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Infusion Organique Candles and Diffusers

Posted by on Apr 29 2010 | infusion organique candles

Infusion Organique Candles and Diffusers is a luxury personal care and home fragrance brand that combines nature and science for an amazing collection. The makers of Infusion Organique products are committed to using the latest science to create the best products, but are also committed to creating the best products using organic ingredients, creating the ideal blend between science and nature for amazing products.Infusion Organique diffusers use the well-established reed diffusers to disperse the fragrance of essential oils throughout your home, naturally and without flame or chemicals. However, unlike other diffusers, these Infusion Organique diffusers include contemporary, innovative scents. Try The Infusion Organique Acai Rain Diffuser, The Infusion Organique Buddha’s Fig Diffuser, The Infusion Organique Indochine Diffuser, or The Infusion Organique Sands of Morocco Diffuser. You are sure to be impressed by the wonderful, contemporary fragrances which are as rich and complex as your favorite perfume. As well, these diffusers are made with natural products and ingredients. The Buddha’s Fig diffuser, for example, is made with rose geranium essence, certified organic fig extract, organic lemongrass oil and other fragrance essences. The natural and organic nature of the oils ensures that they are safe for your home environment. The commitment to organic and natural ingredients also ensures that you get true fragrance, rather than a pale facsimile, so that you can enjoy true, safe scents in your home. Each diffuser is also carefully crafted with attention to science to ensure that it is safe, beautiful, and lasting. In a beautiful glass bottle, your diffuser will look amazing in your home while adding a wonderful scent to your surroundings.

Infusion Organique candles are also very impressive. Made from natural and sustainable soy wax blends, Infusion Organique luxury candles are made from biodegradable wax that burns cleanly, lasts a long time, and provides a perfect, true fragrance from the moment your candle is lit. Infusion Organique candles are a wonderful affordable luxury – a gift you can give to yourself or share with others. Wrapped in beautiful boxes and styled with careful attention to detail, these treasures add to the beauty and décor of any home. The makers of Infusion Organique candles have also carefully used the latest science to craft candles that are not only natural but which are designed to last with true scent while burning cleanly.

If you have been looking for that ideal home fragrance experience, give Infusion Organique candles diffusers and candles are try. You’re sure to see why this home fragrance manufacturer has such a loyal fan following!

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Agraria Candles and Diffusers

Posted by on Apr 20 2010 | agraria candles

When it comes to diffusers and candles, Agraria Candles and Diffusers are the heritage pieces of the American industry. Agraria Candles and Diffusers are still made by one of the largest and oldest American fragrance companies and they are still made with the same care they have been made with for decades. The Agraria brand name began as a small store in 1970 on Nob Hill in San Francisco. There, a group committed to home fragrances developed some of the much-loved scents still sold by Agraria today, including Bitter Orange and Balsam. The Agraria candles and diffusers proved so popular that an entire fragrance empire was born. Today, Agraria Candles and Diffusers come in a rainbow of fragrances, including Balsam, Bitter orange, Lemon Verbena,  and Lavender and Rosemary.

Each Agraria diffuser is made to be beautifully stunning, with a glass stopper and a unique Italian perfume bottle design that would look elegant in even the most opulent home. Each diffuser is a little work of art and even comes with an antiqued hand-crafted mirror tray. This not only adds to the beauty of each diffuser, but actually protects your home surfaces from the oils used in the diffuser. From the relaxing Lavender and Rosemary diffuser to the invigorating Lemon Verbena diffuser, each Agraria diffuser uses natural essential oils, with no fillers or alcohol. As a result, the fragrance of each Agraria diffuser is pure and true and can fill an entire room with subtle, intoxicating fragrance. At any point you can still the reeds for a more pronounced scent. Since they have no fillers or fast-evaporating alcohol, the way other diffusers do, Agraria diffusers can last well over one year, making them an exceptional value.

Agraria scented candles are just as impressive. Agraria features Petite Crystal Cane Candles, which come in a smaller 3.4 oz. size, perfect for clustering together. You can combine Agraria candles together to create your own unique scents or just enjoy a small whiff of scent rather than filling your home with the strong fragrance of larger scented candles. Each of the candles is a work of beauty, with the Agraria crest and a gorgeous silver plated lid. Agraria candles are made with soft waxes carefully blended from vegetable-based wax blends for highest quality, long burning time, and minimum soot. The unique Agraria candle wax blends ensure clean burning candles that maintain their true fragrance to the last drop.

If you are looking for a wonderful way to scent your home, Agraria diffusers and candles are an exceptional choice.

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Spring Candles

Posted by on Apr 12 2010 | holiday candles

In the spring, nothing is better than getting some new luxury candles. At this time of year, we are generally doing some spring cleaning of our homes and adding some scented candles can be a great way to freshen up your home some more and add a fresh scent throughout all your rooms. Once you have finished cleaning and airing out, quality scented candles such as Archipelago candles add gorgeous decorative accents and a wonderful scent to your home.

Spring is also a time for some changes. Most of us are making some changes in our finances after tax season and maybe getting our homes and gardens ready for the warmer days and evenings. Luxury candles are an affordable luxury that can transform your home and garden into a wonderful haven, without a huge cost. Here’s how to rejuvenate your home for spring with quality scented candles:

1) Lighten up your home fragrances. Home sprays leave a heavy layer of scent in your home, which is probably not what you want when you can throw open your windows and let some air in. Also, get rid of scents that are heavily woodsy and musky. Instead, opt for lighter citrus and floral scents. Try Diptyque candles, for example, for a range of wonderful scents that are perfect for the lighter days of spring.

2) Get rid of heavy, dark-colored furnishings and décor accessories. Warmer days mean less clutter, lighter colors, white slipcovers on the furniture, and rattan rugs. Create a beach house look in your home by decorating with candles, seashells, and just a few treasured pieces.

3) Create a summery look by placing scented candles in large glass jars, vases, bowls, or even old-fashioned glass lanterns. This looks gorgeous on summer nights.

4) Turn off the lights and dine by candlelight every night. Cluster candles together on a dining table, sideboard or mantle for a wonderfully romantic and relaxing meal. Dining by candlelight is also ecologically smart – most of us use more energy in the summer on air conditioning, so giving our power use a break for a few hours each night really adds up.

5) Don’t forget the outdoors. Candles outdoors are wonderful in the summer. On a  summer night, cluster candles by your pool before you go for a swim. Or, dine outdoors by candlelight. You can even light your patio party with clusters of candles. Candles are so portable that you can easily tuck them into a picnic hamper you take to the beach, cottage, or park for a great ambience as you eat.

6) Stock up on candles before those summer storms hit. Of course, you can light your house during a power outage with cheap candles from the discount store. But you can also turn your lights out into a romantic adventure with beautiful scented candles. Which sounds better?

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