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Diptyque Candles

Posted by on Sep 22 2009 | diptyque candles

It’s no secret: in the world of high-end candles, Diptyque candles are among the best of the best. These Parisian candles are renowned for their exceptional quality and their beautiful designs. Plus, the manufacturers of Diptyque candles are famous for never having used synthetic fragrances in their products. Among luxury scented candles, this places Diptyque candles in a unique category. It is also very reassuring for those discriminating customers who are worried about the chemicals and toxins in their home. Even luxury candles with synthetic fragrances can introduce unwanted chemicals into the home. Since Diptyque candles only use the abundance of nature’s scents in their candles, however, customers of this unique candle line do not need to worry about chemicals or synthetic products.

That’s not all: Diptyque candles exceed all your expectations when it comes to luxury scented candles. Each Diptyque candle burns for an average of 50 to 60 hours, so that you get the absolute best value from each candle. Of course, each candle is perfectly scented to the last drop so that you get to enjoy every last drop of wonderful fragrance. Each Diptyque candle is also made from lead-free wicks and pure paraffin wax, offering the finest quality you would expect from a renowned Paris candle maker.

The scents of Diptyque candles are nothing short of intoxicating. From the wonderful Diptyque Baies Candle to the intoxicating Diptyque Chene Candle to the Diptyque Coriandre Candle, the Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle, the Diptyque Feuille de Lavande Candle, the Diptyque Figuier Candle, the Diptyque Figuier Vert Candle, the Diptyque Gardenia Candle, the Diptyque Jasmin Candle, the Diptyque Jasmin Candle, the Diptyque John Galliano Candle, the Diptyque Mimosa Candle, the Diptyque Patchouli Candle, the Diptyque Pomander Candle, the Diptyque Roses Candle, the Diptyque Tubereuse Candle, to the stunning Diptyque Violette Candle, Diptyque candles offer a range of amazing scents for even the choosiest nose. Plus, since each Diptyque candle is made from all-natural fragrances, the wonderful scent of each candle burns absolutely true and pure.

The manufacturers of Diptyque candles have especially designed their scents to be combined. You can light two or more Diptyque candles from the same scent family (such as floral, for example) at opposite ends of one room and create your own unique signature scent. It is the perfect way to express yourself with scent in your own home.

Since Diptyque candles are made in the fashion capital of the world, it’s no surprise that these candles are also designed to be fashionably stylish. These candles would look at home in even the most fabulous home, thanks to their classic design, gorgeous black lettering, and bold glass jar. Diptyque candles are truly works of art that work with your décor, whether your home is decorated art deco, Victorian, or something in between. Diptyque candles have been featured in decorating magazine photo shoots, and it is easy to see why. These candles are like the little black dress for your home: they always look wonderful and they always work. There is simply no better way to bring scent, light, and beauty into your living environment.

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Candle Scents for Different Moods

Posted by on Sep 18 2009 | scented candles

It’s no secret that candles can help set the mood. Whether you are in the mood for unwinding or dancing all night, candles are the perfect way to create the mood you want. That’s because scented candles use the power of aromatherapy to sent powerful signals to your brain and your mind responds in kind with just the mood you are trying to set. Whether you are trying to relax or romance that special someone, luxury scented candles also use the power of lighting and the power of beautiful color to help you set the right pace. What mood do you want to set tonight? Why not consider:

1) Romantic. Set the tone for loving with candles. Candles are perfect for romance because most of us associate candle-lit dinners and low lighting with seduction. Candles are perfect for ushering in romance because they combine visual beauty with soft, flattering light and add a good dose of delicious fragrance. They simply tickle the senses and help you get sensual. According to aromatherapy experts, some of the scents that promote romance include oranges, roses, ylang ylang, and patchouli, to name just a few. The Belle Fleur Orange Blossom Pomegranate Candle sets the mood beautifully with wonderful scents of orange blossom, pomegranate, roses, and cassis.

2) Relaxing. Candles can help you soothe away tensions and stress at the end of a day. According to aromatherapy experts, lavender, jasmine, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang, vanilla, chamomile, and orange soothe away stress and tension and allow you to really relax. Like its name suggests, the Aromatherapy Interventions Chill Out Soy Candle is perfect for unwinding. Notes of ylang ylang and lavender help create a peaceful, stress-free mood.

3) Revitalizing. Sometimes, you need a little extra boost to get going, especially if you work at home or want to get some great energy going for a party. According to aromatherapy experts, jasmine, lemon, patchouli, peppermint, sandalwood, pine, and clove are just a few of the scents that help get rid of fatigue and give you more pep in your step. The Flare Evergreen Candle, for example, combines bright, fresh fragrances to give you a new take on life.

4) Cozy. According to aromatherapy experts, Coconut, Sandalwood, apples, cinnamon and spicy scents create a cozy atmosphere. The Altru Humanity (Dark Amber & Spice) Candle is a perfect way to create a cozy home atmosphere. With scents of dark amber, clove, vanilla and smoked cedar wood, this candle helps you create a rich, welcoming environment in your home. Plus, proceeds from this candle go towards Alliance for a New Humanity, a non-profit groups working to create a peaceful and sustainable world. Therefore, while you improve the environment in your home, you’re helping others create their homes.

5) Exotic. Maybe you’re an armchair traveler. Or, perhaps you want to get away from the everyday without spending your savings on an exotic safari. Exotic scented candles, rich with spices, let you set an exotic, adventurous mood in your own home with minimal effort. If you want to get away from it all, look no further than the Votivo Moroccan Fig Candle. With rich, warm spices, this candle will make you feel a million miles away from your everyday life.

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Aromatherapy Benefits

Posted by on Sep 14 2009 | aromatherapy

Aromatherapy was first used by the ancient Egyptians, who realized that certain essential oils could help heal certain conditions or could help induce certain moods – such as tranquility. Ancient Egyptians used oils and massage as part of their aromatherapy practices. When aromatherapy became popular again the 1930s, essential oils were again used.

Aromatherapy is beneficial because it is a safe way to heal your body and mind. For example, we all know that stress is a major cause of disease and other problems today. Aromatherapy helps us ease away stress with natural essential oils that have been in use for thousands of years and have been proven safe. Obviously, this is much better than simply taking another pill. Aromatherapy affects our mind, since the properties of essential oils have different effects on different areas of our brain. Simply by selecting the essential oils to the benefits we want, we can enjoy a safe and effective way of enjoying better energy, less stress, or even fewer headaches. There are aromatherapy solutions that can help with many common conditions, from chronic pain to PMS to panic attacks and more.

One major obstacle to aromatherapy is time. With full-time jobs and active social lives, few of us have the time to head out to get professional aromatherapy massages each day. Home therapy oils can be messy in baths or as massage oils and also tend to take up a great deal of time.

A better solution might be diffusers. Diffusers allow you to enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy essential oils while you work or go about your daily tasks. Simply light a diffuser and allow the natural scents to provide you with the health benefits you seek. Diffusers are dipped into essential oils and are allowed to sit on your desk, where they slowly and constantly produce a rich fragrance. There is no heat or flame involved, so diffusers are very safe to use, even if you have pets or small children. There is simply no risk of fire. Diffusers also work constantly. If you want to be alert at work, for example, just set up a diffuser with the right essential oil on your desk and the fragrances will gently help you feel most revitalized. If you have trouble sleeping, lavender or other essential oils in a diffuser on your night stand will work all night, soothing away stress, anxiety, and tension.

Another option for effective aromatherapy that does not require lots of time involves quality scented candles. Aromatherapy candles release the right essential fragrances and oils into the air to bring you the mood or health benefits you want. You have total control of your aromatherapy experience – you can light your candles when and where you wish, every time you need a little extra help. With no mess and no extra time needed, candles allow you to enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy. Plus, some candle manufactures, such as Aromatherapy Interventions Candles, are especially designed for aromatherapy. They are tested and designed to offer you maximum benefits and also take all the guesswork out of aromatherapy. Just select the health benefits you want and select the candle that matches the benefits and you can begin to enjoy the advantages of aromatherapy right away.

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Candle Safety Rules

Posted by on Sep 06 2009 | candle safety

Candles are a wonderful way to add scent, beauty, and mood lighting to your home. However, it is also important to remember that all candles involve open flames and this means that candles need to be respected and used correctly to be safe. To stay safe and to add a little beauty to your life, be sure to follow these rules of candle safety:

1. Buy high-quality candles. Unfortunately, some low-cost imported candles are not terribly safe. Some have been found to contain lead wicks and chemical fillers. Some have thin jars that break when the candle heats up. When you burn a candle, that candle’s ingredients become part of your air quality. Therefore, always look for candles made by respected manufacturers and make sure the candles you trust in your home are made from high quality ingredients that are safe for you to use.

2. Always keep an eye on your candles. Candles need to be supervised at all times. Even a few seconds is enough for a pet or a child to knock a candle down and start a fire.

3. Choose your candle locations carefully. When you place your candles around your home, look for spots that are away from walls, curtains, books, papers, and other flammable objects. Place your candles on a solid metal or glass surface that will not light on fire. All candles can heat up objects near them and when the objects close to candles are flammable, this heat might be enough to start a fire.

4. Get into the habit of blowing out your candles when you are not in the room. Not only will this ensure that you can enjoy every last drop of your scented candles, it will ensure that you do not forget about your candles and leave the house with candles still burning.

5. Make sure that your smoke detectors are working. Whether you use candles or not, you should have at least one smoke detector on every floor of your home. At least once every few months, you should check to make sure that the batteries in the smoke detector continue to work. If there is a fire in your home, smoke detectors are your first line of defense and ensure that you get out safely.

6. Keep candles up high. Place candles at face level or above. This ensures that they won’t be knocked over as you walk by. If you have pets or children, keeping candles up high also ensures that curious paws or hands don’t come too close to the open flame.

7. Before lighting candles or relighting them, ensure that wicks are ¼ of an inch in length. You may need to trim wicks from time to time, but shorter wicks ensure that your candles burn evenly and don’t drip. Trimmed wicks also reduce harmful soot.

8. Do not allow debris – such as wick trimmings or matches – to fall into the candles. This debris can catch on fire.

9. Always read and follow the safety instructions that come with your candle. The instructions are there to help you make the most of your new purchase safely.

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