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Christmas Candle Scents

Posted by on Nov 24 2009 | holiday candles

During the holiday season, you likely want to deck the halls and really decorate your home to reflect the spirit of the season. There is no better way to decorate your home than with scented candles. Scented candles are an affordable way to add beautiful light, color, and scent to your home. They tickle all your senses and really make it feel a lot like Christmas. A home seems much more inviting and beautiful at the holiday season when lit brilliantly with candles. When those candles are beautifully scented, the aroma just adds to the magic of the season.

Scented candles come in a variety of holiday fragrances, so that you can choose the sort of statement you would like to make. Holiday candle scents range from the peppermint of candy canes to rich spicy fragrances, filled with cloves and nutmeg and reminiscent of your favorite holiday treats. Nothing puts you in the spirit of the holidays like beautiful scented candles, so look for a favorite candle scent that you can enjoy all season.

Scented candles also happen to make it easy to decorate. Candles are so flexible that you can use them in a variety of ways. You can cluster candles on a mantelpiece, among greenery. You can place scented candles on a windowsill. You can place candles into special holders when you go caroling. Holiday candles also make a wonderful centerpiece at the dinner table. Look around – you’ll find lots of ways to add scent, beauty, color, and light to your home with candles.

Scented candles are also a wonderful way to unwind during the holiday season. When we are rushing about, buying gifts and sending cards, it is important to keep in mind that stress can be a major problem at this time of year. The same scented candles which make your home lovely at this time of year can help you relax and ease stress and worries. Run a bath by candlelight or relax in a darkened room by candlelight, sipping on a festive drink. You can even use scented candles to meditate. Just remember to take care of yourself as well as the season at this time of year.

Keep in mind that candles are deeply symbolic of the holiday season, making them a perfect décor choice at this time of year. Most holidays at this time of year use candles as symbols. The Christian holiday of Christmas is created to celebrate the birth of Jesus, known as the light of the world. Christians celebrate with advent wreaths decorated with candles. The Jewish holiday of Hanukah is known as the Festival of Lights and a major part of the celebration is the lighting of the candles on the Menorah. Individuals who celebrate Kwanzaa also light candles to celebrate the season. Candles are not just a pretty way to celebrate the season – they are deeply symbolic and rooted in the rich history of this time of year.

Remember to buy a few extra candles to have on hand as last-minute gifts. When shopping for the scented candles that will light your home at this time of year, buy a few extra candles. Candles make wonderful stocking-stuffers and last-minute gifts for those surprise gift exchanges.

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Reed Diffusers and Why I Love Them

Posted by on Nov 17 2009 | aromatherapy, diffusers

Adding scent to my home is one of the best affordable luxuries I know. Nothing makes a home seem more romantic, cozy, or sophisticated than the right scent. Scenting my surroundings makes me feel completely pampered but really doesn’t cost very much. There are many ways to scent my home, including scented candles, sprays, plug-in refreshers, and diffusers. Reed diffusers are one of my absolute favorite products to scent my home, and there are many reasons why:

1) Reed diffusers offer value. Reed diffusers are very simple products. They consist of a decorative jar, reeds, and scented oil. Each diffuser lasts weeks or months and once all the oil has evaporated, you only need to replace the reeds and the scented oil. This makes diffusers far more cost-effective than many types of products, which last far less time and need to be replaced entirely.

2) Reed diffusers have aromatherapy value. In order for aromatherapy to work, you need to use essential oils, not synthetic scented products. Unfortunately, most home décor scent products use synthetic fragrances, making them an imperfect match for aromatherapy use. Reed diffusers, on the other hand, can use essential oils, and therefore allow you to easily add some aromatherapy benefits to your environment.

3) Reed diffusers are safer and healthier than many types of scented products. Reed diffusers, quite simply, do not make use of flame. This is not only safer, as it means that reed diffusers do not pose a fire risk, but it is also healthier. Unlike products involving open flame, diffusers do not produce soot and other toxins. Reed diffusers that use essential oils may also be less harmful than products which use some synthetic scents.

4) Reed diffusers can be used in many places, including areas where other home scent products can’t be used. Many public places – including hotel rooms and offices – ban the use of candles because of the risk of fire. In addition, many scented sprays should not be used around children or pets. Reed diffusers can be used in many places where other products simply cannot be used.

5) Reed diffusers offer many scents. Reed diffusers come in an array of scents. One is sure to fit your mood. I adore the Altru Artistry (Masala Chai) diffuser. It’s rich, spicy scent feels cozy and sophisticated and always reminds me of an exotic adventure overseas. I’m also a big fan of the Archipelago Lemon Eucalyptus Diffuser, which makes me feel alert and peppy. It is also very soothing when I am under the weather. It’s crisp scent is perfect for work.

6) Reed diffusers are very simple to use. There is no spraying or trimming of wicks. In fact, once you place the reeds in the diffuser, you can forget about it. Every once in a  while you can refresh the scent by turning the reeds over, but essentially diffusers work on their own, filling your home with a wonderful scent.

7) Reed diffusers aren’t overwhelming. Have you ever walked into a room and been overwhelmed by a fragrance product? I know I have and it’s not very pleasant. With sprays and other types of scent products, it can be easy to overdo, but with reed diffusers this is unlikely to happen. Reed diffusers emit the prefect amount of subtle fragrance into your environment, without overwhelming you with scent.

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Christmas Candle Gift Ideas

Posted by on Nov 09 2009 | Candle Gifts, holiday candles

It’s that time of year again: It’s time to shop for holiday gifts and exchange presents with those we love. If the thought of your holiday list makes you want to hyperventilate, relax. You can make things simple with beautiful candles as gifts. Candles are not only affordable and always appropriate, but they can help you in a wide array of gift-giving debacles:

1) Stocking stuffers. Scented candles are a great thing to tuck into Christmas stockings. Everyone appreciates a nice candle in their stocking and the candle will make all your small gifts smell spectacular.

2) Donations. If you want to give this gift season, consider giving more than just those unused cans of food in your pantry. Consider creating gift baskets and including some beautiful candles and donating them to a shelter. Those living in shelters and trying to rebuild their lives often feel their situation very keenly at this time of year. While all donations and gifts are much appreciated, a little pampering gift really reaches out and lets someone know that you care.

3) Last-minute gifts. There is nothing more dreaded than the unexpected or last-minute gift. You may not have someone on your holiday list, but if someone shows up at your door with a present, what will you do? Don’t fret. Wrap a few beautiful candles under the tree and leave off the tags. You’ll have the perfect gift at all times, with no worries and no hassle.

4) Those hard-to-shop for recipients. What do you get the person who has everything? How about a little “me” time? A beautiful scented candle by a quality brand like Altru candles can make everyone feel special. Even for hard to shop for gift recipients, candles are the perfect choice since everyone loves lovely scented candles.

5) Corporate gifts. Corporate gifts are often tricky. You want to make a great impression on coworkers, your boss, clients, and customers, but what gift is thoughtful without being inappropriate, and classy without being impersonal? The answer is obvious: candles. Beautiful candles are a great way to show you care while also remaining professional. You can even invest in candle gift sets for everyone on your corporate holiday list.

6) Gift giving details. Sometimes it’s the little details that make gift giving special. Here’s an idea for the holidays: Before the holidays start, tuck a few unwrapped scented holiday candles among your holiday cards, wrapping paper, and ribbons. By the time it’s time to wrap your gifts and send your cards, your holiday papers will be beautifully scented. You can light one of the unwrapped candles as you wrap gifts and write cards.

7) Gift wrapping. Wrapping odd-shaped gifts can be a nightmare, but you want your gifts to look beautiful. Quality candles are the perfect choice. These candles come in square boxes which are easy to wrap. Plus, many are already packaged so beautifully that you don’t need to add another layer of wrapping paper – a beautiful bow or ribbon may be all you need.

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