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Winter and Christmas Candle Collections

Posted by on Dec 20 2010 | holiday candles

Just as fashion designers release special collections for the different seasons, luxury candle makers release special collections for the winter and for Christmas. It’s when we most need the beauty and scent of candles. We are cooped up inside, too hectic, and entertaining. Christmas candle scents help up with it all. Special holiday candles cheer up dark rooms in the winter, help us decorate when company is coming over, and help us freshen up our homes when we can’t open up the windows to let in fresh air. Special candle collections also make wonderful gifts at this time of year.

Winter and Christmas candle collections come in a dazzling array of scents, sure to tickle the senses and make us delight in the season. Diptyque candles and fragrance options, for example, are a wonderful way to celebrate the season. The  Diptyque White Mini Candle Gift Set is perfect for gift giving. The Diptyque Cannelle (Cinnamon) Candle perfectly captures the warmth of Christmas cookies in the oven. The Diptyque Feu de Bois (Wood Fire) Candle is reminiscent of wood fires and toasting marshmallows in the dark of winter, while the Diptyque Myrrhe Candle captures the fragrance of Myrrh, one of the three precious gifts that wise men brought on the first Christmas so long ago.

Cire Trudon candles also have wonderful options for the season. The Cire Trudon Nazareth (Smell of Christmas) Candle is perhaps the best way to experience the season in a candle. With notes of clove, cinnamon, orange, olibanum, this candle captures the beauty and romance of the holiday season with its rich, spicy scent. The richly red and gold candle will also look amazing with any holiday décor. Best of all, a portion of the sale of any The Cire Trudon Nazareth (Smell of Christmas) Candle is give to Terre d’Abeilles, an organization dedicated to protecting bees and pollinator insects. This candle not only captures the beauty and scent of Christmas, but also allows you to give in the spirit of the holiday, as well.

The holiday season should be filled with good scents – the smell of our best perfumes and the smell of delicious foods cooking. With scented candles and holiday collections, you can capture the scents of the holiday even more perfectly. Once the holidays are over, winter scented candles, such as the Thymes Frasier Fir Candle or the Aquiesse Winter Currant Holiday Soy Candle, to name just two, help you revel in the beauty of the winter season.

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Christmas Candle Gifts

Posted by on Dec 16 2010 | Candle Gifts, christmas

If you’re still running around trying to cross people off your gift list, there’s one secret you should know: scented candles make great gifts for just about everyone on your list. In fact, they can really save you time and work this year. Holiday gifts are wonderfully flexible and can help out at this time of year in many ways:

1) Scented candles make great emergency gifts. You know that it happens every year: someone you weren’t expecting a gift from show up at your door with a gift. With scented candles, you don’t have to worry. Just wrap a few Christmas scented candles or gift sets and set them aside. If anyone surprises you with a gift, you have something lovely to give in return. If you’re not surprised this year, those extra scented candles are a great way to treat yourself after the holidays.

2) Scented candles are great for decorating your home. If you want to make your home light up, smell great, and look great, beautiful scented candles are a wonderful option. You can group them together as a centerpiece for your holiday meal or light them all over your home for a wonderful scented decoration.

3) Scented candles are great for hard-to-shop for people on your list. You know the ones: you can’t think of a thing to get them. Christmas candle gifts are wonderful because everyone loves them: teens love scented candles, men love them, women love them, and couples love them. When you don’t know what to get, buy scented candles. They’re always sure to please.

4) Scented candles are a great gift for you. It’s not just your gift list you need to worry about. At this time of year, life can really get hectic and it can be hard to rest. Scented candles are an ideal way to let your hair down. Just sitting in a darkened room with some scented lit candles lets you relax and truly consider the real meaning of Christmas. Taking a bath by candlelight or romancing a loved one by candlelight are two more great ways to relax with candles.

5) Christmas candle gift sets are a great way to explore a new candle fragrance. Many candle manufacturers produce candle sets at this time of year, and these make a great present for yourself. If you love candles, these can be a great way to explore some new candle scents inexpensively, as sets usually include several candles in one beautifully decorated box. For example, check out the Archipelago Black Forest 4 Piece Candle Votive Set, the Belle Fleur Petite Trio Exotic Wood Candle Gift Set, the Burn Votive Candle Gift Set of 3, the D.L. & Co. Miniature Scallop Candle Gift Set, the Diptyque White Mini Candle Gift Set, the Jonathan Adler Muse Votive Set of 2 Candles, the Modern Alchemy D.L. & Co. History Candle Gift Set (Vol. 1 or 2), the Tocca Candle Gift Set, the Voluspa Maison Blanc 8 Candle Gift Set, or others. All are a wonderful affordable luxury.

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Christmas Candles for 2010

Posted by on Dec 07 2010 | christmas

During the Christmas season, candles are a great part of the celebration. Traditionally, candles have long been associated with the holiday season. For advent, Christians light candles to remind them of the light which Christ brought into the world. In the home, candles are also lit to remind us of the miracles and light as well as love which are possible, even on the bleakest and darkest nights of the year. In the 1800s, Christians would attach candles to their Christmas trees. Today, of course, we recognize this to be a fire hazard, but many of us still light Christmas candles to celebrate the season and to remember the traditions which started this season.

There are, of course, very practical reasons for lighting candles at this time of year. As winter arrives and we retreat to the warmth of indoors, candles add a wonderful light and beauty indoors, even when the weather outside is frightful. As we open our homes during this season to invite in guests and loved ones, Christmas candles scents and the light of Christmas candles provide a welcoming atmosphere in our homes. Beautiful scented candles set the stage for this magical time of year.

Luckily, many luxury scented candle manufacturers make special scents which are perfect for capturing the magic of Christmas. For example, the Aquiesse Frankincense & Myrrh Holiday Soy Candle perfectly captures the scent of the holiday with the two traditional scents that were so precious they were brought to a stable to present before child two thousand years ago. The Archipelago Cinnamon Spice Candle perfectly captures the scent of the season with a smell that will remind you of Christmas cookies and cooking. The Belle Fleur Neroli Pine Candle will remind you of deep forests and Christmas trees, while the Diptyque Myrrhe Candle perfectly captures the spirit of Christmas. Many candle makers also specifically make candles just for the holidays. For example, the Nest Holiday Candle, the Tocca Vittorio Holiday Candle, and the Trapp Holiday Candle all capture the Christmas season in their own unique way. There are dozens of other Christmas holiday candle scents to explore as well.

Of course, during the holidays, candles also make wonderful gifts. Christmas candle gifts and gift sets are perfect for just about anyone on your list – including those who have everything and those who are hard to shop for. Everyone loves luxury candles and many candle makers create special holiday gift sets specifically for this time of year, which allow your loved ones to experience a little bit of luxury. These gift sets usually are beautifully packaged and include a number of candle scents to experiment with. You can even reward yourself this holiday season by buying some Christmas candle gifts for yourself so that you can unwind once the holidays are over.

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