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Aquiesse Candles

Posted by on Feb 23 2010 | aquiesse candles

Aquiesse candles have been developed by some of the greatest geniuses in the world of perfumes, creating an unsurpassed product. These luxury candles offer a range of wonderful fragrances that are intoxicating and unique. Each Aquiesse candle scent is based on a natural scent but offers a refreshing twist of sophistication.

Aquiesse candles began when a young boy played with his mother’s luxury perfumes. The young boy, growing up in Santa Barbara, California, was inspired by mixing his mother’s favorite fragrances but was also inspired by the natural scents and nature around him. This early inspiration eventually led to the sophisticated and celebrated catalogue of scents seen in Aquiesse candles.

Aquiesse scented candles were first developed in 2005, but although the manufacturer is quite new, they have used traditional candle-making techniques that date back generations. As well, the company only uses the finest ingredients and scents to create a quality luxury candle that can compete with some of the finest established candle makers in the world. Today, Aquiesse candles have risen to one of the most recognized and respected brands in the industry.

Aquiesse candles may be made using centuries-old techniques, but the approach to candle making is very innovative. Aquiesse took years to develop a proprietary soy wax blend made from organic soybean oil and other natural ingredients which are not only sustainable and reflect today’s environmental concerns, but are also healthy and safe for use in the home. Aquiesse candles are made to have long burn times, produce minimal soot, and capture and expel fragrances perfectly. It has taken centuries of candle making as well as the latest innovations to create a candle product this magnificent. Each Aquiesse candle is made with great care and includes a lead-free wick.

Aquiesse candles are divided into two collections. The Portfolio collection includes scents inspired by the natural beauty of California. This collection includes the Aquiesse Bamboo Teakwood Candle, the Aquiesse Boardwalk Candle, the Aquiesse Cherimoya Candle, the Aquiesse  Ginger Mango Candle, the Aquiesse Golden Amber Candle, the Aquiesse Grapefruit Spearmint Candle, the Aquiesse  Island Frangipane Candle, the Aquiesse  Luxe Linen Candle, the Aquiesse  Mandarin Tea Candle, the Aquiesse  Moonlit Petals Candle, the Aquiesse  Pacific Lime Blossom Candle, the Aquiesse  Pink Peony Candle, the Aquiesse  Pomegranate Sage Candle, the Aquiesse Rioja Candle, the Aquiesse Sandalwood Vanille Candle, the Aquiesse  Shoreline Candle, the Aquiesse  Sunflower Candle, and the Aquiesse Timber Candle. The Exotic collection includes more exotic, worldly scents: the Aquiesse Bergamot Neroli Candle, the Aquiesse Dewy Magnolia Candle, the Aquiesse Floral Decadence Candle, the Aquiesse Green Tea Pear Candle, the Aquiesse Grenadine Hibiscus Candle, the Aquiesse Lychee Mango Candle, and the Aquiesse Tropical Leaves Candle.

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Diptyque, Luxury You Deserve

Posted by on Feb 17 2010 | diptyque candles

Diptique candles are among the most revered candles in the world. These luxury candles have a long and established pedigree. In fact, Diptique candles have been made in Paris (the birthplace of the most beautiful candles in history) for hundreds of years. Generations of expert candle making go into each carefully crafted Diptique  candle. These candles simply have a history that cannot be rivaled. As well, the expertise that goes into the brand shows in the quality of the final product. New candle manufacturers simply do not have the old world artisanship and expertise needed to create something like Diptique candles.

Diptique candles have another unique feature: they are one of the only candles in the world to have never used any artificial products or fragrances. Over their long and storied history, Diptique candles have been made only with all natural fragrances and products. This has created a better candle. Today, when many of us know about the dangerous of synthetic products, this all-natural pedigree is even more prized.

Celebrities, famous interior decorators, and homeowners in the know adore Diptique candles. These candles simply provide the exotic and sophisticated fragrances that discerning people demand. The makers of Diptique candles take care to create not only a quality product but also wonderful, intoxicating scents. Purchasers can choose from many wonderful scents: Diptyque Baies Candles, Diptyque Baies Noir Candles, Diptyque Chene Candles, Diptyque Choisya Candles, Diptyque Coriandre Candles, Diptyque Feu de Bois Candles, Diptyque Feuille de Lavande Candles, Diptyque Figuier Candles, Diptyque Figuier Vert Candles, Diptyque Foin Coupé (New Mown Hay) Candles, Diptyque Gardenia Candles, Diptyque Geranium Rosa Candles, Diptyque Jasmin Candles, Diptyque John Galliano Candles, Diptyque Lilas Candles, Diptyque Maquis Candles, Diptyque Mimosa Candles, Diptyque Muguet Candles, Diptyque Myrrhe Candles, Diptyque Opopanax Candles, Diptyque Oranger Candles, Diptyque Oyédo Candles, Diptyque Patchouli Candles, Diptyque Pomander Candles, Diptyque Roses Candles, Diptyque Thé Candles, Diptyque Tubereuse Candles, Diptyque Tubereuse Rouge Candles, and Diptyque Violette Candles. Each scent is designed to be unforgettable, rich, and long-lasting.

Diptique candles are designed to be a wonderful luxury. From the wonderful packaging, with a thick candle jar adorned with classic lettering, to the smooth wax and wonderful scent, Diptique candles are a work of art. These candles add a touch of luxury to any room. They also offer hours of quality burn time, virtually no soot and a fragrance that stays true from the first drop to the last. Diptique candles have been featured in many decorating and interior design magazines thanks to their beauty and they are chic and stylish with any décor.

In today’s world, luxuries are a must. While you run around through your day, accumulating stress and worries, you need a treat to refresh yourself. The problem is that many luxuries cost a small fortune. A few hours at a spa can cost hundreds of dollars, and a trip to Paris can cost thousands. However, Diptique candles remain a true luxury but an affordable one. You can buy Diptique candles and light them in your own home to unwind. The candles last for dozens of hours and offer a beautiful warm glow and intoxicating fragrance. By candlelight, you can read, soak in a bathtub, listen to music – anything you wish to do to unwind.

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Room Sprays and Why You Need Them

Posted by on Feb 08 2010 | room sprays

Sniff, sniff…what is that smell? Do you notice odors in your home or workplace? Don’t be surprised if the answer is “no.” Many of us become so used to the smells and odors around us that we don’t notice pet smells, cooking odors, and other unpleasant scents. Unsuspecting guests sure can notice these offenders quite easily. Even if you are away from your workplace or home for a while and walk in, you may notice that odors are quite prominent.

Room sprays are a great way to freshen up any space and add a wonderful scent to any environment. There are many reasons why room sprays are so popular:

1) Room sprays are often safer than candles. While candles are a popular way to add scent to a home or space, they can be problematic. You cannot use candles very easily if you have children and pets – unless you are willing to supervise carefully. Candles are also not permissible in many work environments, offices, public buildings, and hotels – all places where you might want a quick boost of fragrance. Room sprays, since they use no open flame, work perfectly just about everywhere.

2) Rooms sprays can help you spot treat. If only one room needs a quick burst of fragrance, sprays can be a great way to treat that. Unlike other forms of scent, which diffuse scent over large spaces, sprays are perfect for taking care of one stinky area..

3) Room sprays allow you to fight fire with fire. Some odors are quite strong and simply cannot be tackled with scented candles, which offer only light scents, most of the time. Sprays, however, are powerful and you can spray heavily in one area and more lightly in another, as needed.

4) Room sprays offer a range of scent options. Room sprays come in plenty of scents and you can even spray two fragrances in one room for your own unique fragrance. There are some truly wonderful and innovative room sprays available, including Diptyque Baies Room Spray, Diptyque Feu de Bois Room Spray, Diptyque Feuille de Lavande Room Spray, Diptyque Figuier Room Spray, Diptyque Gardenia Room Spray, Diptyque John Galliano Room Spray, Diptyque Roses Room Spray, Diptyque Tubereuse Room Spray, Seda France Elegant Gardenia Room Mist, Seda France French Tulip Room Mist, Seda France Japanese Quince Room Mist, Voluspa Goji and Tarocco Orange Room Spray, and many more. All are perfect for the most elegant home and the most discerning homeowner.

5) Room sprays tackle the odors that cleaning can’t handle. Cleaning can take care of a number of home odors, but odors caused by cooking, for example, cannot be easily taken care of with some cleaning. For these tough-to-tackle odors, room sprays are perfect.

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