Favorite Spring Scented Candles

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The springtime is finally coming and we should be prepared for intensive changes that come along with this wonderful season. In almost every culture, it symbolizes a period of re-birth and new beginnings, the period of awakening after a cold and sleepy winter. This is the inevitable part of the life circle and although we sometimes forget it, we are still particles of this natural flow. Thus, in order to take the most from the nature and its enormous energy, instead of moving upstream constantly, we need to recognize all its gifts that grow around us and feel them deeply with every sense.

Nest White Narcisse CandleSpeaking about luxury scented candles, spring is definitely the most inspiring season and it is not a mystery why. Devine fragrances of nature are probably the first heralds of spring that we can notice even before the last covering of snow loses its battle with the sun. The high-end candlemakers use the centuries-long knowledge to capture the essence of these fragrances and give them back to us through their exquisite products, so that we can feel the nature even when we are trapped inside our offices or homes.

One of the seasonal highlight is Nest’s White Narcisse Classic candle that except the alluring natural extract of narcissus offers sophisticated and seductive notes of French mimosa, crisp muguet and creamy sandalwood. Besides, Nest Fragrances paid a special attention to its design, creating an extraordinary sculpted floral porcelain container that can serve as a nice decoration after the candle burn out.

Another product that immediately pulls the attention with its beautiful and vivid design is Archipelago Acacia Blossom Boxed Candle. Poured into a bluish tumbler and presented in a decorative gift box, this stunning candle brings the main scent of acacia, complemented with aromas of pressed orchid, freesia and linden blossom.

Le Palais des Thés created an interesting blend, inspired by the fragility of the first seasonal flowers. Gentle and feminine, a Fleur de Geisha Candle combines a fresh aroma of black tea with delicate floral scents and the sweetness of rice powder. If you want to experience the entire set of natural fragrances, then Red Flower’s Little Flower Six Candles Set, including Italian Blood Orange, French Lavender, Icelandic Moonflower, Indian Jasmine, Moroccan Rose and Ocean mini candles, can be the perfect choice.

If you want to experience the authentic flavor of bloomed meadows in spring, there is Dayna Decker’s Bardou Candle with its refined blend of pink peppercorn, fresh greens, wild rose, pink peony, cardamom and redwood essences. These and a number of other luxurious candles are waiting to be discovered. Thus, let the spring inspire you in every moment of your day.

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Amouage Scented Candles

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The renowned candlemaker Amouage presented series of new fragrances, carefully selected for both sophisticated women and men who are searching for unique experience that transcends time and distances. Exotic, seductive and healing aroma of the latest Amouage candles will transport you directly from your room to the yet undiscovered epochs and places, while enriching your personal space with optimum dose of stylishness and luxury.

Amouage Lyric CandleAbout three decades ago, at the request of His majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman, Amouage started producing exquisite candles which are today known as ones of the most luxurious scented products in the market. The Sultan’s intention was to represent his country, known for extremely rare and breathtaking perfumes, by offering the world an extraordinary selection of scented candles. In order to take the very essence of authentic local scents, Amouage hired the best French perfumers and candlemakers who applied a centuries-long tradition on the creations of these sophisticated products.

Today, Amouage candles proudly presents a great choice of amazing candles, whose delicate blends and stylish designs become true symbols of the quality living. Several high-end products, created specially for ladies, beautifully intertwine the sources of eternal feminine beauty with the needs of modern women. Thus, there is a stunning Jubilation 25 Woman Candle, presented as the product for the elegant, enigmatic and sophisticated woman who lives her life as an art form. If you doubt, try to inbreathe the energy that comes with the exotic blend of frankincense, lemon, rose, tarragon and ylang ylang.

Amouage Memoir Woman Candle presents her past, present and future, all recalled by the unique aromas of absinthe, cardamon, mandarin and pink pepper. Inspired by the rose and underlined by powerful scents of cardamon, geranium, jasmine, vetiver and ylang ylang, Amouage Lyric Woman Candle leads to the mystical place where time does not exist. For lovers of spicy fragrances, there is a thrilling Epic Candle for Woman which narrates about the ancient Silk Road from China to Arabia. Of course, the words are replaced by flavors of cinnamon, cumin, geranium, rose and tea.

For the modern man with confidence, Amouage created an exquisite Lyric Man Candle that offers a scent of rare, masculine rose, highlighted by aromas of anjelica, frankincense and pine. Finally, there is another stunning blend, particularly made for men. It is Amouage Jubilation XXV Man Candle that brings the complex mixture of coriander, frankincense, honey, musk, myrrh and orange fragrances.

Encased in a frosted glass with a gold logo silk-screened on it, each Amouage scented candle provides 40 hours of burning time. With the price range that goes a little bit over $100, these are certainly ones of the most luxurious high-end candles on the market. Still, their extraordinary quality, astonishing design and exclusivity make them be highly south-after among candle lovers.

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Le Palais des Thés Scented Candles

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Thé des Moines CandleIf you are one of tea enthusiasts who cannot imagine a single day without a tea break and who enjoys experimenting with new, rare and exotic tastes, you will probably like the scanted candle concept that the eminent Parisian tea house came up with. By implementing the great knowledge in selecting the special sorts of high-quality teas to the creation of exquisite aromatic blends, Le Palais des Thés produced its line of luxurious candles that will leave powerful aromas fulfilling your personal space, long after the last drop of your favorite tea is consumed.

Founders of Le Palais des Thés have spent more than 25 years, traveling and exploring new regions in quest for extraordinary sorts of tea, some of which have been inevitable parts of local gastronomies during centuries, yet totally unexploited in the west. Today, the Parisian house reveals to us those delicious tastes from dozen of countries, including China, India, Japan, Taiwan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. By adding fruity aromas and essential oils to already beautiful fragrances of flavoring teas, Le Palais des Thés created delicate scented blends to infuse in its high-end candles.

Each designed in the original way and highlighted with a different striking color, Le Palais des Thés scented candles speak inspiring stories and reveal to us different places and cultures. Its Thé des Concubines Candle recalls a sensual and mysterious spirit of the traditional Chinese tea house, fulfilling the room with a blend of black tea and spicy aromas. Thé des Lords Candle finds the connection among sunny Sicily and fogy London, offering the luscious blend with the dominant aromas of black tea and blood orange.

Created from rare, sacred plants and flowers, based on the ancient recipe from Tibetan monasteries, Le Palais des Thés Thé des Moines Candle brings the calming atmosphere of Buddhist temples. For those who need quick and efficient refreshment, there is a Thé du Hammam Candle with its complex blend of fresh green tea, delicate rose petals, orange blossoms, ripe red fruits and crystallized fruits.

Made of food-grade paraffin according to the highest standards, each Le Palais des Thés candle with the weight of 7 oz. ensures solid burning time of 50 hours. With its original approach, the renowned French brand gives us a chance to discover amazing sorts of tea through the world of luxury candles.

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Rosy Rings Scented Candles

Posted by on Feb 27 2013 | rosy rings candles

The story about Rosy Rings Candles is the best proof that you do not need anything special for a real success, as long as you possess passion, creativity and a good idea. What started in the basement as an experimental hobby, some 15 years ago, turned out into the serious manufacturing of high-end scented candles, followed by the exceptional quality which is recognized in almost every part of the United States. Each available in a signature craft box and made from recycled materials, Rosy Rings Candles feature natural wax blends, delicately combined with a wide variety of essential oils and high quality fragrances.

Rosy Rings Botanical Blackberry Fig CandleMany things have been changing rapidly for this Denver based candlemaker, but basic work principles stay unchanged. Despite the fact that we are living in the time of mass production, each particular process in the manufacturing of a single candle is done by hands, which requires two entire days of working. However, the patient and complex production is the only true guarantee of a high-end quality that Rosy Rings Candles definitely possess.

Each brand’s Botanical Candle (which is actually two candles coupled into one) contains a proprietary blend of refined paraffin, soy wax, beeswax and a great dose of aromatic oils. A Botanical candle comes in a stylish amber glass vessel, with the weight of 17.5 oz. and provides amazing 85 hours of burning time.

Furthermore, this relatively young candlemaker provides a number of wonderful scented candles in small Apothecary Jars. These delicious products contain 100 percent natural soy wax blends, as well as cotton wicks. They are available in two sizes – the petit one with the weight of 2 oz. gives about 15 hours of joy, while the 9 oz. candle ensures 50 hours of burning time.

There is a great selection of delicate fragrances, from flowers and fruit to assorted fauna. Thus, Rosy Rings Botanica Anjou Pear Candle comes with a delicious sweet aroma of a French fruit tart, as it is just taken out of the oven. If you prefer the flavor of fresh fruits, there is a Botanica Blackberry Fig Candle, offering the uplifting summer blend of figs, blackberry, peaches, complemented with soft floral notes, balsam, crushed clove and tonka bean.

For the lovers of the authentic atmosphere around campfires, Rosy Rings created a Botanica Cinnamon Piñon Candle that combines smoky aromas of cedarwood, patchouli, oranges, musk, sandalwood, amber, cinnamon and clove. A Botanica Forest Candle brings the fresh kick from an evergreen forest. This complex blend combines flavors of a soft moss, pine needles, red cedar, canopy and dewy ferns, underlines with hints of citron, golden raspberry and ginger. Off course, there are a lot more beautiful fragrances from Rosy Rings Candles that you can enjoy. With very affordable prices, these eco-friendly products seem like great choices for this spring.

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Powerful Scents Can Really Make You Happier

Posted by on Feb 20 2013 | scented candles

Most of us rush through life, overlooking the importance of little things which are all around us, while desperately waiting for something big and significant to happen. The truth is that those seemingly little things, if we recognize them and utilize them fully, will awake an enormous power within us, which then can be used for crucial changes of our internal world. This is a story about them, about flower in your office, alluring scented candle in your room, about pets, about a beautiful picture or a meaningful quote attached to the wall right above your computer. Each of them can seriously increase the quality of your being. Even if you are skeptical, it does not cost much giving them a chance to fulfill their purpose.

Nature gives us plenty of reasons to be happy and to feel alive. However, if you are one of us, one of billons people who do not have that privilege of spending a lot of time outside overcrowded cities and enjoying beautiful spectacles, sounds and fragrances of nature, do not despair. You still have a choice to surround yourself with those little pointers which will attach you with inner strength and aliveness, during critical moments when everyday responsibilities and stressful situations bring the burden of weakness and anxiety.

Buy a plant. During everyday activities, we often get lost in doing, thinking, analyzing, projecting, remembering… Most of these processes are problematic and stressful, or more precisely, we are those who make problems of them. This is why it is necessary taking as many breaks as it is possible, in order to retain strength and inner piece. The good news is that you do not need special conditions to get the quick rest from problems. You just need something to divert your attention from them, for example, a plant or a flower on your worktable. Whenever we bring the attention to anything natural, we become more aware of the present moment, our minds stop working for a while, and we become relaxed and livelier.

Refresh your inner space with a room spray or a scented candle. The sense of smell is by far the strongest of our senses. It can detect thousands of different fragrances which forever stay inwrought in man’s memory. Devine natural scents are capable to calm a mind, relax a body and uplift the energy. High-end scented candles, room sprays and diffusers can be great substitutes in case you do not have a garden or a park near the house. They can fulfill your personal space with the most refined aromatic blends which, depending on your preferences, can be based on floral, herbal, woodsy or spicy flavors.

Find a pet. Just like a plant, pets can be great guides to our real nature, to our inner energy fields. Cats, dogs, fish, turtles, all these little creatures show us a true beauty and the simplicity of being. If we start learning those simple truths from them, we will soon find ourselves enjoying more and complaining less.

Art inspires and motivates. Products of the human creativity and pieces of art are also pretty useful tools for sensing connection with the body and soul. Thus, surround yourself with artworks or your favorite quotes which can inspire, motivate, lift you up and set free all your capacities.

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High-End Candles and Scents for 2013 Valentine’s Day – Part Two

Posted by on Feb 11 2013 | Valentine's Day

With the Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is the last moment for choosing gifts that will be your perfect love messengers. We promised yet another list of high-end scented candles which can speed up your decision. Specially designed for the upcoming festive of love, they are powerful symbols of passion, attraction and romance, but at the same time, they represent stylishness, good taste and exceptional quality. Besides, they are kinds of products that look expensive, but actually, most of them are pretty affordable. Thus, if you are searching for an extraordinary present, highlighted by the most delicate natural fragrances, you should check these little tips for a true scented candle aficionado.

Thymes Kimono CandleAlong with its artistically inspired design that can enhance any home decor, Thymes Kimono Rose candle brings us a unique blend of feminine flavors to provide 60 hours of exceptional pleasure. If you want to amaze your beloved one with a beautiful aroma of sweet clementine, combined with voluptuous cassis, satiny rose, peony and jasmine petals and then finished with a touch of vanilla, do not hesitate to purchase this high-end product for the price of $27.

Although it is hard to believe, there is even more affordable hi-quality candle. It is Archipelago Paramour Jar Candle with the solid burning-time of 60 hours, available for just $17.50. Its seductive and uplifting mixture of pomegranate, papaya and mango aromas is design to transport loving couple to a wonderful exotic destination, while its elegant apothecary style glass and striking red color provide an extraordinary visual effect.

If you are planning a special home dinner, scented candles can be great assistants in making cozy and warm atmosphere. Perfect for the romantic nights, Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower Candle will fill up your personal space with a powerful grassy floral fragrance, representing a tempting harmony among arctic river flower, boronia, apple blossom and moonflower. For the extra pleasure, this luxury candle, available for $38, comes topped with scented petals which will also bring the wonderful natural flavor into your home.

Finally, if you wish to surprise your beloved one with the entire set of amazing candles, we recommend Belle Fleur’s Petite Trio Floral Collection Candle Gift Set which consists of the renowned brand’s best-selling Floral scented products – White Orchid Tea, Orange Blossom Pomegranate and Jasmine Verbena candles, each providing minimum 25 hours of burning time. Packed in a special faux-wood box, this great compilation costs $78.

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High-End Candles and Scents for 2013 Valentine’s Day – Part One

Posted by on Jan 20 2013 | Valentine's Day

Belle Fleur Immortelle Rose CandleWhen it comes to love, there are million original ways of expressing emotions. However, unless you are competing for “the Coolest Message of Love” title, the most important question should be whether a message will be understood properly. Thus, if you think it is too soon for a ring, if flowers and card are not enough or if the writing love graffiti on the roof of a city hall seems too risky, luxury scented candles could be a perfect Valentine’s gift. They are powerful symbols of love, they look very sophisticated and finally, they will provide hours of pleasure for both of you.

Each year, ahead of the Valentine’s Day, we come up with a few hints for those who are still searching for perfect gifts for their loved ones. The choice of high-end candles that are specially created for this festive of love seems more impressive than ever before, so carefully pick the ideal fragrance, having on mind that each scent has the different effect on our senses. Let us start with the most refined aromas of rose which is another infinite symbol of love, passion and romance. Carefully combined with other delicate fragrances and infused into high quality natural waxes, it can be that special ingredient for the perfect romantic night.

For the Valentine’s Day, Voluspa prepared a thrilling blend of luxury aroma of Brut Rose Champagne, cassis and beautiful floral scent derived from white rose petals. Along with the classy design, inspired by the rich luster of Vermeil Silver, a Champagne Rose Candle is a pretty nice gift, available for just $24. Another high-end candlemaker, Votivo comes with a Rush of Rose Candle, offering a sensational explosion of refreshing Damascus rose buds flavor, subtly followed by light, watery and woodsy notes. This affordable luxury with the burning time of 60 hours costs $26.

If you look for something more expensive, there are several remarkable candles with the prices of over $60. By providing a sensual floral note highlighted by the very rare fragrant oil from the petals of the centifolia rose, Belle Fleur’s Rose Immortelle Candle brings the intimate atmosphere to the higher level. Beside the divine aroma of Egyptian rose, you can also enjoy a complex blend of hyacinth, jasmine, orris, galbanum, cedar wood, amber and mint. Poured into a soft purple see through vessel and presented in an exquisite gift box, this can be an extraordinary gift for your beloved one.

Specially for the Valentine’s day, Diptyque comes with a Limited Edition of its Rose Duet Candle with a double layer which goes from roses on the top to baies on the bottom. In the middle, these wonderful fragrances are mixed together for the unique experience. This is just a little hint for all of you who want to share your love with some very special person. Soon we will come with more recommendations.

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Natural Choice – Aquiesse White and Black Currents Candles

Posted by on Jan 12 2013 | aquiesse candles

If you get tired of old fragrances or just want to refresh your scented candle collection, there is a number of interesting new arrivals that can be a perfect choice for this winter. From the heart of California, there comes a great selection of high-end products, signed by the master of candlemaking – Aquiesse.

Black Coco Havana CandleInspired by the beauty of nature, these eco-friendly candles from two luxury collections (the White Currents and the Black Currents) will warm you up with their delicate spicy and woodsy notes. Or you will rather let healing herbal aromas to calm your body and mind? This is not all that Aquiesse candles offer. They can also show you power of the ocean and give you the opportunity to deeply inhale refreshing forest air. Thus, do not hesitate to go over this cool range of luxury product and maybe you will find something special either for a gift or for the personal use.

The Californian candlemaker made sure that each product contains only the purest natural waxes, ensuring clean burning and perfectly balanced fragrance throw. After years of development, it produced a proprietary wax blend derived from organic soy beans, coconuts and other natural oils. Thus, you can be pretty relaxed when it comes to the quality of Aquiesse’s White Currents and Black Currents candles. Besides, they are very affordable. For example, each candle poured in a small stylish glass, with the burning time of 45 hours, costs $22. A large one with the stunning burn time of 100 hours is available for $36, while for just $5, you can purchase a travel tin candle that will provide 20 hours of joy.

Aquiesse White Coral Musk Small Candle with its delicate blend of beach sage, jasmine flower, white coral and ocean woods, certainly is one of the best choices for this winter. Another must have Aquiesse’s product is a White Ginger Lily Small Candle, offering a warm, spicy blend of lime, exotic lily, ginger blossom, white tea and musk. For the lovers of floral scents, I recommend Aquiesse White Iris & Vetiver Small Candle and its relaxing mixture of bergamot, iris flower, vanilla and musk fragrances.

The range of Black Currents Candles is even more versatile. There is a wonderful herbal mixture of blackberry, sage, black tea, cognac and golden amber, presented through Aquiesse Black Tea & Cognac Small Candle. Seductive interaction among fresh pomegranate, patchouli, dark amber and warm musk from a Black Currant Patchouli Small Candle will most probably warm you up and than, if you wish a calming effect, Aquiesse Black Orchid Small Candle with a dark floral combination of black orchid, orange blossom, night rose and dark musk will do its job perfectly. Finally, for a thrilling atmosphere of a tropical island, there is a Black Coco Havana Candle with an exotic fragrance derived from tobacco, clary sage, black cocoa and vanilla bean.

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Be the First One to Try Them – New Candle Arrivals

Posted by on Dec 21 2012 | scented candles

In constant effort to provide sensual and fresh scents, Candle Delirium adds new products weekly. These candles are made with intriguing combinations of the carefully picked ingredients that are meant to stir the market and offer new amazing mixes to all candle aficionados. Opting for one of these products will provide you an additional doze of exclusivity, since you will be one of the first people who will check them out and cast your verdict on the latest of candle creations. From the broad selection of the new arrivals, we have picked just a couple of recently created candles you can buy.

Cire Trudon Melchior CandleThe first one of these products is Cire Trudon – Melchior (Myrrh & Benzoin) Candle, a product that is exceptionally appropriate for the upcoming holiday season. This highly exclusive candle was made by the brand that has a reputation for being the most luxurious candle manufacturer and was named after one of the three wise men from the Biblical story of nativity – Melchior. As it is known, the Persian scholar brought gold as a gift, and this is reflected in the package of this candle since it comes in lavish gold leafed glass that is naturally hand-poured. This product by Cire Trudon Candles is made in a special limited edition, so beware, if you want one, you should hurry up before the stocks run out. It features a lovely holiday mix of scents of myrrh and benzoin and has the lengthy burn time of 80 hours. Since it is so exclusive and luxurious, it is quite expected that it features the slightly higher price of $98.

Even the higher price tag of $250 is associated with the massive Diptyque – Tubereuse (Tuberose) XL Indoor & Outdoor Candle which has exceptionally large dimensions (the weight of 51.3 oz.) and the formidable burn time of six days and additional six hours. However, the cost of the candle is not caused solely by its size. Its price is even more determined by its voluptuous main ingredient – tuberose. This seductive scent by Diptyque is gotten from a Mexican bulbous herb and is the most valued existing floral ingredient of perfumes. The sensual candle is fitted in a vintage looking earthenware vessel and supplied with 5 wicks. It is very tricky to produce this kind of candle since the process includes 9 different stages. By opting for this product, you do not only get a candle with the most exclusive ingredient, but also a intense fragrance that equals the one made by two standard-sized candles which burn at the same time.

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Scented Candles That Will Transport You to Your Favorite Winter Destinations

Posted by on Dec 17 2012 | holiday candles

There is a very fine line between sensing the overpowering joy and almost childish excitement caused by the first snow, and the irritating ‘I hate winter’ feeling that appears somewhere in the middle of the first traffic collapse. To enjoy completely the idyllic winter atmosphere, we need to be relaxed and totally present, which is often just unattainable dream for most of us, while rushing from one to another daily duty.

So, instead of blaming this wonderful period of the year for our bad mood, it is better for us to slow down a little bit and capture the infinite beauty of nature. Before taking a trip to the favorite holiday destination, it is important to use every free moment to relax. To me, scented candles are inevitable ingredients for the perfect home atmosphere during cold winter days and long snowy nights, especially woody fragrances and the flavor of the forest and fresh leaves that create the illusion of the open space. To warm me up, there are various luxury candles with spicy and food scents, such as ginger, basil, clove, pepper, coconut, cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla…

Some of them are specially designed to transport us to some magical winter destination. Complex fragrances of these candles are so powerful that I highly recommend you to take the favorite ones on a trip with you, just like I always do in order to complement the cozy atmosphere in the winter house.

Tobi Tobin Chalet CandleOne of my favorite is Tobi Tobin Chalet Holiday candle with an extraordinary complex blend of ideal fragrances for cold days. While an intense mixture of cedar wood, pine and eucalyptus oil is here to quickly refresh you, a spicy blend of cinnamon bark, clove bud, ginger and nutmeg will nicely warm you up. Finally, the addition of sandalwood and Middle Eastern frankincense should have healing and uplifting effect on your body and soul.

Christian Tortu Provence l’Hiver (Provence in Winter) Candle recalls the calming and gentle Mediterranean’s winter, by its stunning blend of cistus, cypresses, thyme and rosemary, while Voluspa Branch Vermeil Grande 3 Wick Candle lures with a fresh winter spruce scent, spiced by notes of citron, balsam and sugar.

With its refined mix of rare wood essences, Diptyque Feu de Bois (Wood Fire) XL Indoor & Outdoor Candle evokes the authentic flavor of a wood-burning fireplace on a long winter day. Another great product that nicely captures the essence of winter is Lafco’s Ski House (Feu de Bois) 3 Mini Candle Set that brings the thrilling blend of crisp, crystal mountain air and the unique scent of a cedar log fire, complemented with a hint of evergreen fir.

Off course, there are a lot more high-end scented candles, waiting to adorn your home with their quality, long-lasting fragrances. Just make a wish and you will find a perfect blend to make it come true.

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