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High End Candle Review: Votivo Red Currant Candle

Posted by on Sep 21 2011 | candles - news and reviews

The Votivo Red Currant Candle is in fact one of the most popular Votivo candles made and in fact is one of the most famous luxury candles manufactured. This candle has been featured in magazines and on TV. Celebrities cite this as favorite candle and the Votivo Red Currant Candle is often featured on “best of” lists of candles. In fact, the candle has become so popular that a number of candle manufacturers have developed their own versions of this scent. However, don’t be fooled: only the Votivo Red Currant Candle is the real thing.

The Votivo Red Currant Candle combines notes of red currants, fruit glaze, vanilla bean, and raspberry sugar cookies. The result is a fragrance that is tart, fresh, and warm. The complexity of fragrance makes this luxury candle stand out far above competitors and imitators.

Votivo Red Currant CandleAnother thing that makes the original Votivo Red Currant candle stand out is the quality. Votivo candles are well-known for the high quality of their products, and the Votivo Red Currant is no exception. The candle is made form a natural sox wax blend, which burns slowly and evenly with little to no soot. The natural wax blend as well as the high quality fragrance oils ensure that the Votivo Red Currant candle is highly fragrance. In fact, the candle is richly scented before you even light it. Once lit, it fills your home with just the right amount of fragrance – strong enough to waft throughout your home, but subtle enough to never be overwhelming. Many fans of Votivo Red Currant candles note that when they burn this candle, guests ask what smells so wonderful. This candle is, quite simply, a crowd pleaser that everyone can enjoy.

The Votivo Red Currant candle is also made to be beautiful. Hand-wrapped in a beautiful wax and with a hand pressed seal, this candle will look wonderful in any room. It will also make a wonderful gift for just about anyone in your life. The Votivo Red Currant candle is poured carefully into a classic and sophisticated glass jar. You can reuse the jar once you have burned up the candle.

Since the Votivo Red Currant candle is one of the more popular candles that Votivo makes, the company has created a number of products with this fragrance. The classic jar candle, for example, is a great value, offering 50 hours of burn time. However, there is also a Votivo Red Currant room spray, which is perfect for hotel rooms and other spaces where you may not be permitted to burn candles. The long-lasting Votivo Red Currant diffuser is also a great choice for the office. Finally, you can even get a handy Votivo Red Currant candle in a travel tin, a perfect way to take the wonderful fragrance of Votivo Red Currant with you on your travels.

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Red Flower Candles

Posted by on Sep 16 2011 | red flower candles

Red Flower CandlesRed Flower Candles are designed to perfectly capture the fragrance of your favorite flowers. Whether you have a favorite flower or want to fill your home with a bouquet of scents, Red Flower Candles are the perfect luxury candles to fill your home with the true-to-life fragrance. You might be amazed to find that such a garden-fresh scent can come from a candle.

The manufacturers of Red Flower Candles have worked carefully to develop the most true-to-life perfumes and the highest quality luxury candles possible. All Red Flower Candles are made with natural cosmetic grade vegetable waxes and 100% cotton wicks. This ensures that the candles are safer for home use and also burn slowly and cleanly, filling your home with pure fragrance and a soft glow, with virtually no soot. Each Red Flower Candle is about 6 ounces and provides up to 50 hours of burn time.

Red Flower Candles also have some subtle differences when compared with other luxury scented candles. Every Red Flower Candle, for example, scented petals. You can place the petals in a bowl for a beautiful effect and subtle fragrance. In fact, the manufacturers of the candles sell prayer bowls just for this purpose. You can also use the petals for a bath or sachet – however you wish to fragrance your life. The fragrance of Red Flower Candles is also available in diffusers, gift sets, and miniature candles.

Since the manufacturers of Red Flower Candles have spent so much time working with natural flowers, they are naturally very concerned about the environment and therefore are among the most eco-friendly candle options out there. All Red Flower Candles are packaged in a plant that is 100% wind powered and are packaged in paper that is 77% post consumer recycled paper.

Red Flower Candles offer a variety of options. For example, for a classic fragrance that is sure to relax and soothe, try the Red Flower French Lavender Petal Topped Candle. The candle allows you to enjoy the true-to-life scent of lavender, picked at the height of its fragrance. When you light this candle, you will feel as though you are in a lavender field in Provence. The Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower Petal Topped Candle combines the fragrances of arctic river flower, boronia, apple blossom and moonflower, creating a fresh fragrance. The Red Flower Ocean Petal Topped Candle combines notes of bay lavender, red mangrove, beach morning glory and bay laurel leaf, so that when you light this candle you feel as though you are playing in the surf on some exotic beach getaway.

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Vie Luxe Candles

Posted by on Sep 09 2011 | vie luxe candles

Vie Luxe CandlesVie Luxe Voyage Candles were designed and developed by Marjorie Gubelmann, who drew inspiration from her world travels. Therefore, each of the candles in this collection is based upon a beloved travel destination. For example, the  Vie Luxe Buenos Aires Candle combines notes of jasmine flowers, ceibo petals, ombu leaves and white pepper, capturing the essence of the world-famous Buenos Aires. This is in fact the most popular of the Vie Luxe Capri candles. The Vie Luxe Capri Candle combines notes of bergamot, lemon blossoms, cypress, and citrus zest, capturing the essence and fragrances of the famous Italian resort. If you are in the mood for something a little more aquatic, try the Vie Luxe St. Barth’s Candle, which combines the fragrances of black currant, palm, and white jasmine. It perfectly captures the exotic seaside of St. Barth’s.

Each of the Vie Luxe Voyage Candles will make you feel as though you are on a luxury vacation – right in your own home. Try all the fragrances for a wonderful world tour of fragrance. Each of the candles is also made with all-natural botanical and beeswaxes, ensuring your safety and cleaner burning. Vie Luxe Voyage Candles also make use of fine fragrance oils, ensuring that each of the candles in the collection are true to their fragrances and deliver the perfect rich scent to your home.

Each of the Vie Luxe Voyage Candles are made with great attention to detail. For example, each of the 8 oz. candles are designed to burn hassle-free for 60 hours, ensuring you can sit back and enjoy the luxury fragrance of each candle. Each candle is designed with the highest quality waxes and wick, ensuring less soot and an even burn. As well, each candle in this collection is poured into a beautiful nickel-finished glass, which is sturdy enough to be re-used again and again. Since each Vie Luxe Voyage Candle is packaged in a stunning gift box, it makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Vie Luxe Voyage Candles have been around since 2004, and are established by a designer who has specialized in home fragrances for years. Marjorie Gubelmann’s casual elegance and focus on quality are visible in every candle in this collection. If you want luxury candles that truly transport you to another place and help you relax, try Vie Luxe Voyage Candles – their wonderful perfumes are like a vacation in a candle jar.

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