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Affordable Scented Candles as a Perfect Christmas Present

Posted by on Dec 20 2011 | Candle Gifts, holiday candles

Frasier Fir Votive CandleThe biggest season of giving and receiving presents is approaching fast, but many people are still considering which presents to buy. If you are like us, and if just the thought about the flames from scented candles can invigorate you soul, it is a certainty that you considered these products as your gift of choice. Alas, many of the luxury candles have high prices that match their sophistication. Plus, if you have a large family or a substantial circle of close friends, the cost only increases. So, one can find himself or herself in a position to have to choose between getting a great gift and going for cheaper alternatives instead. However, fear not, candle devotees, because this dilemma can be avoided with a little help of Candle Delirium. We have made an exciting selection of lovely candle gifts that cost less than $25. Apart from scented candles, the list also includes other products in our offer, such as scented hand lotions or bar soaps.

The first of the products that catches the attention is Archipelago Botanicals – Hope (Spirit) Jar Candle. It is one of the iconic products that was made in an effort to capture the relaxing and rejuvenating aromas that are closely tied to winter holidays. It is the most satisfying mix of noble fir and balsam, topped with the flirtatious smell of juniper oils. With the decent price of $17.50, it provides an estimated burn time of 60 hours. The voluptuous blend of evergreen tree fragrances can therefore spread its ravishing aroma for two and a half days!

The next amazing product on the list of cheaper scented candles that would make a terrific Christmas gift is the fruity combination found in Seda France Cameo – Venitian Quince Candle. The redolent mixture is comprised of refreshing apple and a nose tingling fragrance of grapefruit zest, topped with the divine and relishing smell of peach nectar. Three fresh fruit aromas are supplemented with the hints of few more natural and agreeable odors:  the scent of white lily spreading through fresh air, and the romantic and lung-filling tones of dew-drenched grass and crushed leaves. This lovely product that is poured in a milky white glass weighs 8.7 oz. and features the burn time of about 50 hours. Because of its exotic qualities, Seda France Cameo – Venitian Quince Candle has the price of $25, just on the border of the list of affordable gifts.

The third product that we recommend is quite opposite of the previous one and costs only $11. It is Thymes – Frasier Fir Votive Candle, another classy scent that is based on the immense freshness of evergreen trees. The candle is made of the savory scents of cedarwood and the needles of Siberian fir, topped with a unique and bright fragrance of sandalwood. This scented candle is votive-sized and weighs 2.25 oz. Frasier Fir Votive Candle is set in an artistically decorated glass and burns around 15 hours.

Though shopping for Christmas gifts is somewhat hard and potentially stressful, we hope that we have made it at least a bit easier with our list of great and affordable scented candles.

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A Scandalous Christmas with a Little Help of Scented Candles

Posted by on Dec 15 2011 | holiday candles

Santa's Coming CandleMost of people associate Christmas with people sitting in front of a warm fireplace and spending time with family. In order to prepare for this comfortable and cozy atmosphere, some choose to get special scented candles that provide wonderful scents that would be a great addition to winter holidays. On the contrary to this point of view, other people like to be cheeky and funny even while it is Christmas, and enjoy the controversial and a little bit scandalous gifts. A popular candle brand, named A Scent of Scandal, makes intriguing products that are just right for the people in the latter group.

Among the great variety of scented candles with witty and provocative names, we have selected three that carry a spirit of Christmas in them. Naturally, this spirit is spiced with a pinch of humor and a heavy dose of scandal that turns the holiday and its traditions upside down. Before going into details and the specifics of these wonderful scented products, we can spot the general traits they share. Each of these candles is made entirely from 100% pure soya wax, and we can proudly add that all of them were hand-poured within the States. To ensure the cleanest possible burn, the wicks of the candles were manufactured of cotton, without the slightest addition of metal. It seems important to note that the standard weight of all of the products by the brand is 8 oz. which ultimately leads to between 30 and 35 hours of pure enjoyment in their refine aromas. A Scent of Scandal also uses the same design in every single one of these items. The creamy colored candles with long-lasting smell are set in a recognizable tin vessel. With the relatively low price of just $14.95, all of these products are affordable to most people, providing they want products that are a little bit different from the usual ones. Now, let us take a closer look at the delightful combination of fragrances these candles exude.

The first on the list of our provocatively named products is Santa’s Coming Candle. The holiday inspired scented soy candle includes the wintery evocative smells of evergreen trees and pinecones, further enhanced with the pleasurable and frisky scents of orange peel and cranberry sauce, which can also be associated with holidays. Though mostly served for Thanksgiving dinner in the USA, it is a traditional part of Christmas dinner in Britain. The mixture of fragrances of this sassy named candle is completed with the hint of freshly ground cloves.

The second scented candle by A Scent of Scandal we would like to recommend is Santa’s Pole Candle. This product produces a feisty fragrance that was made with a nice blend of crispy fresh peppermint and the sweet smell of vanilla sugar.

The third scandalous holiday candle by the brand is Ho Ho Homo Candle. The pleasant mixture of aromas that makes this scented candle so special is dominated with the mouth-watering smell of cranberry relish. It is further enriched with the slight additions of orange zest, and with subtle hints of vanilla and butter. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a candle with a fine fragrance and a provocative name, and if scandalous behavior is a part of your life, A Scent for Scandal has prepared intriguing products which you can use to spice up your holidays.

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Candle Gift Ideas for 2011

Posted by on Dec 09 2011 | Candle Gifts

Tocca - Cortina (Spiced Elemi Wood) Holiday CandleEach candle aficionado has a double reason to be happy while Christmas and New Year’s Eve approach. Apart from the usual content feeling that every single person gets during the winter holidays, real candle enthusiasts are also merry because this is the season of giving and receiving gifts. It is sometimes hard to decide how to treat yourself and your loved ones, but luxury scented candles are always a great pick. However, the choice is often hard because of the vast multitude of available options.

In order to assist you as much as possible in finding that perfect scented product which would be a great present, Candle Delirium has created a list of appropriate Christmas candle gifts. The selection is comprised of luxury scents that can live up even to the highest of demands. One of the amazing products which we would like to recommend is Tocca – Cortina (Spiced Elemi Wood) Holiday Candle. It is the high-quality scented candle whose scent is designed to make you feel as if you are immediately transferred to the renowned mountain resort of Cortina, the place of many adventures and a perfect setting for romance. Therefore, Tocca – Cortina Holiday Candle is a great present to that special person you find nearest and dearest. It features a sharp and overwhelmingly fresh aroma of elemi wood whisks, very intoxicating and profoundly seductive. The hand-poured candle weighing 9.5 oz. has the potential to inflame the senses for no less than 60 hours. Its exclusive hand-blown navy blue glass, set on the fabulous brass stand with filigree decorations, gives this candle a special touch of class and additionally recommends it as a wonderful gift.

Some people tend to use the experiences of others while choosing a Christmas present. If you want a product of great appeal that was widely successful, then we would recommend Agraria – Balsam Crystal Petite Candle. The fact that this candle received the universal acclaim can be underlined with the information that the American Society of Perfumers chose it as the Best Home Fragrance of the Year back in 2005. Even nowadays, the delicate mixture of balsam and Californian redwood, supplemented with a touch of French sage and with the aroma of white flowers, remains equally innovative and sought-after. All of the products by the brand are of extraordinary quality which can be detected by the clean burning that provides a fantastic smell, as well as illumination, and this candle is not any different. Made of an especially manufactured vegetable-based wax, the product by Agraria weighs 3.4 oz. and is expected to produce its luscious smell for more than entire day.  The candle is placed in a charming crystal glass which is closed by a silver-plated lid with the crest of the manufacturers.

Hopefully, two recommended products will make a great gift for you and the people you want to make happy. If you still have a dilemma and need more time to select the scented candle that you prefer, previously mentioned holiday gift guide for Christmas includes 37 more products made by renowned brands.

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Christmas Candle Scents

Posted by on Dec 06 2011 | christmas, holiday candles

Baroness von Neumann - Verbier Holiday CandleChristmas is getting nearer and nearer, and the ever-present feeling of the special time of the year is getting increasingly stronger. There are many fine traditions that help us to experience that elusive sense of comfort and joy which come at the end of each year. One of the most successful means of getting into the spirit of Christmas is through any one of the high-end scented candles. The use of carefully designed aromas is not only meant to intrigue your sense of smell. They are also able to soothe you with blends of complementary smells which even have a therapeutic effect, thus enabling you to relax and enjoy your holidays even more.

Candle Delirium has made a refine selection of candles and diffusers with the ability to be your companion during the holidays. The Christmas Candle Scents selection they chose, offers a great variety of luxury products by the top brands. Each of the selected candles and diffusers is made to include smells that are evocative of the time of celebration and cold winter. In some instances, these products include intoxicating natural aromas that come from the Middle East, and which can be associated to the Nativity.

One of those candles which exude the smells that are so closely associated to the holidays is Belle Fleur – Celebration Candle. This lovely product offers an amazing combination of ingredients which are all rather sophisticated and seductive, even when they are separate. The mix of them together, achieved in the large scented candle creates a somewhat magical result. The Celabration Candle is a powerful combination of Sparkling Champagne smell (a clear association to all the festivities), the exciting aroma of fresh Muguet (a French name for the seductive, yet dangerous Lily of the Valley flower) and a sweet scent of Candied Ginger. It is a great celebratory candle, appropriate not only for Chrismas, but also for events, such as a New Year’s Eve, a wedding, a birthday or any other type of joyous event. The large scented candle weighs 9.5 oz. and has an estimated burn time of 60-70 hours. It is a two-wick white candle, set in a matching white lacquered glass, and delivered in a delicate faux leather packaging with white matches that are also made by Belle Fleur.

Among the selection of Christmas scents, a special place is reserved for another exceptional product, Baroness Von Neumann – Verbier Holiday Candle. It is a seasonal product with limited availability, a true representative of winter idyllic atmosphere. The mixture includes forest freshness of spruce and fir, combined with the mild and warm spices and cranberry. To achieve an even more appealing result, the brand has added essential oils, the sweet smell of vanilla and the deep scent of amber. The round 12.5 oz. scented candle that burns for at least 70 hours comes in a distinguished red vessel with a gold crest and the appropriate red and gold-embossed box.

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