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Candles for Halloween

Posted by on Sep 28 2010 | halloween candles

During autumn, stores are filled with candles for Halloween, but unfortunately many of these candles are simply shaped into skulls or pumpkins – with no delicious fragrances to really help you set the mood at your Halloween party. Plus, many Halloween candles are in fact cheaply made, some with many fillers in the wax or even with lead in the wicks – not exactly what you want in your home. Worse, some cheaply made Halloween candles burn unevenly and create soot, thanks to cheap design. A better option is to use quality scented candles for your Halloween festivities. Luckily, there are many wonderful fragrances that are perfect for this holiday:

1) Nest Pumpkin Chai Candle combines the very autumnal scents of pumpkin, chai, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger to create the perfect scent fort this time of year. This soy-blend wax cnalde boasts 50+ hours of burn time, so you won’t be in the dark at the creepiest time of year and a deep brown glass jar which will fit in perfectly with Halloween décor.

2) Modern Alchemy D.L. & Co. Salem Candle. What says Halloween more effectively than the creepy history of new England’s Salem? This candle perfectly captures the bonfires of maple, hickory, and walnut. D.L. & Co. also has skull candles which can really help you set the mood for Halloween!

3) Cire Trudon Ernesto Leather & Tobacco Candle. With notes of rum, grapefruit, bergamot, cloves, oak, patchouli, tobacco, moss, leather, and amber, this candle perfectly captures the smokiness of a late autumn night. The tantalizing scent of this candle lasts 70-80 hours and the gold-crested glass container will look perfect with your decorations. Best of all, quality fragrances and all-natural cotton wicks and vegetable wax means you and your guests will be safe from lead and toxins.

4) D.L. & Co. Absinthe Candle. Long banned in the US and Europe for its psychedelic effect, Absinthe can be a creepy guest at your home in the form of a haunting fragrance. This candle combines anise, coriander, armoise, vetiver, and mint notes. The glowing green and black of the packaging add an element of mystery to your Halloween.

5) Archipelago Stonehenge candle. With notes of cedar, bergamot, and amber, this exotic scent is perfect for the smoky, brooding autumn evenings. It’s a great, exotic candle for Halloween. The oversized black glass jar also looks great among the party favors or treats.

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Virginia Hey Couture Candles

Posted by on Sep 21 2010 | virginia hey candles

Virginia Hey Couture Candles are a soy candle that combines the best of sophisticated European design and fragrance with zen-like simplicity and purity. Virginia Hey Couture Candles are high-end candles made with the finest perfumes and fragrances. At the same time, all Virginia Hey Couture Candles are made to be vegan, kosher, and cruelty-free – with organic soy wax and cotton wicks which are as gentle on your health as they are on the environment. Each candle is made from “blanc de Chine” fine unglazed porcelain and is made by hand. Each Virginia Hey Couture Candle is then wrapped in a satin-lined embroidered pouch, capped off with a tassel. All the candles are elegant and stunning, without being cruel to the environment.  

Virginia Hey Couture Candles are designed by Virginia Hey, an Australian fashion editor, actress, model, and natural therapist. Virginia Hey wanted her Couture Candles to epitomize her love of beauty and luxury as well as her love of natural beauty and romance. Virginia Hey Couture Candles certainly encapsulate all this in a fine home fragrance candle product.

Virginia Hey Couture Candles are divided into three collections – the Fleur collection, the Casablanca collection, and the Homme collection. The Fleur Virginia Hey Couture Candles collection includes six distinctive floral fragrances. All the Virginia Hey Couture Candles in this collection are packaged in a stunning black floral satin box and matching pouch. The Casablanca collection of Virginia Hey Couture Candles includes six modern and fresh scents – including the popular Virginia Hey Couture Casablanca Fresh Clean Candle. Each Virginia Hey Couture Candle in this collection is packaged in an elegant black faux suede pouch and matching box.  The Homme collection of Virginia Hey Couture Candles includes six earthy and rich fragrances. Each of the candles in this collection is wrapped in a black imitation leather pouch and box, embroidered with a silver logo.

Virginia Hey Couture Candles all feature vegan and organic 100% soy wax, with no animal products used. All the candles are non-toxic and kosher, safe to use in your home. Virginia Hey Couture Candles use only lead-free cotton wicks for your absolute peace of mind and your safety. The fine porcelain jars are unglazed to help you avoid the chemicals and toxins often found in glazes and each candle jar also features a beautiful porcelain lid. Virginia Hey Couture Candles are 13 oz and boast more than 80 hours of burn time. All Virginia Hey Couture Candles feature specially designed perfumes and the candles are in fact so natural that they can be used as perfume – simply dab molten wax from the candle on your pulse points.

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Vera Wang Candles

Posted by on Sep 12 2010 | vera wang candles

Vera Wang is known for her beautiful wedding dresses – she has been designing stunning wedding gowns for celebrities and the rich and famous for years – but now Vera Wang has a collection of candles as well. If you want the opulent glamour of a Vera Wang gown but don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a dress, you can dress up your home instead – with Vera Wang candles.

Vera Wang candles include votive candles, boudoir candles, classic candles, jewelry box candles, and unity candles. Each candle features the Vera Wang trademark – the love knot. The boudoir candle features a monogrammed signature glass jar, elegant packaging, and more than 25 hours of burning time. The classic candle looks similar but boasts more than 60 hours of burn time. The Vera Wang Floral Bouquet Keepsake Jewelry Box Candle is a unique concept – the 9.5 oz scented candle is fitted into a keepsake jewelry box, topped with the famous Vera Wang love knot. Once the candle is used up, you will have a beautiful closed box in which to keep prized keepsakes or jewelry. The Vera Wang Floral Bouquet Unity/Keepsake Ice Bucket Candle is a 27.7 oz scented candle contained in a beautiful silver-plated ice bucket. Perfect for adorning a wedding table or taking center stage at a dinner table, this candle boasts an impressive burn time of over 150 hours.

All Vera Wang candles are scented with the distinctive Vera Wang fragrance, Floral Bouquet. Based on the popular Vera Wang perfume, each Vera Wang candle smells just like the perfume – with notes of gardenia, lily of the valley, Damask rose, greens and watery notes. The fragrance is at once fresh, modern, and classic. It is the perfect epitome of glamour, and thanks to Vera Wang candles, you can add this dose of glamour to your home any time you wish.

Since Vera Wang is especially known for wedding styles and dresses, Vera Wang candles make a wonderful gift for a bride. With their glamorous packaging and whiff of luxury, they are the perfect way for a bride to pamper herself and to remember her big day. The Vera Wang Floral Bouquet Unity/Keepsake Ice Bucket Candle and the Vera Wang Floral Bouquet Keepsake Jewelry Box Candle make especially appropriate gifts, since the bride can easily use the containers to store her wedding keepsakes long after the luxury candle has been burned away. Vera Wang candles also make wonderful centerpieces or luxury token gifts at a wedding.

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