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Candles for Spring – Part Two

Posted by on Mar 27 2012 | holiday candles

Thymes Moonflower CandleAs flowers start to blossom and as nature awakes around us once again, it is the perfect moment for all candle enthusiasts to bring some of the outdoor miracles to their own home with a little help of luxury scented candles. To facilitate your choice of the most graceful and appropriate spring candle scents, we continue our list of suggestions of products made by some of the most recognized and distinguished brands in the world of high-end candles.

The recommendation of spring-inspired products continues with the very special fragrance made by the company that is a synonym for luxury and high class – Vie Luxe. The selected spring aroma is named Tuileries Candle which can be described as the symphony of floral scents, combined in the manner to resemble the most lovely garden that can be found anywhere in the world. This special mixture was achieved with the combination of rare jasmine, white tuberose, geranium petals and lavender buds. These exquisite flowers are very gorgeous by themselves. However, once combined and sensed at once, they offer a true olfactory spectacle that will turn your home into a magical garden. The candle weighs exactly 8 oz, which guarantees around 60 hours of burn time. It is set in a smart glass with nickel finishing and presented in a beautiful ornate gift box. This spectacular floral mix is available at the price of $48.

The next product we would like to bring to your attention is the timeless candle with a high level of grace – Jasmin Gardenia # 60 Candle. The product is presented by the famous brand Trapp whose guiding idea is to create candles that are equivalent to bottles of perfume. Its main ingredient – jasmine is supplemented with the notes of gardenia and the slight touches of honeysuckle. This creamy colored product is set into a transparent glass and packed in a stylish olive-green box. It weighs 7 oz, which enables its lovely smell to enrich your living space for around 55 hours. It can be yours for just $22.

The second part of our list of ideas for spring candles concludes with a little twist – Thymes Moonflower Candle. It is the product with a mysterious name and aroma of the same kind. In the unusual mixture of scents, a true connoisseur will recognize the notes of clove, gilded cinnamon and sugar quince sparkle as the dominating ingredients. In the background, there are also hints of strong aromas, such as dark amber and smooth cognac. This high-end candle is set in an artistically designed vessel, befitting to any interior. The approximate burn time of this candle is 60 hours, while its price is $27.

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Candles for Spring

Posted by on Mar 22 2012 | holiday candles

Agraria Lavender & Rosemary Crystal Petite CandleSpring has come after a cold and long winter, and most of us already feel refreshed and excited to welcome another waking of nature and all the pleasant changes it brings. If you are dedicated scented candles enthusiasts, we do not doubt for a second that you will try to acquire some new appropriate high-end candles that will match the magnificent changes that occur outside as you read this. For this reason, we have prepared our list of suggestions of quality spring scents, mostly with floral notes, which will be perfect for the upcoming season.

Let us start this selection with a lovely and rich candle with exceptionally deep aroma and with presence that simply cannot be ignored. The product in question is Agraria – Lavender & Rosemary Crystal Petite Candle. It is a dominant mixture of lovely European flowers with the proud reputation: French lavender and Italian rosemary. The former flower, known for is pretty pinkish and purple buds and very nice smell is also used for many medicinal purposes, so it has a great potential to invigorate your spirit and make you more energized. The latter plant, also naturally found in the Mediterranean, is even more celebrated for its impressive traits. It is mentioned in the Greek mythology, associated with the Virgin Mary, used extensively for culinary and medicinal purposes, and even in folklore linked to wedding ceremonies. The mixture of two Mediterranean flower-jewels is rounded up with the refreshing zest of bergamot oranges and a slight touch of English amber.

The candle by Agraria is made from exceptional, vegetable-based soft waxes and placed in a decorative vessel closed up with a silver plate lid with the crest of manufacturer. This product provides clean burning for at least 25 hours and costs $35.

The next candle we would like to bring to your attention is exotic Delirium – Pear & Violet Candle. It is a unique assembly of fruity and floral scents that bring together Asian pear, alluring African violets, zesty bergamot, mesmerizing green sage and tea tree oil. This magnificent white-colored and spring inspired luxury candle comes in a transparent glass with beautiful silver embossed snuff that matches the color of its package. It is made from soya wax and offers its harmonic orchestra of fragrances for no less than 60 hours. The price of the product by Delirium is $38.

The third seductive product that concludes the first part of our spring candle recommendations is somewhat different. It is Voluspa Maison Noir – Tuberosa Di Notte Candle. Quite intriguing and provocative scent made by wrapping of night blooming tuberose with a base of dreamy agava nectar. Being a part of the new collection by Voluspa named Maison Noir, it simply exudes with sophistication and refinement that will please even the most demanding candle aficionados. As it name suggests, it is packed in an extremely decorative black package. The seductive fragrance drew from the nocturnal flower comes in various sizes and forms: as a diffuser, room and body mist, as naturally as a candle in four different options. It burns and fills the room with romantic scent from 15 to 100 hours, depending on the choice. Of course, the size determines the price, which can be between $6 and $27 for candles, while the diffuser costs 1$ more from the most expensive candle with the Tuberosa Di Notte name.

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High End Candle Review – Volsupa Truffle White Cocoa Candle

Posted by on Mar 20 2012 | candles - news and reviews

Voluspa Truffle White Cocoa CandleThere comes a time for each of us, when we feel the need to treat ourselves with something extraordinary and luxurious, and to increase the enjoyment and quality of our life. Yet, there are many things that are unreachable and overly expensive. However, other things provide a great sense of pleasure at a very reasonable price. One type of products that can certainly be categorized in the latter kind are high-end scented candles which can give an additional amount of charm and pleasure into your living spaces. If you search for that kind of scented candle, there is one that is especially linked to the luxury and ultimate indulgence and it can be seen immediately, even by its name. The candle in question is Voluspa Truffle White Cocoa Candle.

It is a lovely product that combines various symbols of refinement and high-class. The first of them are truffles. This delicacy has been popular and sought-after for a very long time and the first record about this type of mushrooms comes in the 20th century BC in the records of neo-Sumerians. There are quite a few more mentioning of truffle in the antiquity. In Rome, there were many recipes that contained it and all present high regard for these mushrooms can be clearly seen from the words of the great Cicero who called them “children of the earth”.

However, the list of symbols of luxury that Voluspa Candles included in this product is not yet finalized. To make it even more distinguished, they mixed truffles with chocolate, in a very fine high-end combination. These chocolate truffles are mixed with decadent butter and white cocoa for even more pleasure. At the end, there is one more ingredient that completes the glamorous mixture created by Voluspa. It is the drink that is tightly associated with luxury and celebration, none other than fine Champagne. All in all, it can be said that it is a very nicely picked selection of notes that create a truly magnificent final product.

This scent is available in various candle sizes, as well as in a travel tin and as a diffuser, in order to please a broader range of demands and desires. Depending on the choice of size, they provide the burn time of between 25 and 100 hours, at the prices that span from just $6.5 to $55. The product comes in the distinctive Voluspa packaging, designed in art nouveau style.

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High End Candle Review – Vie Luxe Istanbul Candle

Posted by on Mar 12 2012 | candles - news and reviews

Vie Luxe Istanbul CandleIf you are the person who enjoys exotic places and the same kind of scents, Istanbul Candle is the perfect product for you. Just like the city it is named after (which is the only capital in the world that spreads on two continents), this luxury candle exudes mystical and mysterious fragrance by combining the best ingredients from two worlds, and transports you in the heart of vibrant and alluring Orient.

This striking candle is made by the famous Vie Luxe brand whose founder is a charismatic designer named Marjorie Gubelmann, well known in high-class and designer circles. She is very popular and successful, which can be backed up with the fact that her life and career were featured in the leading fashion and life style magazines, such as Elle Décor, Vogue, W and Harpers Bazaar. The latter of these magazines even claims that Ms. Gubelmann is “the most celebrated hostess” in the whole New York, where she currently resides.

Istanbul Candle is a part of the Voyage Collection by Vie Luxe which intends to recreate the smells and atmosphere of Marjorie Gubelmann’s favorite vacation destinations. It comes as no surprise that she decided to include Istanbul, the real jewel-city with impressive history, in the line of products and to recreate its enchanting setting. A nice thing that each buyer of this product gets is the fascinating feeling, triggered by lovely smells which can bring an exotic sense straight into your home.

To recreate the unparalleled atmosphere of the only metropolis that is located at two different continents, Ms. Gubelmann made a careful selection of ingredients, in order to include the most recognizable and distinctive fragrances which are the symbols of the largest city in Turkey. For this reason, it is quite obvious why she included a relaxing scent of exotic Turkish tea in the combination. Turkish tea is further enriched with the inclusion of warm, resinous and complex aroma of amber. The magnificent mix of exotic is rounded up with the careful addition of floral scents of blue iris and ultimately alluring black orchid.

In the creation of this candle, Vie Luxe used completely natural beeswax that was mixed with special botanical waxes and then combined with the most exclusive fragrance oils that can be found. Istanbul Candle weighs exactly 8 oz, which ensures no less than magnificent 60 hours of burn time. It comes in a stylish nickel-finish glass which is packed in an ornate gift box. The product that transfers the smell of Orient into your home costs $48.

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