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Nest Candles – New from Laura Slatkin

Posted by on Feb 26 2009 | nest candles

The new Nest Candles from Laura Slatkin are an exciting and welcome addition to the world of fine home fragrance and luxury candles. The founder and president of Slatkin & Co, Laura Slatkin, has created a line of luxuriously scented candles that were first sold in late 2008. This collection of twelve candles are designed to bring some affordable luxury to daily life. Unlike other candles featuring quality ingredients and fine fragrances, these candles are designed to be used each day. They still offer luxury but these irresistible fragrances won’t simply be tucked away in a drawer and forgotten.

These new candles offer the ultimate in comfort, luxury, elegance and value. Their name, Nest, is evocative of the essence Laura Slatkin wanted to embody with this line. Rather than offering simple luxury candles that would be used on a few occasions, she wanted to create products that people would enjoy each day, something that people could literally “feather their nest” with. With the Nest line, she has succeeded with candles that create a cozy and yet unique and welcoming ambience.

Just because Nest candles are created for everyday use, that does not mean that they are short on style or sophistication. Far from it. In fact, each candle in the collection is encased in a velvety soft red or black box embossed with the “N” of the nest line. Each of the candles in the Nest Candles by Laura Slatkin collection is encased in a thick striped glass with frosted and clear stripes. The look is timeless and elegant, sure to fit in with any décor.

If you are already familiar with the high quality of all Slatkin & Co products, you likely have some idea of the superb quality of the Nest Candles by Laura Slatkin. Each of the Nest Candles by Laura Slatkin uses the highest quality perfumes for a true scent that lasts as long as the candle does. Each candle is made from a carefully perfected recipe of soft, soy-blended, wax that ensures long burn time, clean burning and perfect scent release. When you burn this candle, the aroma is released consistently, for many hours of delicious scent. In fact, many of the Nest Candles by Laura Slatkin have a burn time of over 50 hours, making them a superlative value.

Of course, no look at the Nest Candles by Laura Slatkin would be complete without a look at the intoxicating fragrances offered in this collection. One of the most popular candles from this collection is the Nest Moss and Mint candle. The blended scents of apple blossom, mint, and muguet in this candle blend nicely with more subtle notes of vetiver and oak moss. Other popular scents in the collection include Bamboo, Beeswax and Whipped Cream, Freesia Kiwi, Grapefruit, Mahogany, Moroccan Amber, Orange Blossom, Periwinkle Hyacinth, Pink Jasmine, Wild Oats and Bourbon, and Wasabi Pear. You’re sure to find a new home fragrance you will adore among these wonderful and exotic scents. You can even combine more than one candle in the same room for a unique, personalized scent.

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Abahna Candles and Their Fragrances

Posted by on Feb 14 2009 | abahna candles

Abahna Candles are high quality luxury candles that offer sophisticated fragrances, long burning times, high quality craftsmanship, and a gentle glow. If you have never tried a luxury candle before, you are in for a treat. Each Abahna candle is made from completely natural wax of the highest quality, ensuring a long burning time and ensuring an even and clean burn. No need to worry about excessive soot or wasted wax with these high-quality candles!

If you want to bring a soft light and a truly pleasant ambience into your home, forget those cheap candles that feature garish colors and harsh, chemically-smelling scents. Not only are these candles hardly setting the mood, but some cheaper generic candles may contain lead and undesirable chemicals. That is not what you want in your home. For your home, you want the best – you want Abahna candles.

The highlight of Abahna candles really is their amazing fragrance. The makers of Abahna candles are so serious about scent that they travel the entire world to find wonderful, new fragrance combinations and to find the pure essential oils that go into Abahna candles. All Abahna candles are made from natural oils. This is not only much safer for you than chemical fragrances, but essential oils also capture fragrances for a longer period of time more faithfully. If you have ever purchased an inexpensive candle that smelled nothing like the fragrance promised or faded soon after you lit it, then you already know the dangers of using man-made chemicals to scent candles. With Abahna candles, you never have to worry about losing fragrance or having a scent that is overpowering. The makers of Abahna candles have perfected their formula over many years so that each candle releases the right amount of true fragrance. Each Abahna candle will release a rich scent that will infuse your entire room but will never be overpowering.

The makers of Abahna candles also do not believe that you should be limited to a few basic fragrances. They have blended exotic and unusual scents together to create intoxicating combinations, such as those found in the Abahna Frangipani and Orange Blossom Candle, the Abahna Frankincense and Sweet Orange Candle, the Abahna Himalayan Cedarwood and Rose Otto Candle, and the White Grapefruit and May Chang Candle. Each of these candles will make you feel as though you have stepped into the most luxurious spa and each fragrance is pure and strong enough to use for aromatherapy.

Each candle from the Abahna collection is even designed with the principles of aromatherapy in mind. The Abahna Himalayan Cedarwood and Rose Otto Candle, for example, combines Himalayan Cedarwood, a fragrance that inspires and revives, and Rose Otto, a scent prized by aromatherapists for its enlivening properties. The candle also includes essential oils of Indian Sandalwood (for relaxation), Petitgrain (for calming), and Neroli (for soothing the mind). Fans of aromatherapy will love the carefully blended and balanced scents, while others will adore the delicious fragrance of the candle.

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My Favourite Archipelago Botanicals

Posted by on Feb 03 2009 | archipelago candles

It’s very hard to choose from among the many Archipelago Botanicals candles. That’s because each of the Archipelago candles is a work of fine art. These candles are not your average wax products. Each Archipelago Botanicals candle is made from the best ingredients, including over 50% natural soy wax. Each Archipelago Botanicals candle is also carefully hand-poured and uses only the best fragrances so that the candles burn longer and cleaner and prove more fragrant than just about any other candle on the market. Just one casual sniff is all it took to convince me that Archipelago Botanicals candles were something magnificent.

Some days, I think the Archipelago Botanicals Excursion Collection Candles are my favorites. These candles blend spices, woodsy scents and flower fragrance into one intoxicating mix. I find that men love them because they are not too feminine or flowery but these candles are still softer and more muted than most traditionally “masculine” scents. The wicks are completely lead-free for your complete safety and each candle is encased in a stunning apothecary-type thick glass jar to match all décor. Each candle burns for 60 hours and not one minute of that is scent-free.

Other days, I think the Archipelago Botanicals Signature Candles are my favorites. These candles come in a rainbow of intoxicating and unique scents, including African Freesia, Almond Sage Candle, Bamboo Teak, Bergamot Tobacco, Blackberry Sage, Burl Wood, Casablanca Blossom, Cucumber Melon, Gingered Grapefruit, Jasmine Hibiscus, Lavender Spice, Lemon Eucalyptus, Loganberry, Pomegranate Citrus, Rhurbarb Vanilla, Wasabi Mint, White Fig, and other wonderful scents. Each candle burns for at least 50 hours and your candle remains wonderfully fragrant for every minute of that time, so you don’t lose a penny of value.

Some days, nothing but the Archipelago Botanicals Destinations Collection Candles will do for me. These candles are wonderfully luxurious, with some of the best fragrances in the world. Each candle burns for an incredible 90 hours and comes gorgeously gift-wrapped with a luggage tag.

Sometimes, I am convinced that Archipelago Botanicals Home Collection Candles are my favorites. These candles include delicious gourmet scents for the true sophisticate. The candles burn for more than 90 hours, so I really get value for my money (and I love that). Some of my favorite fragrances from this collection include Arugula, Caramel, Currant, Ebony Wood, Expresso,  Gingergrass, Green Fig, Guava, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Jasmine, Lemmongrass, Lindenwood, Magnolia, Mojito, Rosemary, Sweet Pea, Sycamore, Vetiver, and Wisteria, although there are many more fragrances to choose from.


Some days, I just want Archipelago Botanicals Monogram Collection Candles in my home. Each of these candles is a visual treat, because they come monogrammed with an initial that gives a clue to the scent inside. Each candle box is a stunning pastel with a crystal attached. Each candle burns for 60 hours with no fuss and no soot. The monogram makes this a wonderful gift for everyone, but I have to admit that my favorite candle is the “M” – for me.

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