orchid Metro Jar Candle. While the first blend of charming and appealing water Lily, orange blossom, cucumber and oleander upon a base of birch leaf and musk is created to calm and distress, the second one is made to seduce and warm up. Its sensual fragrance of black orchid is infused with African violet, muguet, rose, white musk and amber, which is completely delighting.

Hand poured into contemporary glass jars, all candles from the collection weigh 9.5 oz. and provide 55 hours of burn time. Each candle is available for $35, which is true affordable luxury for your home.

Candles from the classic Ecoya Collection in the same size as those from the Botanical Collection are even more affordable. Hand poured into a contemporary glass vessel made of sand, soda ash and lime, they are available for $29 each. Do not miss Ecoya Wild Frangipani Metro Jar Candle that brings the strong aroma of wonderful Asian bloom, or my favorite uplifting fragrance blend, packed into Ecoya Botanicals Coral & Narcissus Metro Jar Candle.

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Malin & Goetz Candles

Posted by on Jun 13 2012 | malin & goetz candles

Malin & Goetz - Dark Rum CandleBy modernizing traditional apothecary and fragrance concepts, Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz have developed a remarkable line of products, including face, body and hair care products, as well as eau de toilettes, scanted candles and hand-poured perfume oils. Launched in March 1, 2004, in New York’s trendy Chelsea neighborhood, as an e-commerce website, Malin & Goetz has quickly grown into the renowned apothecary and perfumery house that smartly synthesized advanced technologies with natural botanicals.

The highly successful system that greatly simplified body care, hair care and skincare treatments, served as the perfect guideline of all Malin & Goetz’s works. That is why natural, plant-based aromas keep being signs of distinction for all of the brand’s products, including luxury scented candles that combine the most sensual fragrances with a natural wax and a minimalist design.

By offering the earth-friendly mix of beeswax, vegetable and soy waxes, as well as a metal free, cotton wick, Malin & Goetz scented candles are welcomed in every environment. With these high-end products, you can count on a clean, gentle glow and long-lasting burning time. Packed in the modern looking, emblemed frosted glass, each 9 oz. candle will provide you at least 60 hours of pleasure.

Speaking about their fragrances, we can give you just a hint. The true information about the amazing richness of scents that always stays in wonderful harmony with nature can only be received through the sense of smell. However, just by the name and the color of the packaging you can easily guess what comes with each particular product. If you are looking for seductive, warm and exotic fragrances, several scented candles from Malin & Goetz’s perfumery seem like perfect choices. At the first place, there is the brand’s bestseller, Malin & Goetz Dark Rum Candle that will fill up your personal space with the aromas of bergamot and plum on top, combined with the middle notes of rum and leather, and the base notes of amber-patchouli and vanilla.

Seductive and compelling, Malin & Goetz Cannabis Candle is the second brand’s bestseller. Its intriguing blend of exotic flavors has a simple task to relax body and mind, while awakening senses. Even more cool and refreshing note comes with the brand’s Mojito Candle. Taking the inspiration from the iconic cocktail, Malin and Goetz combined simulative aromas of lime, mint leaves and peppery basil, with a base note of white musk in order to lift up the spirit in any occasion. As a matter of fact, whichever candle from the Malin & Goetz collection you choose, you can count on the refreshing scent of nature which provides an extraordinary aroma therapy.

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