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Tobi Tobin Candles

Posted by on Apr 27 2011 | tobi tobin candles

Tobi Tobin Candles are designed to blend the best quality candles with outstanding design and intoxicating fragrances. To this end, this brand of luxury scented candles uses a special blend of natural soy, palm, and coconut waxes, which are hand poured to create candles that produce less suit and produce true-to-life fragrances down to the very last drop of wax. Each 16 oz. Tobi Tobin features 3 wicks to maximize the fragrance release. Even the largest rooms in your home will be filled with a rich scent when you burn Tobi Tobin candles, which are so richly scented.

Tobi Tobin candles are also notable for their style. Each candle is poured into a high-gloss black jar embossed with a gold crest. The container is reusable and looks great in any décor. Each Tobi Tobin candle is carefully packaged in a stunning black crocodile box. This, too, is embossed with the distinctive TT crest. Tobi Tobin candles look amazing and make perfect gifts. You don’t even have to wrap the beautifully luxurious-looking candles, since the packaging is so distinctive and lovely.

Each Tobi Tobin Candle comes with its unique scent, which is inspired by a place or by architecture. For example, the Tobi Tobin Baroque candle is inspired by the beauty of Northern India, with notes of wood, amber, oudh oil, agarwood oil, patchouli, amyris, cedar, vanilla, vetivert, and musk. The Tobi Tobin Bibliotheque candle has a rich fragrance which recalls hallowed halls of learning and leather-embossed libraries. This candle contains notes of vanilla, sugar, caramel, spices, musk, and tonka. The Tobi Tobin Georgian candle embodies the rich scents of the South, with notes of mango, green leaf, gardenia, tuberose, orange flower, sandalwood, and vanilla. The Tobi Tobin Monastery candle is a heavenly blend of orange, citrus, sandalwood, wood, moss, musk, and Jasmine. If you have ever wanted to step into an orange grove, the next best thing might be to light a Tobi Tobin Orangerie candle, which combines scents of  blood orange, goji berries, citrus, and vanilla. The Tobi Tobin Romanesque candle was inspired by the natural beauty of an ebony forest. It contains notes of fruit, sandalwood, and amber for a woodsy, mysterious fragrance.

If you are looking for a unique scent, the Tobi Tobin Signature candle is one of the most popular fragrances in the collections. It contains notes of cedar, aldehydes, black pepper, eucalyptus blossom, hyacinth, cashmere wood, patchouli, birch, and incense to create a luxurious and warm fragrance that is a perfect match for the distinctive gold and black packaging of Tobi Tobin perfumed candles.

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Michael Aram Candles

Posted by on Apr 20 2011 | michael aram candles

Michael Aram is an artist whose primary medium has always been metal. However, he has also designed a stunning and sumptuous collection of scented candles. Michael Aram candles are luxury scented candles with rich, natural perfumes. All candles by Michael Aram are made from triple cotton wicks and nautral sox wax, ensuring even and soot-free burning as well as long burning times. The 13.5 oz. candles burn for more than 60 hours.

Each candle in the collection is stunningly packaged and ready for gift-giving. You’ll be delighted by the beauty and the fragrances of this collection. Each candle is poured into a classic clear glass, which can be reused and which looks great with any décor.

Michael Aram candles even come with a unique snuff lid that is decorated with a beautiful motif that relates to that candle. The Michael Aram Acorn candle, for example, is topped with a stunning black and gold acorn work of art. The snuff lids make it easy to extinguish your candles and add a stunning design statement to each candle. After the candles are gone, the snuff lids remain as a beautiful object d’art in your home.

Michael Aram candles come in a variety of scents to explore. The Michael Aram Acorn candle, for example, contains notes of musk, red amber, balsam wood, cedar, pine, and vanilla, creating a warm, rich scent. The candle is topped with a unique lid made from oxidized bronze, gold plate, nickel-plate, and copperplate created into a beautiful work of art. The Michael Aram Bamboo candle contains hints of sandalwood, violet, musk, lotus, bamboo, peony, green ivy, and water lily. The distinctive nickelplate lid is fashioned into a beautiful bamboo stem. The Michael Aram Black Orchid candle contains the rich scents of  cedar, sandalwood, musk, florals, fruits, and citrus, for a sophisticated and mysterious fragrance. The black nickel-plate is designed into a beautiful orchid bloom. The Michael Aram Fig candle contains notes of figs, summer fruit, black currant, florals, vanilla and wood. The oxidized bronze, and nickel-plate enamel snuff lid is beautifully designed with a fig motif. The Michael Aram Garland candle is a romantic, sweet candle, with notes of  jasmine, honeysuckle, melon, musk and white wood. The Michael Aram Ginkgo candle is scented with ginkgo, green tea, pink pepper, florals, musk, and sandalwood. The Michael Aram Lemonwood candle is a bright pop of fragrance, with notes of citrus, wood, sage, cardamom, clove, Lily of the Valley, verbena, lemongrass, bergamot, lime and cypress.

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Marianne Guedin Candles

Posted by on Apr 12 2011 | marianne guedin candles

Award-winning designer Marianne Guedin, renowned for her organic and modern style, has created a line of luxury candles. Maison Guedin set a new standard win luxury, featuring hand-blown glass vessels, hand-run natural French wax, and beautiful packaging. Each candle is inspired by Guedin’s memories and features an intoxicating blend of fragrances. The beautiful glasses can be reused as candles and are individually unique, thanks to the time honored glass blowing technique.

Marianne Guedin luxury candles are made with a 10% perfume concentration, which is the highest grade possible, for optimal perfume distribution. The result is a rich and true-to-scent candle experience.  Each candle is made in France, which has a long and storied history of master candle makers. Each 6.7 ounce candle from the collection burns for over 50 hours and is housed in a round box that matches the color of the glass jar. The simplicity of the packaging is understated elegance, making Marianne Guedin candles perfect for gift giving – all your gift recipients will adore the fresh scents and timeless beauty of these candles. Marianne Guedin are also perfect for treating yourself and steeping yourself in absolute luxury.

There are many wonderful Marianne Guedin candles to try, each with their own unique fragrance and beauty. The Marianne Guedin Amande (Almond), for example, has the cool and crisp scent of candles in a white glass jar and white packaging. The Marianne Guedin Ambre (Amber) candle has notes of vanilla flower and patchouli, combined in a rich and warm fragrance. The deep brown glass and packaging reinforce the warm tones. The beautiful green Marianne Guedin Bois Precieux (Precious Wood) candle is an elegant blend of smokiness and woodsy notes while the Marianne Guedin Dinguedeguedin (Fresh Grass) candle combines notes of wet earth and grass in a stunning royal blue glass jar. The Marianne Guedin Figue Fraiche (Fresh Fig) candle is a beautiful deep green candle that has the rich scent of figs. The Marianne Guedin Jardin d’Hiver (Winter Garden) is a bright tangerine color that will chase away all winter blues with rich notes of winter fruits and citrus. The Marianne Guedin Nuits Persanes (Persian Nights) candle is an exotic candle, perfect for setting the tone for romantic evenings. The Marianne Guedin Rose de Jardin (Garden Roses) candle is contains the true essence of roses while the unique Marianne Guedin The Noir (Black Tea) candle combines notes of black tea flowers, smoke, and tomato leaves.

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Jonathan Adler Pop Candles

Posted by on Apr 07 2011 | jonathan adler candles

Jonathan Adler candles are known are created by noted designer Jonathan Adler and are renowned for their glamorous and scrumptious scents. The Pop collection is contained in Pop glass vessels and features bright colors, sure to add a little light and a little infusion of glamour into your life. These candles are ideal for gift-giving or just for treating yourself (and your home!) with wonderful scent, color, and light.

Since Jonathan Adler candles are created by a designer, it’s not surprising that the packaging is fresh and beautiful. However, there is also a precise attention to detail and quality that is more in keeping with traditional candle making artisans. Each Jonathan Adler is carefully hand poured using a special blend of waxes and high quality perfumes to create a long-lasting and soot-free burning experience. The Pop collection candles are designed to burn for over 40 hours. Each 7.1 ounce candle is about 3.25″ tall and 3.25″ wide, perfectly portable and beautiful. Each candle is individually boxed in a beautiful design that is perfect for gift-giving and each is poured into a reusable colorful container. These candles stay true to their scent from the moment they are lasted until the last drop of wax sputters out. Even burning means a precise dose of fragrance in every room.

And Jonathan Adler candles have amazing fragrances. The Pop collection includes the Jonathan Adler Earl Grey Pop Candle, with notes of black tea, citrus, yuzu, jasmine, Earl Grey tea, bergamot, and sandalwood. The Pop collection also features the Jonathan Adler Fig Pop Candle, which contains notes of bergamot, ivy, coconut, moss and figwood. The collection also includes the the Jonathan Adler Grapefruit Pop Candle, the Jonathan Adler Sugar Pop Candle, the Jonathan Adler Tomato Pop Candle, the Jonathan Adler Watercress Pop Candle, the Jonathan Adler Hashish Candle, the Jonathan Adler Muse Blanc Candle, the Jonathan Adler Muse Noir Candle, the Jonathan Adler Acapulco Candle, the Jonathan Adler Aix en Provence Delirium Candle, the Jonathan Adler Big Sur Forest Candle, the Jonathan Adler Capri Honeymoon Candle, the Jonathan Adler Palm Beach Sunshine Candle, the  Jonathan Adler Shelter Island Ocean Candle, and the Jonathan Adler Southampton Garden Candle. Each contains a dominant perfume surrounded by supporting notes that create a unique fragrance. Jonathan Adler also sells diffusers in matching scents as well as match strike in the shape of a ceramic pipe. The match strike is sure to turn lighting a candle into a beautiful ritual.

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