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Scented Candles for an Even Merrier Christmas

Posted by on Nov 28 2011 | holiday candles

Cire Trudon Nazareth Smell of Christmas CandleChristmas is one of the most joyful holidays in the year, the time of celebrations that we spend with our loved ones in the comfortable surroundings of a warm family home. It is a time of giving and receiving presents, the tradition that helps us to bring happiness to people we care about . It is also the season when houses and entire cities look very different than they do during the entire year, with shiny and colorful decorations all around. If you intend to create an even more festive atmosphere, scented candles will be a great instrument to achieve this effect. They can be great and a thoughtful gift that will put smiles on the faces of your dear ones. Besides, with the supreme and refined smell they produce while they burn, scented candles underline the overwhelming pleasant sensation that is attributed with Christmas.

All the prestigious manufacturers of candles are considering Christmas as a very important event, and tend to launch new products, especially suitable for the holiday. This is exactly the case with the high-end manufacturer Cire Trudon Candles. This luxury brand, established way back during the 17th century, is a French company with the longest tradition of producing exclusive candles from this European country.

Among the broad spectrum of quality scented candles by Cire Trudon, there is a product with the name and characteristics that make it perfectly appropriate for the forthcoming holiday. The product we are talking about is named Cire Trudon – Nazareth, otherwise known as Nazareth Candle. This product exudes sophisticated smell, the combination of aromas which is bound to ignite your heart and soul. It is the blend that includes the freshness of flower buds of evergreen cloves, a deep and seductive scent of cinnamon, and finally a crisp and fruity smell of an orange. To spice it all up and to create a fragrance that is immediately evocative to Christmas, Cire Trudon added a dash of olibanum. It is actually a different name for frankincense, widely associated with the holiday, as it was, according to the Bible, one of the gifts of the Magi presented at the birth of Christ. This praised and highly valued aroma is cherished and traded in the region of Nazareth and in the whole Middle East for over 5000 years.

Cire Trudon Nazareth (Smell of Christmas) Candle weighs 9.5 oz and will burn between 70 and 80 hours, giving you the chance to enjoy its distinguished scent throughout the holiday season. The luxury candle is made from 100% vegetable wax and with a cotton wick. The candle is presented in a hand-blown cherry red glass with the gilded logo of the manufacturer and it is available for $85.

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Candle Delirium Wins Best of the Web 2011 for InStyle Magazin

Posted by on Nov 07 2011 | candles - news and reviews

A prestigious U.S. fashion magazine, InStyle, has once again announced the annual list of top web sites with a special appeal to all fashionistas. The popular women’s magazine performed the thorough inspection of the World Wide Web and came up with the list of the best web sites in categories, such as fashion, beauty, home accessory and kids. In the Best Entertaining & Gifts Web Sites category, the leading position was attributed to As it was explained, the web site that is dedicated to luxury candles enables its visitors to choose among a vast multitude of high-end candles.

Elton John Holiday CandleThe number of available scented candles and diffusers on is to say the least impressive and includes all current leading brands in the world of scented candles. Whether your product of choice is a scented candle, scented jar candle or scented soy candle, it is the place to visit. As it was mentioned in the InStyle magazine, one of the reasons for the award in the best for entertaining and gifts category is the fact that it includes both rare and exclusive products from manufacturers, such as Cire Trudon and Carriere Frères, as well as popular candles from sought-after brands, like Diptique or Seda France.

As a response to recognition, Candle Delirium presents the special selection that includes 14 of their products in order to celebrate its presence on InStyle Best of The Web Products list.  The palette of recommended products displays the attempt to include candles that will have an appeal to all of nearly two million readers of InStyle magazin.

One of them is the remarkable product from Nest Fragrances – Elton John Holiday Candle. The scented candle with the price tag of $38 aims to convey the sense of a walk through the fresh and clear surroundings of a forest, which is achieved with the blend of evergreen and balsam fir needles scents. The additional doze of invigoration and vividness of fragrances is created by combining these scents with a sharp citrus aroma.

The scented candle by Nest and Elton John has an approximate burn time of about 50 hours which gives it ability to inflame your senses for more than two days. The class of the product is hinted by its appearance. The notion that this scented candle represents the royalty of its kind is underlined with the regal purple incasing that features a shiny golden crown.

If you decide to buy the candle made of soy blend wax, you will at the same time support a good cause. A part of the money you spend on buying Nest – Elton John Holiday Candle will be donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

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