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Fall Candles & Scents

Discover fall candles & hand-picked autumn scents that remind us of the falling leaves, crackling fires & fresh baked pumpkin treats. Bring one home today!


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More about Fall Candles & Scents

The days are getting shorter, which means more time to enjoy the light and scents of your fall candles! When you need pumpkin spice everything don’t miss our full selection of Pumpkin Candles. Or if autumn scents mean lighting a pine scented candle and picturing yourself taking a brisk stroll through the forest then you won’t want to miss all of our Wood Scented Candles. Or if what you really want in a fall candle scent is a warm cozy leather jacket, then head over to our Leather Scented Candles. And if it’s fall you know what that means - the holidays are just around the corner! Get your holiday shopping out of the way now with our Holiday Candles.