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Godiva Candles

Posted by on Mar 30 2010 | godiva candles

You’ve likely heard of Godiva chocolates. These quality chocolates are among the most luxurious and sought-after treats available today. In recent years, Godiva has been expanding its line of products, offering Godiva liquors and other Godiva-related products. If you love the idea of Godiva chocolates but don’t want to eat anything that will add to your waistline, you now have the option of choosing Godiva candles. These quality scented candles will fill your home with the intoxicating aroma of Godiva chocolates – without the guilt or the calories.

If you want the luxury of Godiva but don’t want to eat chocolate, Godiva scented candles are your best option. Or, if you love Godiva chocolates and can’t live without chocolate, Godiva Candles are a great way to surround yourself with chocolate even more. Of course, Godiva Candles are the perfect gift for any true chocolate lover. Godiva scented candles are also beautifully designed to add that special decorative touch to your home. Encased in a dark brown glass jar and packaged into a rich gold and brown box, these candles are small works of art. Each box is reminiscent of a box of Godiva’s luxury chocolates, and is topped with a beautiful ribbon. Each glass candle jar is embossed with Godiva’s beautiful and world-famous logo.

Godiva scented candles also offer several intoxicating fragrances. Choose from the Godiva Black Almond Truffle Candle, the Godiva Chocolate Strawberry Rose Candle, the Godiva Milk Chocolate Truffle Candle, the Godiva Peppermint Bark Candle, the Godiva Raspberry Ganache Candle, and the Godiva White Chocolate Magnolia Candle. Many Godiva scented candles are also available as candle tins.

Godiva has been in the chocolate business for over 80 years, so you can be sure that each of their scented candles truly capture the essence of chocolate. In fact, Godiva was so committed to capturing the perfect chocolate scent in each candle that they hired candle master artisan Laura Slatkin of Candela Group, master perfumers, and Godiva’s master chocolatiers to work together to create the most luxurious chocolate scented candles.

Each Godiva candle is made from rich brown wax which has been carefully blended with cocoa butter for optimal clean burning and a luxurious scent. Each 7 oz. candle is carefully crafted to burn for at least 50 hours. Each candle makes a perfect luxury gift for a chocolate lover or for someone who loves chocolate but chooses not to eat it. It makes a perfect addition to a luxury food hamper or makes a great stand-alone gift. Godiva scented candles are perfect for birthdays, weddings, holidays, anniversaries. They also make the perfect pampering “just because” gift to yourself.

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Olivina Candles

Posted by on Mar 18 2010 | olivina candles

Olivina Candles are based on a unique concept: each of the Olivina Candles’ fragrances are based on plants which have powerful antioxidant benefits for the skin. For example, many Olivina Candles have notes of grape seed, grapes, and olive oil. Olivina Candles are manufactured by an ecologically-friendly, green company. Based in Northern California’s Napa Valley, the manufacturers of Olivina Candles take care to use quality ingredients that are locally sourced and evoke the natural beauty of Northern California. Many ingredients that go into Olivina Candles are not only safe but are positively healthy. For example, hand pressed grape seed oils and hand pressed olive oils are included in several of the candles. This unique blend of ingredients not only ensures a cleaner burn for the luxury candles, but ensures your health as well, since these ingredients have been proven by centuries of use to be completely non-toxic.

Olivina Candles are made with ingredients such as olive oil, which is not only a wonderfully spicy scent and earthy, but is also healthy. The candles are also made with ingredients such as citrus fruit, which is wonderfully bright and fruity, and lavender, which is locally sourced and offers a calming fragrance. Honeysuckle and plants are other often-used fragrances in the Olivina Candles collection. Locally sourced ingredients and fragrances allow the manufacturers of Olivina Candles to produce a number of unique scents, including the Olivina Classic Olive Candle, the Olivina Fig Candle, the Olivina Lavender and Bitter Orange Candle, and the Olivina Meyer Lemon Candle.

The makers of Olivina Candles are devoted to creating a sustainable business and using only sustainable products in their candles, and this commitment is reflected in their mission statement and in the way the candles are made. In fact, Olivina Candles are made near Vine Village, a small farming community of disabled adults living in Northern California. Part of the proceeds out of Olivina Candles go to support Vine Village, and many of the artisans who work and live in Vine Village are offered work placements, where possible, in the manufacture of Olivina Candles.

When you buy Olivina Candles, therefore, you are not only getting quality scented candles that are gentle on your indoor air quality and gentle on your health, but you are also supporting a company that creates its candles in the most ecolo-gically friendly way. In addition, you are supporting a company that manufactures its candles in a way that supports local businesses and communities and offers charitable donations to a worthy cause.

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True Grace Candles

Posted by on Mar 08 2010 | true grace candles

True Grace Candles are made in the English village of Wiltshire and are inspired by the beautiful and rich sounds present in a traditional English village, including wildflowers and nature. All True Grace scented candles are carefully poured by hand and are encased in stunning etched glass, perfect for any sort of décor. All the candles are made in workshops in Wiltshire, where the vegetable waxes are carefully blended and poured into each candle, ensuring that each candle smells richly luxuriant from first to last drop of wax. Each candle is made to burn for 40 hours or more, with minimal soot and minimal fuss. All True Grace candles make wonderful gifts and are a truly wonderful present for yourself. The ultimate in luxury, fine craftsmanship and beauty, these candles are the embodiment of luxury and traditional beauty.

True Grace Candles imbue your home with quality and luxury because all True Grace candles are made with the utmost attention to detail. True Grace candles boast at least 40 unique fragrances, which are rich and true, thanks choose the unique blend of vegetable wax that True Grace Candle manufacturers and artisans use to make the candles. If you want to bring the luxury and comfort of an English country village in your home, True Grace Candles will help bring the wonderful fragrance of this part of the world to your home. Whether your home is an English cottage or a modern condo, you can create the coziness of cottage life in the English country life in your home with True Grace Candles.

True Grace Candles offer a range of fragrances, so that you can choose the scents that are best for you. You can even combine several fragrances in order to create a new and unique fragrance for your home. Most True Grace Candles are created with one dominant scent in mind, and are designed to offer a very true and rich scent. You can choose from several candles. The True Grace Cedar Candle is rich and woodsy, spicy and exotic. The True Grace Chamomile Candle is perfectly relaxing and soothing, like having a cup of tea at the end of the day. The True Grace English Lavender Candle reminds you of the fragrance of field of wild lavender. The scent is relaxing. The True Grace Jasmine Flower Candle features the spicy, rich scent of jasmine. The True Grace Moroccan Rose Candle is a rich and exotic fragrance, with a hint of the English rose. The True Grace Rosemary and Eucalyptus Candle combines the bright, sharp fragrances designed to make you feel alert and awake. It is the perfect candle to burn at work. The True Grace Stem Ginger Candle is spicy and peppery, delicious to inhale.

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