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Why Choose Olivina Candles

Posted by on May 30 2010 | olivina candles

Olivinia candles are a wonderful line of luxury scented candles  made out of California. If you haven’t yet tried these amazing candles, there are many reasons to do so:

1) Olivina Candles are made in California. You can rest assured that these candles are made under the strictest standards and using fair and ethical work conditions – that is part of the pleasure of buying a “Made in the USA” brand.

2) Olivina Candles are made by a green company. Olivina Candles – and all Olivina products – are made cruelty-free and are designed to make the smallest possible footprint on the environment. Olivina Candles are made from sustainable resources and are designed to be made in a way that is environmentally-friendly.

3) Olivina Candles take their cue from nature. These candles are made with all-natural ingredients such as grape seed oils, grapes, olive oils, and other natural ingredients. This means that you never have to worry that there is a chemical soup in the candles you light in your home. While many candles conatin chemicals, preservatives, chemical parabens, sodium lauryl-sulfate, and other such substances, Olivina products simply do not have these additional products.

4) Olivina Candles smell intoxicating. From the spicy scent of olives to the soothing scent of lavender and the sharp notes of bitter orange to the warm scent of figs and the bright fragrance of Meyer lemon, Olivina Candles combine the most alluring and natural scents in fresh, sophisticated combinations that you are sure to love. Candles such as the Olivina Classic Olive Candle, the Olivina Fig Candle, the Olivina Lavender & Bitter Orange Candle, and the Olivina Meyer Lemon Candle are sure to delight.

5) Olivina Candles are made by a socially-conscious company. These candles are made near a community of developmentally delayed adults (Vine Village). Not only are the makers of Olivina Candles dedicated to helping the members of the Vine Village community through fundraising and other assistance, but some of the proceeds from each Olivina Candle sold go back to Vine Village.

6) Olivina Candles provide wonderful value. Olivina Candles are made with a blended soy wax that is designed to burn with minimal soot and minimal hassle. Each candle comes with a lead-free wick and each 8.5 oz candle burns for over 50 hours, giving you many hours of pleasure as well as plenty of value. Unlit Olivina Candles can even be used to scent closets and drawers, since the unlit candles have a rich scent. You can get even more value from your Olivina Candles by using them as sachets and candles.

7) Olivina Candles are beautiful. All Olivina Candles cast a gorgeous warm light and come packaged in beautiful (but environmentally-friendly) boxes. All Olivina Candles also come in  gorgeous olive green glass jars. These jars not only add to your décor, but they can be reused once the candles are finished. This adds to the value of Olivina Candles and allows you to enjoy the beauty of Olivina Candles even longer.

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Candle Accessories I Can’t Live Without

Posted by on May 24 2010 | candle accessories

You’ve probably heard of luxury candles – but luxury candle accessories? It’s true – candle accessories are the hot new trend in the world of scented and luxury candles. Have every type of luxury candle and now want something to make your candle experience even more enjoyable? Need to buy a great gift for the person who has everything (including every truly great candle)? Candle accessories are the answer. In some cases, candle accessories can even help your luxury candles last longer. There are many types of candle accessories to choose from:

1) Lighters. Of course, you could light your luxury candles with any old match or fluid lighter, but the most beautiful candles deserve a beautiful lighter. Plus, if you are always fumbling for matches or lighters, a beautiful lighter that is designed like a fine work of art will likely solve your problem. You can keep your beautiful lighter right by your candles, enhance your décor, and always be ready when you want to unwind with a scented candle.

2) “Oops” tools. Let’s face it: no matter how careful you are, accidents happen. When those accidents happen with hot, dripping wax, the results can be messy. Untreated, hot wax can cause spots and stains on your carpets, ruining your furnishings. However, wax and spot removers can remove wax stains and can allow you to enjoy your candles with complete peace of mind.

3) Tool sets. Tool sets combine the most popular accessories into one beautifully packaged set. The Wickman Candle Tool Set of 3, for example, contains everything you need to enjoy your luxury candles: a wick trimmer, a wick dipper and a bell snuffer. Everything is elegantly presented in a box, making this a perfect (and thoughtful gift).

4) Wick trimmers. Wick trimmers, as their name implies, help you snip and trim your wick easily and safely. While you can use scissors, wick trimmers are designed to help you trim wicks safely (long handles ensure you don’t get near the flame). Wick trimmers also ensure that the wick is cut cleanly each time, minimizing soot. Plus, wick trimmers can ensure you won’t damage your wicks while trying to trim. If you’ve been ruining your favorite scissors by trimming wicks, it may be time for a wick trimmer.

5) Snuffers. Snuffers are often shaped like little bells and they help you put out a candle safely and effectively – with minimal smoke and soot. Snuffers have a long and rich history and look quite elegant. They also ensure that you are not blowing soot and wax about as you try to put out your candles. When you blow on a candle, you can also sometimes move the hot wax, creating an uneven burn surface. You can prevent this with good snuffers, potentially helping your candles last longer.

6) All-purpose tools. Of course, you might not want a drawer-full of candle accessories. If this is the case, an all-purpose candle tool such as the Wickman Candle Tool might be right for you. The 6” Wickman Candle Tool can help you dig out buried wicks and can help you snuff out a candle without smoke. The long handle ensures that your hand stays safe and never gets close to the flame.

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LAFCO Candles

Posted by on May 12 2010 | lafco candles

LAFCO candles were first made in 1993 and have since become one of the hottest trends in the world of luxury candles. Even Oprah Winfrey has included the candles on her “O List” – a sure sign of LAFCO’s success! LAFCO candles in fact come in two collections – the LAFCO House & Home Candle Collection and the LAFCO Dream Home Candle Collection.

The LAFCO House and Home Candle Collection has been created to design a wonderful fragrance ambience in your home. LAFCO candles in this collection include the LAFCO – Bathroom (Marine) Candle, the LAFCO Bedroom (Chamomile Lavender) Candle, the LAFCO – Dining Room (Celery Thyme) Candle, the LAFCO Family Room (Cortland Apple) Candle, the LAFCO Living Room (Fresh Cut Gardenia) Candle, and the LAFCO Media Room (Spike Lavender) Candle. Each of these candles is designed to take the guesswork out of decorating with candles. Simply add each candle to the associated room and watch it blend with your décor flawlessly. Each candle from the LAFCO House and Home Candle Collection has been carefully designed to perfectly complement every room on your home. For example, the LAFCO Bedroom (Chamomile Lavender) Candle includes notes of lavender and chamomile because the scents of these two plants have been proven to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This candle has been designed to allow you to drift into peaceful dreams.

The LAFCO Dream Home Candle Collection, in contrast, helps you escape into fantasy. Each candle is meant to evoke a dream home and a mood you may wish to introduce into your home. Do you wish for escape but have piles of work stacked by your computer? The LAFCO Beach House (Sea & Dune) Candle might be just the thing. Are you looking at dirty dishes and wishing for a romantic escape? Light a LAFCO Country House (English Ivy) Candle and daydream. Have you just moved into a tiny apartment and have big dreams for making it all the way to the top? Let the LAFCO Penthouse (Champagne) Candle be your inspiration.

Whether you are choosing from the LAFCO House and Home Candle Collection or the LAFCO Dream Home Candle Collection, you can be sure that all LAFCO candles are designed with the ultimate in luxury and elegance in mind. Not only is each candle designed with intoxicating and sophisticated fragrances, but each candle is encased in a gorgeous hand-blown glass jar. Each 4″x4″ glass jar is a unique work of art and many LAFCO candle fans keep their jars long after the candles are gone. Each LAFCO candle is made with soy-based waxes for clean burning and each features a 100% cotton wick, so you never have to worry. Each 16oz LAFCO candle burns for more than 90 hours, so you get plenty of value as well as elegance.

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